Many people are now in dropshipping process, and thankfully, there are tons of online platforms (e.g., Shopify) which draw the best way to success in this industry. But have you heard about different types of drop shipping, exceptionally high ticket dropshipping? You might have seen a number of amazing stores to buy from them, such as 世界盃足球賽2022. This article will discuss the main compartments of high ticket drop shipping and top strategies to get high profit from it.

What is high ticket dropshipping?

By definition, high ticket drop shipping is a form of drop shipping that focuses on selling more expensive items instead of cheaper ones. Unlike most drop shipping types, whose goal is to find as much a customer as possible, the quantity of buyers in high ticket dropshipping is limited, and the priority is product quality.

Although high ticket and low ticket dropshipping both use the same fulfillment model, we have two different strategies due to the varying customer, product, and destination types.

The benefits of high ticket dropshipping

By utilizing this new method, you will achieve some exclusive benefits which can make you excited. There are;

One: More profit from each sale

Suppose you are selling items in the range of $10-$100. With a profit percent of %10, your income will be $1-$10 per item. But when you are selling items that price thousands of dollars, your profit will be multiplied.

As a result, You will need to make fewer sales to make a living, and you can reinvest more cash on your business to expand it.

Two: More tailored marketing

You can focus your marketing efforts more tightly as you have a small collection of orders on high ticket dropshipping. Thus, you can set a more personal relationship with your customer. In general, it is easier to optimize your paid advertising and offer customers a more compelling shopping experience.

Three: Less exertion to support customers

The less customer you have, the less support you have to run. This statement is true when it comes to high ticket dropshipping.

Because you have fewer orders from customers, you don’t have to dedicate as much time or resources as a traditional high-volume, low-margin dropshipping store.

Difficulties about high ticket dropshipping

On the other side of high ticket dropshipping, there are also some problems you may encounter as disadvantages of this business. The main cons of high ticket drop shipping are as follows;

One: Higher Start-Up Costs

Creating an e-commerce store is more inexpensive than a traditional one, but compared to low ticket dropshipping, high ticket drop shipping needs more money to be founded. Why? To create a more detailed storefront design for your store, you must have a massive budget for advertising due to the higher acquisition cost.

Two: No place for beginners

Due to more sophisticated approach requirements, beginners cannot survive in this business. Selling a $10,000 item is not as easy as inserting a simple ad on the internet. Thus, selling high ticket items is probably not the best choice for newcomers to the world of eCommerce.

Three: High-risk orders

Missing some items during shipping is inevitable, and missing a $6,000 order is more dangerous than a $20 item. What would you do if one of your luxurious orders disappeared?

As you can see, as the potential for profits increases, so does the potential for losses should things go away. 

How to become successful in high ticket dropshipping

There are always some simple concepts that can help you climb %70 of the way to the peak. Just keep in mind these tips;

Number one: Use new ideas

Keep in mind that creativity is essential in the marketing area, especially when your customers seek top and expensive items. Try to learn new methods and search for new things which you can see on your online store

Number two: Look for trending products on the internet

Note that popular products have proven demand. Review different online markets like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay and see which items are now on top. Can you sell similar items in your store? If yes, try it.

Number three: Remember; quality, quality, quality

Expensive products are always risky, and it doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling. When we come to online marketing, the risk of these items is more severe because you cannot see the item physically, and it should be a trustful customer-merchant relationship.

As an online seller, you can create this connection with the quality of your goods, so never forget to cross out low-quality items, and don’t worry if it contributes to a lower sales rate in the short term.

Number four: Learn about hobbies

People usually are passionate about their hobby, which means they are willing to spend money on equipment. Try to learn more about your audience’s hobbies and consider if you can drive them to your store.

Avoid these mistakes on high ticket dropshipping

There are also some common mistakes that maybe some dropshippers try, especially those who are new to this business. We have listed three main mistakes for more acknowledgment;

Number one: Don’t sell low-margin products from distributors

As you are working with dropship suppliers that offer high margins, You mustn’t rush the process by settling with items sourced from distributors. Note that in high ticket dropshipping, you benefit from having high margins. So, selling items sourced from suppliers that offer low margins will defeat the purpose of engaging in a high-ticket dropshipping business.

Number two: Paying upfront for access to a suppliers inventory and pricing

Most amateur guys want to purchase anything that could help them and spend their money with no purpose. On the first days of your business, you don’t have to pay for any unuseful expenses. Legit manufacturers will not require you to pay any amount only to access their inventory and pricing details.

Number three: Searching Google for “[niche] drop shipper”

At the beginning of their journey, most newbies start by looking through Amazon and Google and searching for the drop shipper keyword with their chosen niche. Although this is the simplest way to research, most of its results are shallow, and you will fall into the trap of distributors.

What are the best niches for high ticket dropshipping?

In the next section, we have clarified which fields are more potential as an option for high ticket dropshipping. The main niches are;

  • Office furniture
  • Factory machinery
  • Home & kitchen accessories
  • Car accessories
  • Personal transport
  • Electronics
  • High-tech devices
  • Jewelry

Note that in high ticket dropshipping, you don’t need to sell directly to the customer. There are lots of businesses that need a person to manage the process of their imported products.

Top suppliers for high ticket dropshipping

It is time to talk about the best suppliers we can find on the internet for high ticket dropshipping. Note that the best option for each person is different, and you must find your best according to your business

Number one: AliExpress

The first member of our list is AliExpress, which as a US-based online market, you can find almost anything on this platform, including high ticket drop shipping suppliers

Advantage: AliExpress offers a direct-message system that allows you to start chatting with your supplier and start developing a business relationship.

Disadvantage: AliExpress suppliers are known for not always telling the truth. For instance, they might say that they are shipping from the US, while that is not true.

How to connect it to our store

To connect to AliExpress, you need a separate app like Oberlo.


AliExpress is free for its users.

Number two: Parkflyers RC

Are you interested in radio-controlled toys? If yes, you can try Parkflyers RC.

Parkflyers RC is an American-based platform with thousands of suppliers which can provide many radio-controlled toys for children and even adults!

Advantage: Parkflyers RC accepts returns for an exchange or refunds 30 calendar days after delivery of the product.

Disadvantage: Orders have to be submitted manually through Parkflyers RC’s website.

How to connect it to our store

As mentioned, you can’t connect Parkflyers RC to your store.


Dropshipping program on Parkflyers RC is free.

Number three: Alibaba

Formerly, Alibaba was only about wholesaling, but nowadays, it also focuses on dropshipping products too. An exclusive feature of Alibaba is that if you want to find US/EU suppliers, you can use the “Supplier Country/Region” filter on the left side of the search page.

Advantage: When buying from Alibaba, you are often buying products straight from the factory. Because of this, Alibaba is one of the cheapest places to shop.

Disadvantage: Due to language and cultural barriers, speaking to suppliers on Alibaba can be exhausting. Sometimes, it can take a while to agree.

How to connect it to our store

You can use the “Alibaba dropshipping center” to connect to your store.


On Alibaba, you only need to pay product and shipping costs.

Number four: Spocket

Spocket is one of the most famous platforms which you can find your suppliers there. The good news is that most of Spocket’s suppliers are from the US and Europe, and it can make your work easier.

Advantage: Spocket can be integrated with many e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Disadvantage: Spocket doesn’t offer the possibility to chat with a supplier directly. 

How to connect it to our store

  1. Shopify
  2. Wix
  3. WooCommerce

There are four types of registrations that you can use based on your budget;

  1. Free
  2. Starter: $24/mo (after 14-day trial)
  3. Pro: $49/mo (after 14-day trial)
  4. Empire: $99/mo (after 14-day trial)

Number five: Rollzone

If you are trying to start your business in the field of toys, Rollzone is for you. You can find almost any type of toy on Rollzone, such as ride-on toys, cars, bicycles, and even more. The main office is in the Netherlands.

Advantage: Rollzone can ship to most European countries in just four business days.

Disadvantage: Rollzone does not offer any return possibilities for dropshipping orders.

How to connect it to our store

Another bad news. Connecting Rollzone to your store using integration is not possible.


You can register for Rollzone for free.

Number six: Cjdropshipping

You can find both low ticket and high ticket drop shipping suppliers in Cjdropshipping as an all-in-one solution. Any item in all categories can be found on this platform.

Advantage: as a global marketing environment, CJdropshipping has access to warehouses in 26 different countries. Thus, the chances of finding a supplier with a warehouse close to your target audience will increase.

Disadvantage: unfortunately, the interface of Cjdropshipping is not user-friendly, and it can be challenging to find out how the interface on CJdropshipping works.

How to connect it to our store

Cjdropshipping has both Shopify and a web-based app to connect to your store. For the web-based app, you have to create an account first.


CJdropshipping is free to use

Number seven: BigBuy

As a Spanish dropshipping platform with many warehouses, you can find all types of kitchen appliances, gadgets, and toys on BigBuy.

Advantage: BigBuy can deliver across Europe and provides a product catalog translated into 24 European languages.

Disadvantage: BigBuy asks for a relatively expensive monthly fee for a European dropshipping supplier.

How to connect it to our store

BigBuy contains a multi-channel integration plan, which you link to your store via Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento.


If you want to dropship with BigBuy, you should use their “Ecommerce Pack.” It requires you to pay a €90 registration fee and €69 per month. Otherwise, if you are trying to integrate your store to BigBuy’s marketplaces, you can also opt for BigBuy’s “Marketplaces Pack.” This plan will set you back €99 per month and a one-time €90 registration fee.

Number eight: iDropship

iDropship is an Australian dropshipping supplier with a wide range of products made in Australia. You can find many essential products to start a new business in high ticket dropshipping.

Advantage: one of the great features of iDropship is that you can download high-quality product images when dropshipping a product from this supplier.

Disadvantage: if you check some of the reviews on the internet, you will see that some people complain about poor customer service, and some say they got frustrated when setting up their online store in combination with iDropship.

How to connect it to our store

To link iDropship to your account, you need to use an API connection.

You can use iDropship for free.

Number nine: TWM

TWM (abbreviation for Tom Wholesale Management) suppliers entertainment products such as bicycles, toys, and sport accessories. Although the headquarters is in the Netherlands, they can deliver any product through the EU using several e-commerce facilities.

Advantage: the good news is business orders placed on working days before 16:00 (Dutch time) will be shipped out the same day.

Disadvantage: TWM does not process returns for drop shippers. When someone demands a return, you will have to offer the consumer a return solution yourself. 

How to connect it to our store

You can use several platforms to connect TWM to your store, either through API or manually.


Another disadvantage about TWM is that there are no fixed monthly costs when dropshipping with this platform.


Thank you for reading this article. If we want to summarize, high ticket dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where you sell more expensive items in your store. The key in this business is to find a great product and choose a reliable supplier. Furthermore, to get more results, using SEO strategies or paid search ads are usually the best ways to market your high ticket store.