Have you ever played Pokemon? The series of video games developed by Game Freak?

Nowadays many young teen boys and girls are involved in this brilliant game and still the number of users is rising. The first member of the Pokemon series was released in 1996 under the title of “Pocket Monsters Red and Green” created by Satoshi Tajiri.

Pokemon series are classified into 8 generations and the last generation has begun its journey in 2019. Each generation has its characters, storyline, and different Pokémon. Pokemon PC and mobile games are referred to as “RPG” or “Role-playing games”

So, what is Pokemon Showdown?

Pokemon Showdown is an official website-based Pokemon simulator in which new players can experience a new fashion environment and upgrade their skills. This stimulater has opened in October of 2011 and can make a more stable environment for wi-fi Pokemon games. In this guide, we will explain different parts of this fantastic platform.

Main page

The first page you encounter when typing “pokemonshowdown.com” in the URL is the main page. On this page, you can see there is a list of servers that you can choose to use them. Above the servers, some links including a damage calculator and a Github repository are in access.


One of the most important parts of this platform is the “Pokemon showdown lobby chat”. In this environment, you can ask any question about the whole game, the signs, and even skills from other players.


In Pokemon Showdown, you are allowed to customize your settings to your preference with different options. To change those settings, you should navigate the cursor to the right of the main menu when you logged in and click on the “gear/cog” button to open up the settings menu. When opened, there are lots of preferences you can change according to your favorite.


In lobby chat, you can enter commands beginning with “/”to perform a specific action. There are lots of commands and some of them are available only for certain players; for example, only voice or (+) players can broadcast commands to others.


Although the main room in Pokemon Showdown is the lobby, there are several other rooms that people can gather to find their common hobbies or exchange their experiences. To join a room you can either type the /join [roomname] command into chat or click on the “plus” button to the right of your room list and select your desired room. Rooms can be public, official, or private.

Official rooms are pinned to the top of the list and they have a specific purpose. There are three main official rooms on the platform;

Lobby: chosen as the default room

Help: this room is suitable for any kind of help players need and also answers the questions about Pokemon Showdown.

Tournaments: this room is a place for many round-the-clock tournaments in different formats

Public rooms are established on a specific title or subject and you can find essential information about that title in the room. There are lots of public rooms based on this definition and you can join the room if you are interested.

Private rooms are only for a specific niche or group and other players cannot access its content.


The popular Pokemon series has become one of the video games industry superstars, and many people are joining it even more. If you want to keep your rank in the competition or even promote it, Pokemon Showdown is a perfect place for you.


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