Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”) are links from one site to a page on another site. Google and other major search engines consider a backlink to a particular page as a “vote”. The more backlinks, the more potential that page has for ranking better in search results.


If you’ve just entered the world of digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of SEMrush. SEMrush is a powerful, versatile and highly accurate tool that provides you with all the information you need to thoroughly review and improve your SEO. This tool is one of the best WordPress SEO tools designed and developed for keyword research, competitor analysis and Google Ads ad optimization.

Although SEMrush is a potent tool with very advanced features, the same cutting-edge features can complicate the use of this tool and confuse users.

SEMrush is a versatile digital marketing suite with tools for all of the following professional services:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay-per-click advertising)
  •  (Keyword Research)
  •  (Competitive Analysis)
  •  (Social Media Marketing)
  •  (Public Relations)
  •  (Content Marketing)

• This tool is just a site where you have to enter your domain address and receive an output report.

• In general, this tool, which is responsible for analyzing your site, is necessary to enter the site.

• If you do not have an account inside the site before entering the site, you must first create an account.

• After entering the site, you must select your requested plan.

• These plans are provided to users for a fee and free of charge.

• This tool provides many features to its users, some of which we will address.

• Features of SEMrush tools in improving SEO

• In the first step, the SEMrush website will provide you with a report on the status of your site.

• This report includes your site keywords with their annual traffic.

You can even find keywords similar to your site and add them to your site.

In fact, the first part that will be very useful in this tool is the overview option.

In this section, an accurate and up-to-date report on the status of your site will be provided to you.

• This tool section will be a gold standard for your business. The reports provided in this section will be graphical.

• As you can see in the image above, this section includes the following:

  1. Authority Score
  2. Organic Search Traffic
  3. Paid Search Traffic
  4. Backlinks
  5. Display Advertising
  6. Competitive Positioning Map

It’s one of the overview options that I think is the best part of this report.

This section; Shows your competitors. Competitors are sites where keywords are shared with you.

This section even shows you the actual traffic of these competitors in the form of graphs.

Top Organic Keywords This option is also an overview reporting option that displays the most visited keywords.

Using these words can more easily boost your traffic.

Main Organic Competitors This report also provides your competitors with full details.

Of course, to use this section, you must prepare a monetary plan for this tool.

Branded Traffic Trend Your trended brand will also be displayed in this section.

In fact, this section shows both where your brand has been used and where your backlinks are related.

Organic Position Distribution also shows a report of “Show your site on the header page”.

This means determining what percentage of your content is on the lead pages (Google results page).

• Content Analyzer Campaigns This section also deals with managing your content.

• In this section, it is enough to enter the relevant domain.

• After entering the domain, a list of not indexed pages is displayed.

• that you can add them to the map site.

• projects This section also shows the domains searched during the use of this tool.

• Project> Backlink Audit Tool This section will also be related to your site backlinks.

• Your site backlinks are essential. This is why this tool has made it easy to check backlinks.

• The reports of this tool will be entirely understandable and help improve your SEO.

In the meantime, you can also increase your site traffic. If we want to speak frankly, tools do a lot of hard work in today’s digital world. Rush poison tool is one of these favourites.

• As your site traffic increases, you can find potential customers and, at a minimum, Rent promotional plans on your site.

• You can put customer ads inside your site and get paid from them. Or upgrade your brand.

Given that the cost of Google AdWords today is due to the rising price of the dollar; Increased, You should take full advantage of other advertising methods.

• The cost of using this tool

• This tool will be handy and provide you with many features and capabilities.

But after reviewing these features, it is necessary to remember that this tool is only available to you for free for 14 days.

• Our best suggestion is to do a trial analysis for 14 days.

• If you are satisfied, you can pay.

The cost of using the Pro version is $ 99.95

What is Ubersuggest?

If you want to get better at Google, we recommend keyword research. After all, people enter keywords to find something. Suppose you rate a particular word or combination of words in search results. In that case, you will attract more visitors to your website.

And so, the trick is to find the right keywords that are often searched. For example, I get great results with “movie making” or “WordPress plugins”.

Ubersuggest is a free tool to help you find the right keywords.

You can see that the keywords are scoring well, and competitors are not using those words.

How does Ubersuggest work?

First, go to the Ubersuggest website and see a keyword window. You can enter keywords here.

Now it’s possible for you to write a name or keyword. I choose a keyword first. Then you get the following view:

The image above shows the following data:

Search volume: The number of times this keyword is entered per month.

SEO problem: How difficult it is to get results in Google search.

Paid problem: How difficult it is to get high scores on Google based on paid ads.

Cost per click: How much does it cost per click if you advertise this keyword through Google Ads?

Below you can see a statistic with the number of searches per month of that keyword.

Finally, below is a list of keyword suggestions that we can use. If necessary, you can also go to related keywords.

Keyword ideas

Key word ideas are in the navigation bar. If you go there, you will see an overview:

You can now see each keyword combination how other websites score on that keyword. For example, the website scores very well on the keyword “WordPress websites”. The estimated number of visits to a page, the number of social subscriptions, and the website’s authority are listed below. And so you can go through all the keyword ideas and get a good idea of ​​how to do this competition.

Traffic analysis

In addition to keywords, you can also check your domain in traffic analysis (shown in the navigation bar on the left).

In this review, you can get various information on how to rate your website. The number of hits you receive per month is higher. Based on these statistics, there is a domain score, the number of backlinks, referrals to .edu and .gov domains and links that refer you.

If you look at this overview, you will see how well the top pages in each country score. The outline of keywords that you score well is also enjoyable. Below you can see that WPjournalist is number one in Google search results.

Site audit

Another good feature of Ubersuggest is site auditing. You can enter the domain name, and then the tool will analyze how your website is performing along with the SEO score. WPjournalist, for example, scores well with 83 points.

You will see 29 critical errors in the example above, but these are primarily articles with very few words. Therefore, nothing to worry about. In site audit (you do not see that in the image above …), you can also see the loading speed of your website.


The third section in Ubersuggest is SEO analysis, in which backlinks are discussed in more detail.

The more authoritative the links to websites, the more valuable Google will consider your website. This way, you will feel good about all the backlinks, and you can offer solutions to achieve more and better backlinks.

What is ahrefs?

ahrefs is one of the most essential tools SEOs, and digital marketers use to link and analyze various sites.

With the help of this tool, you can receive all the necessary information about backlinks and, at the same time, measure the parameters of the desired site and the quality of the links.

How to use Ahrefs tools

In this section, we will teach you how to use ahrefs tools. As you know, one of the main features of Ahrefs tools is backlink analysis. To use it, you just need to enter the main page of the ahrefs site and enter your site link in Site Explorer.

You will receive a dashboard with information on the site backlinks and measuring the performance and organic traffic of that site.


Click Backlinks in the sidebar to go to that site’s link profile.

You will receive a complete list.

The correct way to link in ahrefs

It should be noted that when using the ahrefs tool if a site has a backlink, it is recommended that you go to the “Link type” → “Dofollow” section.

Second, you can use their link profiles to get an idea of ​​the relationship of people who have visited the site.

So here we learn that original data and research is a great way to get links from other similar sites.

This way, you do not have to check the number of no-follow links. So now you have a complete list of do-follow links on the site, but you may be wondering what you can do with this information?

Using these ahrefs tools, you can find pages that link to your competitor, which may also link to your site.