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One of the best ways to invest is to spend on Real estate leads. Of course, you should be careful about which service you choose so that you do not waste your money. Most resources are the same, but some offer more benefits for the money you pay and are more valuable overall.

How to buy Real estate Leads

What type of real estate leads you to choose on many factors, including your goal, budget, and time to receive leads. To make the best decision, in this article, we have reviewed the best sources of real estate leads in 2021.

We should examine each one separately from the five options we introduced in the table above to see which service offers the best real estate leads.

We must examine each one separately from the five options we introduced in the table above to see which service offers the best real estate leads.

Real Estate Leads Sources

ProviderStarting Monthly CostBest For
BoldLeads$399 per month, plus $250 minimum ad spendAgents who want local, exclusive leads from professionally managed ads
REDX$39.99Agents who are looking for a budget-friendly option and want to be in control of the number of leads they get
Zillow Premier Agent$250Agents primarily looking for buyer leads
Offrs$200Agents who haven’t had success with traditional lead gen methods
Market Leader$99 + $20 to 30 per leadAgents who are looking for a guaranteed number of leads every month



One of the best Lead options for Real estate agents is BoldLeads. This tool has created targeted ads by Google and Facebook to turn all essential factors into real estate leads. Any Real estate agent who wants to provide leads from sources other than third-party sites and have faster access to them, BoldLeads will be beneficial. However, each agent can flexibly end the process in their favor, depending on the advertising budget or the amount of money they can incur.

BoldLead Real Estate Leads

BoldLeads specifically design ads on Google or Facebook that the target user will see and click on to be taken to a dedicated landing page. You can then contact the various buttons you have designed on this landing page. You will also be notified that a new Lead has arrived for you.

In the BoldLeads system, each Lead can be potentially assigned to you and added to the customer management system of this tool. You can then use the Lead as a transaction.

BoldLeads Cost

Of course, paying for this website is not so cheap. You’ll need to pay $ 399 a month to get started and set up an account, and you’ll need a budget of at least $ 250 for advertising. So to get started with BoldLeads, you have to pay around $ 649. In return for such a fee, the website automatically manages the ads, statistics, and ranking of the leads.

BoldLeads Advantages and disadvantages

One of the main reasons for the success of BoldLeads is that it does not compete with other agents for Lead in any way. Each Lead is dedicated to you, so if you focus on starting a good business and getting a successful lead, create an account and start advertising.


In general, BoldLeads is an expensive tool and at the same time has a dedicated and automated system that sends Leads directly to you and has a very powerful customer management system. Even sending text messages or automatic emails or even sending voice messages for each Lead are other advantages. So you can use this tool to earn money faster and better.

Zillow Premier Agent

One of the largest and most visited websites related to Real estate is the Zillow tool. This system with insane traffic and many leads is one of the best options for agents who are looking for more work. Zillow sends leads to buyers and sellers with special memberships and provides them with direct trading opportunities.

If the customer receives the Lead and selects you, that person’s contact information will be sent to you. Of course, there is a big problem in this system: selecting the agents who have received the most reviews and received good scores from other customers. So if you can get a higher score on this system with more effort, you can succeed in the Zillow tool.

Zillow Premier Agent Real Estate Leads

As we said, the most visited website related to Real estate is the Zillow website, which has 186 million monthly visitors. So any factor can work and get the best result. The process of working on this website is that you first select the ZIP Code you want, set up your ads, and set up your profile account so that your ads send to the customer, and he will use you as his agent. Select.

How Much Does Zillow Premier Agent Cost?

Zillow tool solution for buying Lead fluctuates slightly based on price. The cost you pay for lead advertising in this system is determined by factors such as the average price of the ad space and the cost that other Real estate agents pay.

There is a unique tool for calculating the final cost automatically in Zillow, with which you can find out how much you spend during a month and how many leads it will receive. Most people who use this system spend at least $ 250 a month on advertising. The more competition you have, the more you have to pay to get better results.

Zillow Premier Agent Advantages and disadvantages

This tool is one of the best opportunities to receive Leads. On the other hand, after communicating with the customer, a professional CRM system called Premier Agent helps you manage your business relationship on the website faster and easier.

Of course, the costs of this site are likely to be higher than what you expect. Also, the type of paid account in this program is at least a six-month membership. However, the number of leads received can be very high.

The final comment on Zillow

Success in attracting customers in the Zillow tool is inevitable. But you have to pay a lot of money first. You may also reach a point where you no longer have time to respond to the leads sent to you. The customer management system is decisive in this tool, so you do not have to worry about this.



REDX is a versatile tool that collects the complete information of all property owners on the Internet and makes it available to its users. You can call or meet people through this tool.

Many agents want to do it themselves and look for property owners or customers. Therefore, using REDX, this is also achieved. You can even contact these people via SMS or email.

Buying Real Estate Leads From REDX

This tool has more diverse levels in terms of costs and prices. You can find different people for different fees based on FSBO categories, preforeclosures, and expired listings.

Unlike the previous service, this tool provides you with customer information, and instead of placing Lead in the form of ads, it gives the customer directly to you. Ultimately, you decide which customer to contact and which not to contact

There is also a management system called Vortex in the REDX tool that allows you to save the people you have contacted as contacts and track them in the system.

How Much Does REDX Cost?

In terms of price, REDX comes with the cheapest option for $ 39.99 per month. You can also use any discount codes in this system. So in terms of cost and price, it is more affordable than other methods.

With this in mind, you can manage the Lead yourself, so the cost you spend on each Lead will be yours.

REDX Advantages and disadvantages

REDX seems to be one of the largest databases suitable for real estate agents because its information structure is straightforward and extensive.

It is also one of the best options in terms of cost, and you can adjust the amount you pay based on each Lead. Therefore, each agent will consider a specific price and time for each Lead he goes to.


If you are looking to get in touch with your customers and do not want to pay a lot, REDX is an excellent option. Even this tool has an automatic dolly caller that you can use to communicate directly with customers.

Market Leader

One of the most straightforward tools available to get leads in the Real estate market is the Market Leaders option. In this system, you pay a fixed monthly fee, and you will receive a minimum amount of Lead. The operating system includes members who are primarily looking for fixed payments per Lead. Those who are less risky can pay the membership fee and start working.

If you know exactly how many leads you want to receive per month and be accountable to them, we recommend Market leaders.

Market Leader Real Estate Leads

The procedure is the same with BoldLeads. By creating a lead ad, this option enters social networks such as Facebook and the Google website. After each click, the customer or property owner will come to the page created for you and communicate. For customers to use this system, they must enter the received lead information in the form of a form. The remarkable difference between market leader and BoldLeads is that in the market leader, you are guaranteed to receive a certain number of leads per month, which of course is not the case in BoldLeads, and you may not have any leads at all for a month.

How Much Does Market Leader Cost

The cost and price of membership in Market Leader are divided into several categories. The monthly fee for acquiring the primary tool and the fee you have to pay for each Lead. The monthly payment is fixed at $ 99 per month, allowing you to access the CRM system and lead-based scoring, and other tools. Then you have to pay a separate monthly fee of $ 20 to $ 30 for leads. Of course, this depends on the number of leads you request.

Market Leader Advantages and disadvantages

On the other hand, we can mention the guaranteed number of leads per month. This tool is a good option for agents who want to have a minimum wage each month and plan on their costs. Of course, in terms of the problems of this system, we can point out that the quality of the Lead may not be good. So this in itself can be considered a defect. However, the more you pay for these services, the better your Lead will be.

Final opinion about market leader

If you do not want to take many risks and are satisfied with a minimum income per month, you can use the Market leader system. Otherwise, we suggest that you use the other tools mentioned in this article.


One of the tools primarily based on the principles and standards of classical real Estate is Offrs. In this system, first of all, it is predicted which seller or property owner intends to sell, then these people are categorized and classified as potential leads for you to send lead ads.

For many agents who have had unsuccessful experiences with lead generation or want to experience a new system with more potential customers, Offrs can be a great tool.

Offrs Real Estate Leads

This tool can use intelligent algorithms and analyze and process millions of rows of data to identify which property owner intends to sell or which house sells faster. Based on these analyzes, leads distribute and considered to the agent.

How Much Does Offrs Cost

In this tool, the cost you pay will vary based on search and filtering. But unlike Zillow, there are more restrictions in this system, and you can get more Leads by paying less. Most geographies sell for $ 200 to $ 500 a month, according to Offers. This information is crucial, so for any factor that has a specific urban area, such information is worth more than this price. According to the Offrs website, their algorithm correctly detects more than 70% of homes near a sale, and the Lead sent to each agent will inevitably lead to final approval.

Offrs Advantages and disadvantages

The system’s algorithms simplify the task a lot. On the other hand, you pay a relatively low cost for valuable data. Therefore, Offrs is a perfect option for Real estate agents. However, the prices are not known for sure, and you may also miss out on more straightforward situations due to being missed by the algorithm.

How much is a Real estate lead worth buying?

In all the systems we mentioned, the profitability based on your investment by buying Real estate leads is very high. The more you invest, the better your output will be. Suppose you spend $ 1,000 to purchase leads. You can earn up to $ 5,000 a month from these tools. However, it all depends on the amount of work and enthusiasm in the property owner and customer management system.

Do agents always pay for Lead?

The most successful Real estate agents always cite buying leads as a big part of their marketing. Many of these tools may be ignorant and work classically, but those who have been more successful in the real estate consulting market have always invested part of their capital in buying leads. Suppose you spent $ 500 on Zillow. In total, you can earn $ 2,000 a month. If you double your capital 2 to 3, surely the profit will be more than 2 to 3 times.

Brokerages and buying Real estate leads

Many brokers compete to give you a lead in a package to make more money so that you can make a profit. But there are a few things to keep in mind when providing such a lead.

The first is that the chances are good that you will lose opportunities, and more ineffective leads will remain. If you use Brokrages packages, the competition will increase, and you will generally get more straightforward leads. On the other hand, you do not receive any Lead-free charge. Brokers claim this fee monthly by withdrawing their commission. If you can use the tool we introduced, the main profit goes to your pocket, and you do not need to pay extra or miss the right opportunities.


As we said, you should evaluate each system according to your needs and then select it. Tools have different costs, but you can earn a lot of money for a small fee. Remember that you must first be active yourself to benefit from other leads. Please send us your comments about the services mentioned in this article.