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Since the Instagram username represents the personality of the account holder, choosing the right name is very important. You will be asked for your username during the creation of your Instagram account. Many users are looking for ways to edit their Instagram profiles in order to make their accounts more visible. To answer how to change your Instagram username, we are going to examine how to change your Instagram username.  First of all, it is better to know what the username is. The username is the same name that is displayed to other users on Instagram. In other words, this is the name that appears next to your profile picture. Instagram has provided the ability to change the username for its users. This is very simple to do. In the following, the steps to change the profile on Instagram are fully described. If you are interested in growing your account, it is better to match your Instagram name and username. This will make your brand more visible. There are two ways to change your Instagram username:

  1. Application
  2. By the web

Change username on Instagram with the application. Log in to your Instagram account. Tap your profile icon at the bottom. In the second step, select the Edit Profile button to access and change your profile information.

What is Instagram’s username?

A username is a unique identifier used by computer systems to identify individuals. For example, several accounts may be registered on one computer, each with its own username. Users of this system must enter their own username to log in to their account. You will need a username to work in almost every area of ​​cyberspace. For example, in order to log in to Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and accounts, it is necessary to have a Username. In cyberspace, usually, each username is synchronized with a password which means that in order to log in to your account in virtual networks, you must enter the username and password associated with it. Username is usually publishable; but to protect account information and prevent other people from accessing the account, the password must be private. To protect the security of your Instagram account, it is better to change your Instagram username and password from time to time.

Change Instagram username

In the third step, in the Username section, your current username will be displayed. Click on it to type a new username. Note: Through the Edit Profile button, in addition to the username, you can also manage information such as name, email, profile photo, biography. After changing the username, tap the tick icon at the top of the window to save the changes. The process of changing the profile on Instagram was completely done.

Note: If your mobile phone is an iPhone, click the Done option at the top of the window to record the changes instead of the tick icon. It should be noted that the above steps are in case the language of your Instagram application is English. (In settings> Accounts.

The question that may arise for Instagram social network users is why the username on Instagram does not change? There are conditions for selecting a username, and if you do not comply, you will encounter an error message username not available. The username must be unique and not used by other people who have an Instagram account before you.

  • Username length should not be too short.
  • Do not use unauthorized marks and characters in the username.

Note: Note that changing your username will not change your Instagram account name.

Ensure the security of the Instagram page for free

As mentioned, to ensure the security of your Instagram account, you must be very careful in maintaining your account password. But keep in mind that just keeping a password is not enough to ensure page security. In our Instagram page security article, we have introduced 27 free solutions that if you use them, you will ease your mind about your page security. Instead of spending money to secure your Instagram page, read this article right now and follow the steps outlined in it. How to change your username here? As mentioned, some people may choose a Username for their page when registering on Instagram and want to change it after a while.


Log in to the Instagram application.

  • Navigate to your profile page by tapping the profile icon in the bottom bar.
  • Click the Edit Profile icon.
  • In the second box (Username), delete your previous username and enter the new username you want.
  • If the new username matches the rules of Instagram, your Instagram username will be changed successfully.
  • Change username on Instagram

Name and username difference on Instagram

On Instagram, you can specify a name and username for your account. But what is the difference between the two? As mentioned, the username is a unique identifier; this means that the username is your own and other users can not use it. Also, when you register on Instagram, you can not log in with the username of others; but the name does not follow this rule and users can put any phrase as a name in their bio page without any restrictions. It is also not possible to use emojis when changing the Insta username; while changing the name on Instagram, there is no restriction on the use of emojis and other special characters.

Restriction on changing Instagram username

Why can’t I change my username? This question may have occurred to you as well. You may encounter errors when changing your Instagram username and you may not be able to change your Instagram username. Instagram has set rules for its various sections, and users can not operate outside of these rules. Determining and changing the username on Instagram is no exception to this rule and has its own limitations. In the following, we will introduce the limitations of changing this username.


The username should not be duplicated!

As mentioned, all virtual networks have proprietary usernames and users cannot use other people’s usernames. This rule also exists on Instagram. If when you sign up or change your username on Instagram, you enter a username that has already been used, Instagram will not allow you to finalize the registration. Therefore, when changing your Insta username, you must choose a non-duplicate username for your account.

The number of characters in the username must be standard!

When changing the Instagram username, the number of characters used in the Username should not be too much or too little. The maximum number of characters allowed for the Insta username is 30 characters. A large number of characters in the Instagram username makes it unreadable and also difficult to remember. Also, Instagram does not allow the selection of usernames with a very small number of characters; of course, some popular pages can use such usernames. For example, Nike’s username is Nike.

Your username cannot contain only numbers

Instagram does not allow ordinary people to choose their username only with numbers, and other types of characters must be used when changing the username. Of course, there are exceptions to this. For example, Page 433 used only numbers in its username.

Now the question is whether editing a username on Instagram will have an effect on your account or not?

  • Enter the Instagram site address in your browser.
  • Enter your username and password to log in to your account and click the login button.
  • Click on your user profile at the top right of the window.
  • Click the Edit profile button to the right of your photo and username.
  • In the window that opens, click on the box in front of the username. (This box will show you the current username.)

In the displayed window, in addition to the username, you can edit other parts of your profile, such as name, website, biography, email, contact number, and so on. Type your new username in the box. These changes are not saved by default. After the username is approved, click the submit button.

Why does not change the username on Instagram?

If your new username is not available, a message titled “Sorry, that username is taken.” Appears. The username was approved with the message “Profile saved!”. If you encounter an error while registering a user, make sure that your username matches the conditions for changing the Instagram username described earlier. In some cases, the account owner may want to delete and deactivate his Instagram account. In this case, the account can be temporarily or permanently deactivated.