Over the years, Instagram has become an influential social network that is known all over the world. There are various tools on Instagram that are used for different purposes. One of these tools is searching.

From the users’ point of view, finding a page on Instagram that suits their taste is not a difficult task and it is a simple way that people can easily find and follow their favorite pages. At the beginning of Instagram, the search was only through usernames and hashtags, and this prevented people from using the app as they wished.

This app has also changed with the constant updates of search methods, which we will address here.

Finding your favorite accounts using this search method is so interesting and easy that you are

unlikely to use the basic Instagram search method after this.

First of all, you should know that the basic Instagram search section shows the results based on where you are and where you created your Instagram account, and it is very limited. This is what makes it so painful for most people.

So, for example, if you want to connect with an influencer in another country to promote your business, it will be almost difficult for you.

Finding specific pages in a specific country is almost impossible with a basic search method. You can dig through user profiles, profile bios, account and person names, even emails and phone numbers, with explicit filters With the new method that we introduce to you.

With Instagram advanced search you will find anything that you’re looking for, with just 6 simple ways:

First; You should type the most relevant word for your business or what you’re looking for in the search line of Instagram search.

Second; You’re going to choose the category of pages you want to follow.

A tip: if you try the same word with different categories, you’ll find more profiles.

In the next step, you can choose the number of followers if you care about it.

Another tip: if you’re looking for an influencer to work with, don’t put high a “from” number because sometimes small pages have an excellent engagement result.

You can choose the gender next and tap search and see the results.

In the advanced Instagram search, you can see their profile thumbnails for quick analysis and also followers, followings, and number of posts, and this is a very positive point.


The most important point is that you can also see the average participation of that page’s users.

This information is very important to identify the page you want to work with and analyze it.

This statistic shows the number of comments and likes compared to the number of followers and you can decide if there is a good interaction on this page or not.

Despite this information, you can easily choose the profile that seems most suitable for your work.

Selecting profiles with the best average user activity can be a good choice.

You can use this option of Instagram for finding influencers or competitors.

With the help of this option, you can do better marketing than the manual method.

You can also find your competitors’ strategies and use them to increase the number of your followers. You can find out if the audience of these pages is more local or global. This method will show you the most used hashtags under the most popular posts. Isn’t it fantastic?

You don’t need to search for hashtags anymore, they’re ready. This is a great resource for content creators who can come up with great ideas for their posts. Save this information and find the best way to use it.


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