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If you have a Ps4 console and you want a faster and more efficient internet connection, you need to choose the best DNS for your ps4 and configure it correctly based on where you are. More than 10,000 DNS searches are logged daily from each device, so each DNS likely has Latency.

First, we need to figure out how to configure DNS on a PS4 device. This is very simple, and you can select and configure one based on the geographical location of DNS servers and their level of trust. Many servers are already down, so we suggest using the more up-to-date content we review in this article.

How to configure DNS server settings on Ps4

To set up DNS configuration on PS4, you can use Google Public DNS with or, mainly high performance and high security. In the following, we will review the general method for setting the appropriate DNS on the PS4.

PS4 settings for an Ethernet (LAN) connection

If you used to use WiFi or a router to connect to the Internet on your PS4 before reading this article, it is better to use an Ethernet cable now because it is faster and has a lower latency rate. After connecting the Ethernet cable between the modem and the ps4, perform the following steps one by one:

  1. First, go to the device settings and then select Network.
  2. Then select the second option called Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. From this section, select Use a LAN Cable.
  4. Then select Custom instead of clicking Easy.
  5. Here we assume that your modem has received an IP automatically, so select the automatic option.
  6. If you have a dedicated IP, you can enter it with the Manual option.
  7. Select Not Specify for the DHCP Host Name section.
  8. You can also select Manual for the DNS Settings section.
  9. Next, you need to enter the primary and secondary DNS
  10. You can enter Google Public DNS settings at or
  11. In the MTU section, select the auto option.
  12. For the proxy server section, click Do not use.
  13. It is finished! The whole DNS configuration process on the PS4 was simple.

PS4 settings for a WiFi connection

If you can not buy or connect an Ethernet cable, you can do the following DNS settings on PS4.

  1. First, go to Settings and select Network.
  2. Select the second option, Set Up Internet Connection
  3. Click Use WiFi here.
  4. Also, in the next section, select the Custom option.
  5. After your PS4 device searches for WiFi networks, find your WiFi and connect to it.
  6. Assuming your modem receives an automatic IP, select the Automatic option.
  7. If you have a manual IP, you can set it with the Manual Option.
  8. Also, select DO Not Specify for DHCP Host Name settings.
  9. You can also select Manual for DNS Settings.
  10. You must enter Primary DNS and Secondary DNS here.
  11. As we said in the Ethernet Cable section, you can import Google Public DNS with the address or
  12. Tap Auto for MTU settings.
  13. Also, select Do Not Use for proxy settings.

How to find the best DNS server for ps4

There are three general ways to find the best DNS for your PS4.

  1. First, you can select two options from the list of public servers below and enter the Ps4 DNS settings. As we said, the best DNS is Google Public DNS.
  2. You can perform filtering based on the slightest ping and select the first two servers in the list.
  3. On Windows and Mac operating systems, there is a tool to check the speed of DNS ping. DNS Benchmark application is available for Windows, and Namebench application is available for Mac, where you can measure the ping and rate of each server by entering any DNS address.

Select the desired DNS

The fastest way is to remove two DNSs from the public DNS server list table as desired.

Provider DNS servers
Comodo Secure

Calculate the best server based on ping rate

In this case, you can select the servers that are geographically closer to your location. Based on this, the server latency calculates in two ways:

  1. Delay waiting time for DNS requests to reach the central server.
  2. The waiting time for the DNS response to return to you from the server.
IP address of DNS server Average ping (ms) Minimum ping (ms) Maximum ping (ms) 6.8 7.2 7.5 7.0 6.6 7.6 7.2 6.8 8.2 7.2 6.8 7.8 7.2 6.8 7.4 7.2 6.9 7.8 7.2 7.0 7.5 7.2 7.0 8.4 7.4 7.0 7.8 7.8 7.4 8.4 8.0 7.6 9.0 8.6 8.2 9.5 11.1 10.8 11.4 11.6 11.4 12.0 11.6 11.4 12.4 11.7 11.4 12.0 11.7 11.4 12.7 12.4 12.1 12.8 12.9 11.9 17.6 14.9 14.5 15.4 15.4 15.0 16.2 17.3 15.8 22.2

So instead of randomly selecting two DNS , you can specify DNS based on the lowest ping rate and the shortest distance from where you are.

In the case where we selected the best DNS based on the ping rate, we received an average of 10ms better ping speed than the other modes. Therefore, we suggest that you select the nearest server with the lowest possible ping before anything else.

Sometimes, only one main ping will be displayed in the lists provided to request to the server. So you can not measure process delays for DNS look-up either. We suggest using benchmark tools on DNS for a closer look.

Run DNS benchmark software

Users running the Windows operating system can use the DNS Benchmark tool to measure a ping server’s exact Latency and speed.

This application provides you with detailed information and recognition of the efficiency and trust of more than 200 DNS server addresses. Even by running the DNS look-up process, you can determine the exact DNS rate and overall latency with that server.

Never, no server can definitively display DNS. Each DNS is measured relative to the geographical location and amount of server traffic. Using the DNS Benchmark tool online, you can check the overall Latency of your Internet with the server to which you provide DNS. This will make you choose the best DNS server for Ps4.

Optimize configuration settings to increase PS4 DNS performance

The routine of online games is that the lower the ping rate and the softer your Latency, the better and smoother the game can be. By reducing the Latency in the game, your online competition will be better. But two main problems cause the DNS Latency to increase for the PS4

  1. Improper use of router or WiFi
  2. bufferbloat.

First of all, remember to use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi so that you do not slow down and minimize the Latency of your device. The cost of buying an Ethernet cable is not very high, and you can quickly get it from any store.


The average WiFi device also increases the average Latency by 3 to 7 milliseconds. So every gamer knows how bad this Latency is for a competitive online game. Of course, sometimes WiFi also suffers from an explosive latency that you may experience an increase in Latency of more than 50 milliseconds during the game. For this, we strongly recommend using an Ethernet cable and then configuring the best DNS settings for the PS4.