Error appears everywhere and it is not what you’re waiting for!


What Causes Instagram’s Something Went Wrong Error?

* There is a problem with Instagram’s server

* Your account has been affected by a glitch

* There are caches on your devices

Fixing Instagram Something Went Wrong in 6 Steps

1. Check the Server

Something that went wrong on Instagram most likely occurs because of a busy server. This is a situation you won’t be able to solve on your own. Ask your friends if they receive these notifications as well.

2. Clear Caches

Every time you launch Instagram, it creates caches that prevent the application from running properly. Clear Instagram caches and try to log in afterward.

If you are using an Android device, go to settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache.

Removing the application is the only way to clear caches for iOS users. Reinstalling Instagram on Apple Store after deleting Instagram.

3. Log in via Facebook

Instagram’s something went wrong issue could be solved by connecting Facebook and Instagram. Try logging in with Facebook if all other methods don’t work. You will, however, need to link your Facebook account with this feature to use it.

4. Try Another Devices

Try logging in with another device if your devices are too old or have hardware issues. Change your operating system as soon as possible.

5. Use Instagram on Computer

Now, Instagram isn’t just a mobile app. Instagram is available for PCs and Macs. You can either directly download Instagram from the App Store or Microsoft Store, or you can install third-party software.

6. Deactivate Your Account for some time

Wait until the problems are resolved before deactivating your account. You will, however, be without Instagram for the next few days. First, go to the Instagram website and log in from a browser, then, go to the settings icon, click on Edit Profile > Temporarily Disable, select reason, type in the password, and come back a few days later.

7. Contact Help Center

Even after you’ve tried all the methods above, Instagram Help Center is your last resort if the Something Went Wrong error persists. Help Center can easily be found under your Profile page, but you may have to wait a while for them to respond. Sometimes, it may take several weeks.


This error might appear when you try to start an Office application. If the problem persists, try these fixes.


Follow these steps and check:

1. The Microsoft Office service must be restarted or stopped and started again

Hold Windows key +R. In the Open box, copy and paste, or type the following command: services.msc. Type your administrator password or click Continue if you are prompted for your password or confirmation.

Double-click the Microsoft Office service under the Services list.

Click Automatic in the list of Startup types in the Windows Installer Properties dialog box.

To begin, click Start, then click Apply, and then click OK.

You can start the software installation now.

2. Repair Office 2013 installation

To fix Office 2013 installation, follow the steps:

The Office applications should be closed.

Open Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

Choose Repair from the Programs list when you right-click on Microsoft Office 365. You can repair Office online by selecting the Online Repair option.

3. Remove all traces of the Office 2013/365 program from the computer

Get rid of any traces of Office 2013 on your computer before you install the program that you have purchased; opt to install Office 2013/365 to determine if it helps. 

Note: Run the Fixit tool by saving it on your system and then running it from the saved location if you are using a 64-bit operating system.

 Uninstall Office 2013 and reboot your computer after you have done so.

Windows 10

“Something went wrong. Try to Reopen Settings Later”. Microsoft Windows Update Center displays this error message when users try to open it. As a result, the user is prevented from checking for or installing updates. There may be several reasons:

 It’s common for people not to be aware of configuration and compatibility issues. You could be experiencing a fault with your Update Center due to third-party software or internal Windows problems. Identifying the root cause of the issue is difficult, so you must test all possible solutions until you find one that works. The methods we will discuss below can help to resolve “Something went wrong” errors. Make sure to follow each step carefully.

1. Reboot the computer cleanly

When such errors are caused by incompatible third-party software, you should check if you are experiencing this problem. Cleaning up your PC means it is booted only with the inbuilt apps and services, allowing you to determine if some secondary app is causing the issue. Antimalware software can conflict with Windows services from time to time, as well. Follow these steps to launch in Clean bootup mode:

Paste msconfig using the Windows key + R combination.

In the window that opens, select the Services tab located at the top.

Make sure that All Microsoft Services are hidden, and then click Disable all to turn them off.

Select the Selective startup option on the General Tab. Ensure that only Load System Services is selected in the box.

Click Apply and OK and then reboot your PC.

Using Clean Boot mode, you can now try accessing Windows Update Center. The problem can be caused by a third-party application failing to work with Windows processes. Try to delete any recent programs you installed. You should then restore Windows’ Normal Startup settings after booting in Clean Mode. Adding the disabled services to your startup options and selecting Normal as your startup option will accomplish this.

2. Make sure your hard drive is free of damaged fragments

Before moving to the next steps, check your hard drive for corruption and errors. With the help of these steps, it will be easy for you:

Just like above, open the Command Prompt.

Afterward, you should paste the chkdsk /f /r C: command. Substitute the first letter of your hard drive for “C”.

Configuration and physical errors are scanned and repaired automatically by the system.

Do not worry if this method did not solve your issue, because it is less likely to work.

3. Alter Startup settings for Update Orchestrator Service

For Update processes to function correctly, the Update Orchestrator Service (UOS) is crucial. By default, this service should be set to Automatic startup. However, users sometimes disable it for unfounded reasons. Ensure that UOS is configured correctly:

Type services.msc into the run box, then click Enter.

Find Update Orchestrator Service on the list of services.

Go to the General tab after double-clicking it.

The automatic startup should be selected.

To confirm that the issue has been resolved, click Apply, close the window, and restart your PC.

4. Make a new account on your local computer

You might try creating a new user account if none of the previously mentioned steps worked. When newly created, some settings may be restored and some services may work normally again. Additionally, your old files will not be contained in the new account, so you must move them to the new account. Your original account can be left or deleted once all data has been moved, in case that new account helped resolve your problem. The following steps will guide you in creating an account:

Choose Settings from the Start Menu by right-clicking. You can also use the Windows key + I combination.

Go to Accounts > Family & Other Users.

To add a new user to your computer, scroll down to the Other users’ section and click Add user.

You can now select I don’t have this person’s login information.

At the bottom, click Add a user without a Microsoft account.

Click Next to enter the new user’s username and password.

Click on the user icon in Start Menu to switch to a new account, and try opening the Update Center again

We hope you found the solution that resolves the issue among all your tests.


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