Is there a way to find out who viewed our Facebook profile? There is generally no formal way to do this. Facebook also disables any app that tries to persuade users to use it and track users’ friend lists. So how does it work?

There are sub-methods in this area to find out who viewed your Facebook profile. We also have ways to find out who has viewed your page profile for users who have a Facebook page.

Who views your Facebook profile?

Click on the three-line icon or Hamburger menu when you’re on the Facebook app. In this section, you will see Friends, which you must select and open the All Friends section.

Of course, this method is based on probabilities. In this list, most people at the top of the controversy have frequently visited your Facebook profile.

If you go to your profile first and open the Friends option, you will see your friends list in alphabetical order. This option does not precisely answer you. To understand this option, you must enter the All Friends list as we have taught.

Another option to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile is to go to the People You May know section. Typically, people who share a friend with you or are in a location are on this list. It is also possible that if they have saved your contact information on their phone, they will find you through this section and view your profile. Of course, as we have said, this method is considered with probabilities and is not definitive.

People who like your status updates are other Facebook users who may have seen your user profile. So the more a person likes you, the more likely they are to see your page through that person.

Who viewed my Business Facebook Page?

One of the newest features introduced on Facebook is Top Fan, dedicated to business pages on Facebook. Of course, this list does not say precisely when people viewed your profile, but it generally shows those users who have a lot of interaction with your Facebook page.

If you have a business page on Facebook, there is another way to find your top fan and find out who has seen your Facebook profile.

Through the Sotrender website and its tools, you can view the Audience and Community tab, which displays information about people who interact with your page.

Anyone who ranks in your Facebook page in the Community rankings has seen your Facebook profile longer than others. So the Liker or Activist options in this tool represent the people who most often see your profile on Facebook.


As we said, there is no definitive way to find out who has seen our Facebook profile. But with the methods mentioned on this social network, it is possible to identify who is doing it more than others gradually. Please send us your comments on this article.


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