Thanks to technological advancements, everything has become easier to do. The same goes for plagiarism checking: you can use online plagiarism checker tools to detect duplicate content with a single click.

In simple words, you don’t have to spend extra time on quality assurance when AI is at your disposal. There are many AI-powered plagiarism checkers that analyze content to detect copied sentences and trace the sources they match.

Keep in mind that despite the best efforts, there’s still a chance that your articles contain traces of duplicate content. Therefore, you need an effective tool to check plagiarism and ensure your content quality within seconds.

Read this article to find out about the best tools that can help you in plagiarism checking and boost your writing performance without any hassle.

How to Check Plagiarism For Free?

There’s no doubt that many students and writers go through trouble due to plagiarism as both web content and academic assignments must be 100% unique. Whether you create a blog article, a product description, or an essay – you need to make sure that it doesn’t match with any other content. So, what you can do to check plagiarism? It’s simple, you need an effective plagiarism detection tool.

Although there’s a wide range of plagiarism checkers available online, only a few tools accurately detect duplicate content. We have found the best plagiarism detection tools which take no time to highlight copied phrases and sentences within the given content. Take into account that the following digital platforms offer the best plagiarism checker tools:


Let us tell you all about the easy-to-use tools which you can leverage to check plagiarism and ensure your content quality with ease.

1.   Grammarly

There’s no doubt that Grammarly is the world’s most powerful AI tool which effectively works to assist writers in writing high-quality content with improved grammar and clarity. In order to perfect the writing, by all means, Grammarly has developed an efficient plagiarism checker tool as well.

Students, writers, and content creators can leverage Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker to detect duplicate content within seconds. It can find plagiarized content and correct grammatical issues at a time. Moreover, it can trace the original source links from which the content has been copied.

So, if you want to write unique, well-written, and well-sourced content then Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker is the right choice for you.

Take into account that Grammarly’s free version will only specify whether the content is plagiarized or original whereas its premium version will highlight the duplicate parts and display citations as well. Moreover, if you get the premium version, you’ll be able to check unlimited words for plagiarism and grammar issues.

In short, Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is the best tool you can use to perfect your writing and rank your content higher.


Textreverse Plagiarism Checker is a widely-used tool to detect duplicate content in web content, essays, thesis, and other types of content.

It uses edge-cutting AI technology to analyze the given content against millions of web pages to find plagiarism.

For sure, this is the best alternative to premium plagiarism checkers as it charges nothing to check duplicate content and trace source pages with ensured accuracy and efficiency.

You can either paste or upload your content file to detect plagiarism in real-time.

You can use Textreverse’s Plagiarism Checker without any time or usage limit for free of cost.

3.   Quetext

Quetext Plagiarism Checker checks the given content against millions of web pages, thesis, journals, and dissertations to detect duplicity.

It uses advanced AI technology to find plagiarism, give pertinent writing suggestions, and generate citations simultaneously.

Thousands of students, researchers, and professional content writers rely on Quetext to check plagiarism with ensured accuracy.

It allows the users to check plagiarism for free but they need to sign up for unlimited usage.

This is one of the best tools that help in plagiarism detection. Try it out to achieve your writing goals with ease.

4. is a well-recognized digital platform that has featured a variety of AI content tools including an effective plagiarism checker.

No matter what type of content you upload, it will take only a few seconds to detect duplicity and trace source links.

This tool is easier for students, researchers, and professional writers to ensure the uniqueness of their content.

You do not need to create an account or subscribe to a premium plan in order to check for plagiarism in 1000-word content.

5. is another acclaimed digital platform where you can find a wide range of AI tools. If you want to check duplicity in your content with ease then you can leverage its plagiarism checker which works effectively to find copied phrases, sentences, and paragraphs in real-time.

You can either paste the content into the text box or upload a docx or pdf file. No matter how you enter the content, this plagiarism checker will take less than a minute to detect duplicate content with 100%.

In short – The Plagiarism Detector by is a highly functional tool that works free of cost to find duplicity in all types of content.

Bottom Line

If you want to check plagiarism in your content with ease then you need to make sure that the tool you use for it works effectively to generate accurate results.

Keep in mind that the best plagiarism checker tool is the one that uses advanced AI technology to compare the given content against millions of web pages and detect plagiarism within seconds. Most importantly, it tracks the citation sources as well.   


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