It is simply a connection error, where the computer you are on is trying to establish a connection with the Minecraft server you chose, but the connection fails either because the server you are connecting to doesn’t recognize your request or because Minecraft doesn’t receive the signal back from the server.

How can this error be solved?

First, let’s look at some basic solutions that should work for most errors. The simplest solutions take the least amount of time, so don’t skip them unless you have already tried them!

• Restart Minecraft.
• Restart Computer.
• Power cycle your router by turning off the power for a minute and turning it back on.

If these did not work, you can try some of the more advanced methods.

In order to figure out whether to connect to your own server or someone else’s, we first need to figure out which path we need to take.

When it’s another person’s server:

Whenever you connect to another server, you start by checking if you can connect to another server. Other servers have no problem connecting to yours, so the problem is most likely on that server’s end. Find out if there is a technical problem from the people running the program.

The problem will probably be on your end and it will have to do with your Firewall permissions if it occurs when connecting to multiple servers. You can fix the problem by following these steps.

Permissions for the firewall

Here are the steps to fix your firewall permissions, which may be causing the Minecraft error.

  1. Type “Windows Security” into the search bar in Windows and choose it from the results.
  2. Select “Firewall & Network protection” from the page that appears.
  3. Select the option “Allow a program to pass through the firewall” on the next page.
  4. Click the “Change Settings” button on the new page. Then click “Yes” when prompted by the warning.
  1. The previous grayed-out “Allow another app” can now be clicked. Continue to scroll down the page to interact with the button that was previously greyed out.
  2. Afterwards, a small window will appear with a button labeled “Browse…”, select this and then navigate to the location where Minecraft is installed.
  3. Select the MinecraftLauncher file from the Minecraft folder and click “Open”.
  4. Similarly, we will repeat the steps above, this time navigating to the folder where your Minecraft Server is installed, and selecting both Java executable files.
  5. Last but not least, we will go back to the Change Settings page, but this time scroll down until we see “Java (TM) Platform SE binary” listed. The procedure here is to mark all the checkboxes as “Private” or “Public” at the very least when there is a server and people can connect from outside.
  6. Try to connect to the server again after you restart Minecraft.

When it’s your own server:

You need to check if the server has been started before attempting to connect to it if this is your server and you can’t connect to it. Simple things can often solve problems!

When your server is running, one of the following two solutions is most likely to be used:

  1. You are being blocked by your firewall.
  2. Your network should be port forwarded.

Both your own server and other people’s servers can be resolved by the same method. In the section titled “Permissions for the firewall”, we listed the steps you can take.

When option 1 doesn’t resolve your issue, you may want to try option 2. This involves port forwarding your network.

It is hard to describe precise steps to follow since this is a problem with your router, and every router has a different user interface. In this section, we have drawn general guidelines that you can use to guide yourself in resolving the issue.

Network Port forwarding

You can fix the Minecraft error by port forwarding your network. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to your router and log in. For those of you who have not previously entered a device name, username, or password for this, you can usually find them in the instructions that came with your router or on the sticker on the bottom.
  2. You will be directed to the section “Port Forwarding”. It is also known as “Virtual Server”. You may have to go to the “Advanced” menu.
  3. The next page should ask you for a Device name, a Port, an IP address, and a Protocol you wish to use
  4. Using your computer to access the information, you can fill in those fields accordingly. TCP, UDP, or both are typically available as choices for Protocol.
  5. Finish by clicking “Apply” or “Save”.
  6. Test your access to the server again by starting Minecraft again.

As a conclusion:

The solutions provided here should have helped you fix the$annotatedconnectexception  error and allow you to continue playing Minecraft. The Minecraft Forum might be a good place to discover more information if you haven’t already.


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