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If you’re reading this article, it is more than likely that you are looking for top-rated alternatives to Trello, which is a good business task management tool but has its limitations.

Project management is not limited to task management and team collaboration only; it’s a process where several features are used to ensure successful project completion.

People have been using Trello for collaboration, task management as well as a personal productivity tool, but it’s not designed for project managers looking for a comprehensive and reliable solution that offers powerful tools to achieve more productivity in less time.

Why Trello May Not Be “Good Enough” For Project Managers 

Top Limitations of Trello: 

  • Isn’t Quite Scalable To Larger And More Complex Projects

One of the main drawbacks of Trello is that it’s not built for larger, complex projects. Any complex organization with a “mixed” range of boards, tasks, subtasks, lists, and cards may not prefer a “limiting” tool like Trello.

In fact, it is considered good only for general project management, with smaller teams and uncomplicated schedules. Trello users have to pay for “add-ons” (Gantt Charts, Calendars, Priorities) to get the job done.

Shouldn’t a project management software do that for you without asking you to pay more for using additional features?  

  • Interface That’s Too Easy 

While Trello’s straightforward interface is one of its biggest USPs, the problem is that its Kanban board view is all there is for users to explore. It is limited in showing the status and priority view of the project, but project managers need to have several views to get a better overall picture.

Moreover, Trello is not designed for everyone. The Kanban system may not find favor with different departments of your organization. It may work like a breeze for content writers, but your marketing teams might prefer a list-based tool for their projects.

Shouldn’t you choose a tool that offers you a bird’s eye view across the entire project to manage teams easier, faster, and smarter?

  • It Doesn’t Show Task Dependencies 

Trello’s inability to show task dependencies can cause a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding among team members. Task dependencies are required by project professionals to obtain critical path information.

Without Gantt (project bar chart), users can find it cumbersome to coordinate, plan, and track specific tasks. Gantt charts are essential for project planning, modifying schedules, highlighting critical paths, and visualizing tasks in a timeline view.

Choose Trello alternative that has built-in Gantt chart software to track the progress of all tasks, from all the projects, at one place without having to jump through projects.

  • It’s Not a Full-fledged Project Management Tool

Trello, at its best, is a task management and collaboration tool. It is not a full-fledged project management tool that has all the right features in one centralized location. Project managers’ responsibilities require them to go beyond team collaboration and task management.

Project teams need features like File Sharing, Time Tracking, Discussions, Reporting, and Integrations to make sure that projects progress in the right direction for timely delivery within budget.

Shouldn’t top-rated project management and collaboration tools have a range of features that can be used from a single platform by teams and managers for seamless project execution? 

Top Rated Trello Alternatives For Project Professionals To Consider 

1. ProofHub

trello alternative 1 ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and collaboration software. More than 85,000 teams and businesses, including global giants like NASA, Nike, TripAdvisor, and Google are using this incredibly effective project management tool to achieve high efficiency at work.

Unlike other popular tools, ProofHub does not charge per user and enables users to use multiple tools from one single, centralized location, thus eliminating waste of time (and money). It has all things you need (and more) to manage your project smartly.

Here’s why ProofHub is the best tool you can have for all your project management needs.

  • Offers one single platform for team members, managers, and clients for effective collaboration
  • A simple and easy-to-understand user interface with little to no learning curve that makes team onboarding easier
  • Teams of all sizes, from any industry, any department, remote or in-house or cross-functional can use ProofHub to manage work
  • Timely project delivery & on-point team accountability
  • Provides ultimate control over teams and projects easier than ever

Key USPs That Give ProofHub An Upper Hand Over Trello

Multiple Views 

Unlike Trello that provides only one view, ProofHub provides multiple views – List view, Kanban board view, Gantt chart view (timeline view), and also Calendar view so that different departments can change the project interface to match their workflow preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at these views.

  • List View – The list view is perfect for teams and individuals who like to visualize their tasks and projects methodically. You get an easy and clear way of viewing your to-do list and move them to the done stage once you finish those tasks.  
  • Kanban Board View – ProofHub’s Kanban boards work great to give you flexibility in task management. Users can drag and drop assigned tasks easier to get things moving quickly. Team leaders and members can visualize tasks moving through multiple stages to track the project progress.
  • Gantt Chart View – You can visualize tasks in a timeline view with ProofHub’s Gantt chart software. Highlight the critical path and have a bird’s eye view of all Gantt chart data from one place without having to jump through projects. 
  • Calendar View – ProofHub’s calendar view is the best place to schedule and organize your events, tasks, and milestones in one place. Users can view all calendar data across all projects in one place using one project calendar. 

Users can add recurring tasks and events, set automatic reminders, Select your calendar view from day, week, 2 weeks or even a month and schedule work suitably.

Task management

ProofHub streamlines task management so that teams don’t have to wonder who is doing what, what’s next, and what’s pending.

  • It lets you create tasks and subtasks for easy work allocation
  • It allows you to assign tasks to multiple people/Group of people
  • It allows you to create recurring tasks
  • It allows you to create multiple task lists in a project
  • It lets you add time estimates to improve team accountability

Workflows & Kanban boards

ProofHub simplifies the way you manage your work by letting you define basic, 3-stage Kanban workflow or a custom workflow that you can edit on your own as per your requirement.

  • It adds flexibility to process with custom workflow
  • It allows you to attach files, add time and labels to tasks
  • It allows you to integrate workflows with the task lists

Gantt charts

ProofHub provides Gantt chart tool that lets you create a visual timeline for tasks to better plan the projects, manage resources more efficiently, and always stay on track.

  • A clear view of task dependencies
  • Efficient planning and scheduling
  • Highlight important tasks with critical chain

Discussions and Chat

ProofHub makes it easier for everyone to have project-related or and casual conversations in the workplace. It eliminates confusion by helping you get rid of those email threads.

  • Share opinions, updates, feedback or even have casual conversations in Group Chat
  • Have real-time collaboration on discussion topics
  • Add emojis to add fun to your office communication
  • Email-in to be a part of the discussions even when on the go

Project calendar

ProofHub project calendar helps you manage your scheduled events, meetings, appointments, milestones, project deadlines and other important dates in one central place.

  • It helps you schedule events and milestones more efficiently
  • It allows you to create recurring events to save time
  • It allows you to set automatic reminders for important events
  • It lets you integrate and download your calendar


ProofHub reports provide you with a clear insight of how your projects are progressing and resources are being utilized. It helps you analyze your plan and iterate accordingly.

  • It helps to bring back projects on track
  • It helps to track the speed of the project
  • It provides a clear view of how tasks are progressing
  • It helps to manage available resources more efficiently

Online proofing

ProofHub helps to speed up your file review/approval process. It helps to bring clarity to the process and eliminates the need for too many revisions.

  • It allows real-time collaboration and feedback sharing on files
  • It provides advanced markup tools for better, faster feedback sharing
  • It allows you to review files which can’t be proofed
  • It allows you to review multiple versions of a file simultaneously

Time tracking

With ProofHub, you keep track of every minute/hour spent on a task. It helps you improve your time management skills and generate accurate invoices for clients.

  • It helps you set accurate time estimates
  • It allows you to save time data in private Timesheets
  • It allows you to start multiple timers and switch between them as you jump from one task to the other
  • It allows you to export timesheets for invoicing


  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • Box
Start managing your teams and projects efficiently with ProofHub!

2. Workzone

workzone trello alternative

Workzone is the ‘just-right’ solution for many teams. It is more robust than most of the available entry-level tools and less complicated than high-end tools. Workzone has the reputation of being a simple-to-use project management software offering some powerful features to help users to get their work done quickly. It has advanced reporting features that drive greater efficiency.

Why use Workzone instead of Trello?

  • Dedicated workspaces and personalized To-do lists
  • Project dashboard gives visibility across organization
  • Individual To-do lists focus each person on what needs to get done
  • Share files stored in the cloud
  • World-class customer support


  • DropBox
  • Google
  • Slack
  • HipChat

3. Teamwork

teamwork trello alternative

Everyone agrees that Teamwork is one of the easiest project management software to use. You can use it to accelerate your team’s performance by assigning tasks, communicating, and tracking progress in one place. Founded in 2007, Teamwork has brilliantly managed to make a name for itself in the present cut-throat project management scenario.

Why use Teamwork instead of Trello?

  • Visual and intuitive interface is a cut above the rest
  • Brilliant for managing all-size projects
  • Powerful and printable interactive Gantt charts
  • Ability to check anyone’s availability and progress
  • Create task dependencies


  • DropBox
  • Google Docs
  • Freshbooks
  • Harvest

4. Paymo

paymoapp trello alternativePaymo is an easy project management software that boasts a community of over 70,000 small companies to manage projects. Paymo is helping teams to collaborate, track time and manage projects from start to finish. That’s why it is trusted by creative agencies, marketing, web design, software companies, departments, and freelancers from all over the world to improve their performance.

Why use Paymo instead of Trello?

  • Store files for a project at a single place so that team members can access them anytime
  • Keeps track of time spent on activities and use it judiciously
  • Gantt charts give you an overview of the start date, duration, and end date between tasks
  • Track expenses, generate price quotes, and invoice per client and get paid online


  • Google apps and Suite
  • Zapier
  • Hubstaff

5. Podio

podio trello alternativeSome project management systems are a way too rigid and inflexible for certain industries. That’s where Podio can come to your rescue. Besides allowing you to customize your dashboard, it also gives you an opportunity to select from numerous apps to tailor your system to match your business needs. As it lets users create their own apps, Podio works quite well for developers and software companies.

Why use Podio instead of Trello?

  • Attach files, view status, and add comments to any project
  • With structured processes, teams can work in sync
  • Podio’s stability and intuitive interface makes deployment straightforward


  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Box

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