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The hashtag season is upon us! On Instagram recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of popular hashtags about the holidays. Maybe you are wondering what hashtags you should use as an influencer or blogger to gain more exposure this holiday season.

When you use the right hashtag, you can get exposure and grow your following, especially during this time of year. Here are some great hashtags to use for Instagram marketing during the holiday season, plus tips on how to use them.

Instagram lets you post so many different things. You can get an idea of what is currently popular on Instagram by looking at the hashtags listed below. Use these hashtags to help you get on top of Instagram Christmas search results if you already have a schedule of topics to post about for your Instagram posts but don’t know which hashtags increase engagement.

We are just a few days away from Christmas! This is the time of year when we all feel a little melancholy about the year that has flown by so quickly. In addition, we also feel festive and excited about the upcoming holiday celebrations.

Bloggers are also drawn to the topic of Christmas. It is good to stay relevant by blogging about things that everyone is thinking about. Blogs often host #ChristmasGiveaways and #ChristmasCountdowns.

However, there are so many other things you can write about. What if you already know the topics you want to post about, but you don’t know what hashtags to use?


 What is a Hashtag?

As the name implies, hashtags are metadata tags preceded by the hash symbol #. On microblogging and photo-sharing sites like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are widely used as a form of user-generated tagging to enable cross-referencing content related to a single subject.

What are the best ways to use “Hashtags for Christmas”?

1- Content relevant to the topic:

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that your post should be relevant. If you use a hashtag related to Roman reigns, then your content should be related to that. We’ll find your content much more easily if you use a hashtag related to Roman reigns. Moreover, you can increase your followers and likes.

2- Post about your Christmas:

Second, share your content related to groups with the main niche Roman reigns. If you’d like to post a Christmas post, then share it with 30 different groups within the same niche. Simply share your Christmas posts in those groups that have Christmas-related content. Hope that makes sense.

3- Copy and paste hashtags for Christmas:

Finally, don’t forget to paste your Hashtags for Christmas at the top of your caption. The hashtags should be pasted at the top of the caption area for what purpose? The impact of this method will be dramatic.” This will increase your chances of getting more followers, likes, and comments.

Is there a way to rank Christmas posts by using hashtags?

When you’re new, it’s challenging to rank posts with a hashtag with high competition. How can you do that? Using low-competition or low-search volume hashtags. Then you will be able to get more likes, followers, and comments than using hashtags with high competition. Use keywords that have a lower level of competition to start. Move on to the next higher level, and finally the top level.

To rank on the first page of Google, talented people target low-traffic hashtags. It’s a way to get to the big ones through other hashtags.

What kind of hashtags should we use for Christmas?


Avoid using such hashtags that have a search volume over 1 million. Typically, people believe that if they use high search volume hashtags, our posts will receive a lot of traffic. We are sure to get many followers, likes, and comments as well. Those people are wrong, though.

There will be more competition if the search volume is high. Newbies have an extremely hard time beating their competitors. In order to get thousands of likes, followers, and comments, what should we do?

You should use hashtags with a search volume of 10k-500k if you’re a newbie. You can use hashtags that have a high search volume if you’re not a newbie.

The best hashtags for general Christmas vibes

There is a certain universality to these hashtags. If you are just sharing your excitement for Christmas, you can use any item that reminds you of Christmas or looks festive. Having a Christmas party at work or a pre-Christmas party with friends is also a great time to use them.

#Christmas #ChristmasSpirit #ChristmasLoading #ChristmasFun #ChristmasCheer #ChristmasMood #ChristmasMagic #ChristmasIsComing #ChristmasWish #ChristmasLove #Christmassy #ChristmasVibes #ChristmasMusic #ChristmasStory #ChristmasParty #ChristmasDrinks #AdventCalendar #ChristmasBloggerBash #HolidaysAreComing #ChristmasAroundTheCorner #ChristmasTraditions #ChristmasJokes   #ChristmasFail

The best hashtags for pet owners

Dressed up pets on images – how can you not like them? Particularly if they look like those below.

#ChristmasCat   #ChristmasDog   #ChristmasPets

The best hashtags for DIY or Interior Blogs

Use the hashtags below if DIY is your thing, you like decorating your home or just want to share your #ChristmasTree.

#ChristmasCard #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasOrnament #ChristmasTreeDecoration #ChristmasLights #ChristmasTree #ChristmasTreeDecorating

The best Hashtags for Fashion Blogs & Shop Owners

This hashtag will be useful for you if you run a gift shop, sell Christmas jumpers, or just like shopping and fashion. To increase your following, you can also run a competition or a giveaway.

#ChristmasMarket #ChristmasShopping #ChristmasSale #ChristmasDress #ChristmasJumper #ChristmasPjs #ChristmasSweater #ChristmasGiveaway(s) #ChristmasCompetition #ChristmasOutfit #ChristmasPromotion #AllIWantForChristmas #ChristmasList #ChristmasJumperTime

The best Hashtags for Food Blogs

Now it’s time to bake and make all kinds of yummy cookies and cakes themed for Christmas. Do not forget to include these hashtags in your picture if you do. Please feel free to stop by for a tasting session as well!

#ChristmasLunch #ChristmasCake #ChristmasCookies #ChristmasKitchen #ChristmasCookieChallenge

The best Hashtags for Book Blogs

Christmas presents of books are always appreciated. Then you should definitely include these hashtags if you like reading and share your favorite novels!

#ChristmasBook #ChristmasRomance #ChrimstasReading #ChristmasBooks16


Instagram hashtag tips

  • A post should never contain more than 30 hashtags.
  • Your stories should include hashtags.
  • Create or have a hashtag that is unique to your brand, so everyone can connect with you.
  • Your promotional DMs should include hashtags.
  • Include 2-3 hashtags related to your page in the bio.
  • The myth says that hashtags are best with the number 9. Try it out for yourself and don’t let myths stand in your way.
  • Your followers can be rewarded for using your brand’s hashtags in their posts if they use them.

We tried to compile a comprehensive list of Christmas hashtags for the 2020 holiday season. You should never stop finding new hashtags for yourself no matter how near the end of the list is. There is a high probability that new hashtags will be invented after we write this blog because Instagram is a dynamic space.