Most people have experienced their Snapchat app is not working for some minutes and then it is up and ready to use. But why is this happening? Is there any way to fix it?

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app created and developed by Snap inc. It was founded in September 2011 and principally, it was evolved from a person-to-person photo-sharing platform whose exclusive feature is, the media is just available for a short time before it becomes inaccessible for the users. This app can be operated on both Android and iOS and support more than 30 languages.

Most of Snapchat’s users are from North America, the united kingdom, and Australia. By 2017, it was estimated Snapchat had an average of 320 million daily active users. It can be operated both on Android and iOS devices. In contrast with some platforms such as Telegram and Facebook, there is no PC version of this app yet.

Was Snapchat down in previous days?

There were some issues with Snapchat in late July of 2021, in which many users put more than 70,000 complaint reports on

The first time Snapchat went off was on 11 PM of July 26 and many UK users have reported their trying to log in but it is impossible. The Snapchat developer team tried to resolve the problem very soon. But despite the claim that everything is ok and that the booming image, video, and messaging app should be functioning as normal, users reported that the problem is persisting. Most users reported the main problem is with sending snaps (photos, videos, etc) and not with accessing the account.

Another crash was also with using “Snap Map” if users want to find their friends and contacts’ location. On Twitter, according to received comments from the people, Snapchat’s developer team post this;

“We’re aware of a technical issue impacting some Snapchatters. Please hang tight as we are looking into it and working on a fix!”

At just 5 am on July 30, the Snapchat team tweeted “The issue has been resolved. If you’re still having trouble, please manually update your app in the App Store ”. Although the team believed everything had been cleared, was still receiving some reports from the users.

What can I do if see my Snapchat is not available?

There are some basic tips which you can use them and see if the problem is resolved or not. Firstly, you have to download the latest version of the app, because sometimes new updates are equal to old apps been disabled. The second issue can be reinstalling your app and trying to log in once more.

If any of these methods do not work, you can also use another device (other people’s phones) and see if you can access your account. Sometimes, there is a problem with the device rather than the server.


I hope this article be helpful. For more information, you can visit the Snapchat website and see the support section. You can also visit several websites such as and to see the status.


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