What Is KLMS Agent on Samsung Phone

The KLMS agent is a part of Samsung’s Secure Android Platform known as KNOX. It is a system implemented software that prevents unauthorized access to your system. It provides protection, privacy, and productivity for all the work-related files on your mobile. You get secured access to your work emails and other business apps in your smartphone. The agent can also be used to find, lock or wipe your device in the case if it has been lost or stolen.

Samsung KNOX will create a secure as well as a productive space on your personal device. It ensures that there is no mixing up of your private data and work-related data by making a separate and secure environment for work-related data on the device. Apps inside the KNOX cannot access the data outside it and apps outside the KNOX cannot access data inside it. All data inside KNOX is encrypted that provides a secure workplace.

Feature of KLMS (KNOX)-

Software Integrity-

Devices are preloaded with lots of software, and they considered as secure if they are installed from a trusted source and remain unchanged. An attacker tries to make changes in your software to bypass the security of the device. Knox enabled device detects the modification attempted and lockdown the software immediately to protect your data.

Least Privilege

The software needs access to devise resources to work properly. KNOX ensures that a minimum number of possible resources should be used by software to maintain the security of the device in case of an attack.

Data Storage Protection

KLMS agent provides security to your unprotected personal data such as images, contact numbers, emails etc. form an attacker. It encrypts the data in such a way that no one can make a change in it.

Network Protection

Data that travels across a network such as WiFI, cellular data or Bluetooth can be intercepted by hackers. KNOX provides network encryption and protects your data from attackers.


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