Many of us have heard the name amazon, a mega company that sells almost everything, and by all means, everything.

The variety of products that you can find and purchase is insane. You can find yourself shoes and slippers, easily pick clothing and fashion that suits your style, all the way to furniture and house need.

You may be surprised by the difference that this internet-based market makes, it serves your daily and regular needs like buying product that you can find everywhere, but with a little bit of luck and knowledge, you also are able to find stuff that usually cannot be found on the streets and markets.

You just need a proper browser and a tip from seniors and a fracture of knowledge about websites, some clicks after and you might find your self something that you would not imagine that somebody is selling this stuff in the first place.

It is brutal and deadly of a difference that this website makes, but how does it work? How are day able to find, wrap in the famous amazon packings, deliver and sometimes manufacture them?

Amazon owns its special airline which only is used to deliver products overseas; they have huge warehouses where hundreds of workers do the packaging and wrapping tirelessly,

They have agents that search around the globe to find new manufacturers and try to but their product or even better, they bring them in the fold and make them a part of this major company, another fish got eaten by the great shark.

But how all these work? How do they make this collection of undo-able work? This article is bound to put light on this matter.

How does amazon work?

Time to get into it, this mega firm is based and build by the famous billionaire, Jeff Bezos, whom started this business back in the 1998 with an idea of just lunching a website which serves as an online bookshop.

Soon after he decided to turn into a worldwide market place that sells everything, not much was spent that he could afford to hire some employees and from then till this day that we are speaking.

The way of working has not changed a bit and the amazon is still counting as a man-based company and almost everything is done and monitored by men. From packaging to delivery, the company believes that men cannot be replaced with machinery.

To be honest they have created millions of jobs and people are also happy with it.

How do they rank their employees?

Like any other job in the world, there will be ranking in the system of employment.

Senior workers will make more of income per year for doing more important jobs, managers may take lion shares which could be up to 1 million and even more in a successful stroke of deal.

The staff is usually young individuals which are trying to do a part time job to make their salaries and livings so they can afford their tuition and educations.

From bottom to top is run by men and women whom are ranked in the system and have different set of skills and a major difference in salaries as well. Amazon is now known for paying good money for actual good works so don’t go thinking they under pay their staff.

But unlike the word “rank”, they go by the word “level’’ in their system.

You will earn and make the money based on your level which is monitored carefully by your supervisors.

You might find it difficult to get a promotion and actually level up, but, considering the payments it will be worth it.

How many levels are there?

There are 12 levels in total, from level one which is lowest to higher levels which contain supervisors and managers which go by their own call signs and names, all the way to the top.

The highest level that is there to achieve, except Jeff Bezos himself which is the only level 12 and this is the sole rank in the system, is level 11 and they make the most considering their positions and roles in the firm.

Level 1

The base and first level to get is obviously level 1. Nothing much is expected, come –work-go sequence is in order and appreciated.

Salaries in every level depend on location and seniority in that specific level.

Level 1 salary begins from $43,813 per year and ends at $134,118 per year which is pretty much for a level one to be said, work it through!!

Level 2

A little more progress is required, better than level 1 salary but still as hard as before or even more of it.

Salary in this level begins at $88,012 per year and the range ends at $211,266 per year, from this level, salaries will differ from region to another region based of the importance of that region.


Level 3

 This level is when the real deal begins. Amazon ranks every one below level 10 on the account of their year of experience.

This level entry is based on two factors; interview performance and years of experience in the related field.

The salary on this level begins at $125,897 per year and the range ends at $243,000 per year. Once again the amount of salary received by the employee differs from region to region and is based on the job title.

Level 4

Freshly graduates usually are the entrée people for this level, you will need 1 to 3 years of experience for this level and a degree is required for the job that you are applying for.

If you have a higher degree or experience you can enter to another level.

The average salary on this level is $166.000.

Level 5

You will be called the title area manager and based on your area of expertise, you will earn different from one job to another and the seniority is involved as well.

The salary for this begins at $150,000 per year upward to$ 237,000 per year based on the job and region.

Level 6

From this level forward, the numbers can be a little tricky. You cannot actually say how much would someone make here but we can estimate minimum and maximum.

You will need 8 to 10 years of experience in the related field for this level.

This level salary begins at minimum $200,000 per year and ranges up to 310,000 per year.

Level 7

This level is where most of the people working on amazon want to be their goal.

The firm usually hires from the within of their selves for this level and you will be needing at least 10 years of experience for this level. You may also see that the jobs are getting less and less as the level rises.

The beginning salary rate on this level is $300,000 per year and can be upgraded to $639,000 per year.

Level 8

This job requires many years of experience and vast amount of knowledge for that not so many jobs can be seen here. There are only few specific jobs here and they commonly are masters of their work.

The start salary is not less than $600,000 per year and that is the minimum and can up rise to 1.4 million for specific titles and jobs.

Level 9 and level 10

Top managers are seen to hold their names in this level and their payment would not be under 1 million per year. They do the top negotiations and there are managers from different regions among them.

The salary starts at $1.4 million and depending on what they can do for the firm and plus compensation it can go upward to $2 million or above of that.

Level 11

The top managers and head staff of the amazon ow the level 11. Their salary cannot be determined because of the nature of the company.

There are not more than handful of numbers in their seats and you can only see CEOs and PVs and SVPs in this level.

As told, we cannot give you a specific number but the minimum salary for this level is $1.5 million

And it would be even more when the business is booming in certain periods of time during the year.

Just imagine the Christmas and holidays and national days across all over the world, everyone tries to but something and stocks run dry during these amounts of times. The benefit would hit the sky.

Level 12

As told before, there is only one person in this level that is the highest in the ranking system.

It could be no one but “Jeff Bezos” himself. The CEO and manager and the owner of the amazon whom founded the amazon Inc. back in 1998.

The head of the amazon firm is the one owns multiple companies in different fields such as space, recycling, data and some other companies which do not shine among the famous ones.

His net worth is estimated above $140 billion and rising.

He is THE richest man on the planet.

All in all

Amazon pays its employees a very good-to-consider amount of money but also requires a lot of hard work and intelligence to get a promotion, and to be said, there are plenty of promotions around.