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Instagram application is one of the best and most widely used mobile applications in Iran and in the world. If you have attended Academy courses and classes, you must emphasize the importance of Instagram and the use of this program. Instagram algorithms are constantly being updated and provide a more dynamic and attractive environment for users. If you want to get acquainted with the new changes of Instagram algorithm, read the first part and the second part of the explanation of the new Instagram algorithm on the website of Academy, or read this article about the new problems of Instagram below. If you are an active user of Instagram, you have recently encountered some strange problems that did not exist before. These problems have occurred for some Instagram pages and have worried users. In this article, we want to talk to you about common and new problems on Instagram and explain the solution to each of these problems. You may have used Instagram in the past and had no problems, but in the new version of Instagram, many users have seen various problems. In this section, we want to acquaint you with the common problems of the new Instagram.

Problem 1: When uploading photos and posting, your Instagram app hangs!

The first Instagram problem that you often see is that when uploading a photo, your Instagram hangs and does not allow you to post. This problem is also called crashing. In these cases, you need to go to your phone’s settings, then go to Applications and click Manage Applications. In the list that opens, you will see the name of the Instagram app. Now you have to touch the Force Stop option for the Instagram app to close your Instagram app and deactivate it.

Problem 2: You will not be logged in to your Instagram account!

One of the most common new problems with Instagram is that the Instagram app cannot communicate with the main Instagram server. This is when you see the following message:

Sorry, we couldn’t connect to our login server. Please confirm you have an internet connection and try again in a moment

Whenever you see such an error, be sure that your tablet or phone can not connect to Instagram and you should check your internet connection. If your internet is constantly disconnected and connected and your internet speed is slow, this problem will occur for your account and you will have to wait for this problem to be resolved and try to go to your page at another time.

Problem 3: Your Instagram account has been disabled or blocked!

Pages that do not follow the rules of Instagram are doomed to be disabled!! Disabling or blocking pages is one of the new problems of Instagram, which has caused concern among Instagram users. If you have problems logging in to your Instagram page and there is no trace of your Instagram page, you should know that your Instagram account has been blocked and you will no longer have access to it! Every time you violate Instagram rules, your account on this social network will be blocked; so try to follow the principles and rules of Instagram to prevent this from happening. When such a problem occurs, you should email the Instagram support team to get you out of this situation.

Problem 4: Images do not load on your page!

The fourth new problem with Instagram is that if you work with Instagram a lot, you will most likely have trouble uploading images. At this time, you will see an error with the message “couldn’t refresh feed”. You will see this problem when your internet is slow. Sometimes, the use of Instagram is so great that Instagram servers can not respond to all requests and you have trouble uploading images. In many cases, this problem will be solved by fixing the problem of slow or interrupted internet. So take a look at your internet connection and ease your mind about the internet connection and its speed.

Problem 5: Your Instagram will not open!

Another new problem with Instagram is that if you have an Android phone, sometimes you see that your Instagram does not open and stops when it is opened. To solve this problem, you need to remove the cache and data of your Instagram application from your Android device. To solve this problem, go to the Applications section and select the Instagram application. At the bottom of the same page, you will see the Clear Cache option. When you click Clear Cache, you will delete all Instagram app data. In many cases, this simple task will solve your Instagram problem; But if this does not happen, delete your Instagram app altogether from your mobile and download and install the new version of Instagram.

Problem 6: Instagram does not delete your post comment!

Another new problem with Instagram is that sometimes, after posting a post, you see an irrelevant comment and snooze and want to delete that comment from under your post; But Instagram does not allow you to delete that particular comment. To do this, you must manually delete that comment, then go to your Instagram Cache and clear your Instagram app cache.

Problem 7: When you want to leave a comment, Instagram warns you and you can not leave a comment!

Another new problem with Instagram is that if you can not comment on Instagram, try to update your Instagram application to the latest version. If your Instagram app has been updated, you will not be able to comment for one of the following reasons: You have added more than 30 hashtags in your comment! Remember that Instagram does not allow you to submit more than 30 hashtags and will not post comments containing a large number of hashtags. Your comment is repetitive and you have left the same comment under your other posts. You have left more than 5 mentions in one comment. Your internet has a problem and it is constantly disconnected and connected. If the above problems are solved, the problem of not sending your comments will be solved.

Problem 8: You can no longer follow the page!

Another new problem with Instagram is that people who log in to Instagram and are on the social network usually follow a large number of other people and pages. The Instagram app seeks to remove suspicious bots and pages, and as a result, does not allow people to follow a large number of other pages. Whenever you see the “you can’t follow any more people” error, you should know that the Instagram app will no longer allow you to follow other pages. Instagram does not allow you to follow more than 7,500 people or pages; So if you want to follow new pages on Instagram and do not see any particular error, unfollow some Instagram pages that you do not interact with.


Problem 9: Your Instagram page will be banned from Shadowban!

Another new problem with Instagram is that Shadowban is another problem that may occur on your Instagram page. Shadowban is the name of a kind of sanction or fine on Instagram that occurs for various reasons. Shadowban is also known as Shadow Blocking and disables your Instagram page so that the content of your page is not shown to any user and your content will not be displayed in the Home and Explore sections of Instagram. Of course, if people follow you, they can see your content; but other people will not have that opportunity. Exactly this problem causes only a shadow of your page on Instagram to exist. The biggest problem with shadowing or cheering for you is that your Instagram audience can’t find you and follow you.

Problem 10: Your page is Action Blocked.

Another new problem with Instagram is that when you take Action Block, you will see a message called you’re Action Blocked, which makes it difficult to work on Instagram. Instagram is strict with Instagram pages for several reasons; If your page has spam-like activity, Instagram will be sensitive to your activity. For example, if you publish useless information, you will be annoying other Instagram accounts, and this will introduce you as a page fake; as a result, Instagram will notice your wrongdoing and fine your page. When you block action, you can not like other people’s posts, comment and follow other people’s pages.

This way, you can no longer get followers and publish different posts. This is why blocking Action prevents you from doing more. The bad part is that Instagram will not show you the reason for your Action Block. The Instagram app does not give any warnings to its users before it is blocked. Because of this, a small mistake may cause your Instagram page to shut down. Of course, in this article, you will understand the action reasons for blocking Instagram pages, and you can unblock your Instagram page.

What are the signs and symptoms of Shadowban becoming an Instagram page?

One of the new problems with Instagram is that problem with not informing your page is that it behaves mysteriously; this means that your page may be happy and you may not be aware of it. One of the signs of happiness is that the number of likes of your posts decreases, you receive fewer comments, and the number of views of your post or story decreases.

Post a picture with a special hashtag on Instagram to find out faster if you have been banned from shadowing or cheering. Now you have to ask a few people who do not follow you to search for the same hashtag. If people could not see your post, it means that your page is happy. If those people can not see the post on your page, it means that you are Shadow banned.