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One of the biggest questions for Instagram users is why you can’t follow. For many users of this popular social network, when they click the Follow option to follow someone, this option is quickly deactivated, or Instagram prevents people from following it by showing an error message. We explain the various problems of this social network, for example, we said what to do to leave the Instagram report and what is the reason for showing the error of entering Instagram. If you also encounter the problem of not following people on Instagram, because in the following, we intend to investigate the reasons for following the restrictions and teach you the ways to eliminate it. Instagram is a popular social network among Iranian users that allows you to share your photos and videos with your friends. But one of the problems that may occur for users is not following some accounts or that you can not follow any user. It may have happened to you that you want to follow someone on Instagram, when you click the follow option, the page may turn white or even the follow option may turn green and change to following, but then return to the first state for a while and you Whatever you do, you can not follow that person.

What is the problem with limiting followers on Instagram?


As we said, many Instagram users face the problem of following restrictions, and when following people, an error message like the one below is displayed. This usually happens more to people who have just registered on Instagram. After creating an account on Instagram, you will not be able to follow a large number of people for a few hours, and Instagram will immediately block this action for you. It should be noted that Instagram algorithms place restrictions on all users of this social network and do not allow them to follow too many people in one day. This is done to prevent bots from receiving Instagram followers that violate the rules of this social network.

These restrictions vary for different pages. Normally you can follow about 200 people a day without any problems, but if someone does not follow your page or you follow a large number of people, this number will change. If you send follow-up requests to other people sporadically during the day, you will probably not have a problem. If you follow a lot of people in a short time, Instagram thinks that you are a robot and tries to prevent your activity by imposing restrictions. Slowly In the following, we will examine the methods to solve this problem. In this article today, we want to teach you how to solve the problem of not following on Instagram, so stay tuned.

1- Blocking by the user: You may have followed a person before, but you realize that you are no longer one of that person’s followers, and when you go to the user page and by selecting the following option, nothing special happens, or when you select follow It will appear, but when you go to that page again a few minutes later, the following option will still appear, not the following, in which case you will, unfortunately, be blocked.

2- Filtering the page of the person in question: The person in question may not have followed the laws of the Islamic Republic and the filtering organization has filtered that person’s page, in which case you should use the IP change program to solve your problem. We said above that you can not only follow some people, but you may face the problem that you can not follow any user on Instagram, and the reason could be the following:

1- Probably, in a short period of time, you liked Haro’s photo on Instagram too much or you followed a lot of people, and you were limited by Instagram. Depending on the number of people you follow, this restriction will be removed after an indefinite period. You have no choice but to wait. Be aware that your account may be blocked if this is repeated.

2– Your account has reached the limit of the number of authorized followers. On Instagram, each user can have followers based on the number of followers. For example, if no one has followed you, you can only follow 600 people. This number varies based on the number of your followers. So if you have such a problem, increase the number of your followers so that you can follow your desired Instagram page. This problem can have 4 reasons:

1– Being blocked by Instagram due to liking and following people in a short period of time, which if this is the reason for the white page problem, you have no choice but to wait.

2- Another reason for registering on Instagram may be not entering your mobile number and receiving a verification code. A page may open and ask for your phone number, in which case you enter your mobile phone number with the Iranian code without zero (98). Then wait until you enter the confirmation code that will be sent to you on Instagram to solve your problem. But if you did not register your phone number on Instagram and the page related to the number request was not displayed, it is better to go to the page related to your account on Instagram and enter your number and wait for the activation code to be sent and that code to be sent. Tap on the page to continue safely.

3- Using IP change program: It is better to try the IP change program, maybe your problem will be solved. Following people with the Follow button is one of the key options in social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, etc., but one of the problems that may arise for users is not following other people’s accounts or pages. The blocked message and restrictions on using this feature are displayed. In this case, you can not follow the person you want, today on the online web we want to teach you how to solve the problem of not following on Instagram.

Instagram, which is one of the most popular and popular photos and video social networks among Iranian users, allows you to share your pictures and videos with your friends. One of the problems that most Instagram users face is the problem of not following some users or even the bigger problem is that you can not follow any user or page. Today in Anzel Web, we want to teach you how to solve the problem of not following on Instagram. If your Instagram does not open, we suggest you read the previous post of Anzel Web, which is about 14 ways to solve the problem of logging in to Instagram and not opening your account.

4- Unfollowing


Sometimes you can not follow a particular person. This problem occurs because the images used by that person have a problem and the filtering intelligently filters that person’s page. You can use VPN to solve this problem.

 5- Software bug

If you can not follow people on Instagram, we suggest that you first check whether the person you are blocking. If you have trouble following a particular person but can follow other people, the person you are blocking is blocked. If you can not follow any page, we suggest you restart your phone or update the application to the latest version, because in some cases, software bugs can cause such problems. If this does not solve the problem, it means that Instagram has become sensitive on your page and for this reason has imposed such restrictions on your account.

6- Restrictions on new accounts

As we said in the previous sections, if you have just created your account, you can not follow many people in the first hours. In order for Instagram not to be sensitive on your page, we suggest that you do not follow more than 100 people in 1 hour. If you get a follow-up restriction error, wait a while and do not send a follow-up request to the page for a few hours to exit the block mode.

7- Following too much

One of the most important reasons for such restrictions is that users can follow hundreds of people in a short time. We suggest that you do not follow more than 160 people at once so that this social network does not block you. But if you are blocked, you should not follow anyone for a few hours.

If you follow the people you follow again and again and again for different pages, Instagram thinks that you are using follower increase robots, so it tries to do so by imposing follow restrictions. Prevent. In this case, you should not follow anyone for two hours. Instead, we suggest you check your Instagram, like the posts, and leave a comment so that your page activities return to normal. Be aware that after the restrictions are lifted, if you resume following and unfollowing, your Instagram may still be blocked. To prevent this problem, follow the people you want to scatter throughout the day, and in the meantime, engage in other activities such as likes and comments.



8- Other ways to overcome follow restrictions

As we said, the best and most effective way to overcome the restrictions is not to follow anyone anymore and wait a few hours or a few days to get out of the block mode. But if you are in a hurry and want to solve the problem of following restrictions as soon as possible, you can turn on your mobile data instead of using Wi-Fi. In addition, another thing you can try to solve this problem is to change the IP of the phone. For information on how to do this, read the article Mobile IP change. Another way is to report your problem to Instagram. To do this, go to Instagram Settings and select Report a Problem from the Help section to display a page like the one below. Now you can post your problem in English for Instagram.

9- Reach the maximum number of followers on Instagram

Your account has reached the limit of the number of authorized followers. On Instagram, each user can have followers based on the number of followers. For example, if no one has followed you, you will only be able to follow 600 people. This number will vary based on the number of your followers. So if you see such a problem, increase your followers (10 to 12 people) and then follow the desired pages. Finally, if you want to add Telegram and SnapChat links to your Instagram, read the problem-solving post on adding Telegram and Snap Chat links to your Instagram profile.