One of the first requirements of any social network is to tag other people. Tagging is one of the methods by which people can be called in social network posts, and in a way, the profile of the person in question can be sent in a part of the text of the post or the comments section.

When you tag a person on Instagram, a notification will be sent to them immediately, except when the person has put their profile in private mode, and they do not have you on their follower’s list. You may be wondering how can I tag a person on Instagram? In the following, we will thoroughly explain the method.

Tag someone on Instagram

In general, there are four different ways to tag a person on Instagram or mention them in the Android and iOS applications, which we will introduce separately:

Tag someone in a new Instagram post

When you tag a person in an Instagram post, their profile section displays photos and videos of you.

  1. First, open the Instagram application.
  2. Select an image or video by tapping the plus sign, and then click Next.
  3. Click Next when your image or video editing is complete.
  4. Then write the description of your post and select Tag people before publishing it.
  • Touch the place where you want the person you want to be tagged in the image or video, then enter that person’s username and select it when the profile appears.
  • On iOS phones, click the Done option, and on Android phones, click the checkmark icon.
  • Finally, select the Share option to send your post.

Tag someone in an existing post

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. First, open the Instagram application on Android or iOS.
  3. In the section of your profile, look for the post that you want to tag someone.
  • Then touch the three dots option at the top right and select Edit when the menu opens.
  • Then select Tag people and enter the username of the person in this section. Select the person profile when it opens

Tag someone in a comment on Instagram

More precisely, you can not tag a person in the comments section. You can only mention them. Of course, the procedure is the same, but there are linguistic differences.

  1. First, enter a post and open the comment section.
  2. Type the @ sign, and just after that, enter the username of the person you want to mention without any space.
  • Then, when the person’s profile picture opens, touch it to add it to your comment. Then send a comment.

Tag someone in an Instagram story

To tag someone in the stories section, first click on the camera icon in the upper left part of the app screen.

  1. Select a photo or video, then tap Aa.
  2. Now you can tag the person in the story by writing @ and then typing the profile name of the person you want to tag.
  3. By tagging a person in Instagram Story, a link to that person’s profile in the story is created.
  4. Note that if you tag or mention a person in the story, the story will be sent to that person directly. Of course, you can not tag a person in the story more than ten times.


In general, Instagram has provided us with different ways to tag other users. You can tag or mention your friends through posts, stories or comments with the tutorials we gave in this article.


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