Instagram - Deactivate and reactivate an Instagram account -

Instagram software is one of the most popular software related to social networks. Instagram has become very popular among its Iranian users. When we want to activate our deactivated Instagram account, we are faced with different paths, because reactivating the deleted Instagram account is against the rules of Instagram. For example, the Instagram app does not allow its users to reactivate their account or account that has been deactivated or deleted. Re-enable your disabled or deleted Instagram account. Read more with the help of the computer to learn how to restore a deleted or deactivated Instagram account.

Reasons for deactivating the account by Instagram

First of all, we need to explain the rules and conditions of using Instagram. The Privacy and Publicity section, it provides you with information about the status of deleted or deleted accounts. When you want to register in any software, you must read the rules of that program and continue to register. If you violate the rules of that software, your account will be blocked, because you did not follow the rules of that software; so it is better to read all the rules of the program so that you do not get into trouble later.


 What is the situation if Instagram automatically deletes your account for a specific reason?

Sometimes your account may be mistakenly deactivated by the company itself, it could be due to your inactivity or sending too many pictures in your posts on Instagram, no one can send a request to delete someone else’s account for Instagram And Instagram wants to delete that account for no reason. Therefore, deleting an account by Instagram itself is done only if the user has violated the rules and regulations of using this social network. In order to report violations by users, a feature called Report is defined, the use of which has its own rules and regulations.

Note that if for any reason your Instagram account is disabled or deleted, all your information such as photos, videos, comments, likes and… your account will be permanently deleted. However, you are sure that you did not violate the rules and regulations of the Instagram app, and you did not manually delete or deactivate your Instagram‌ account yourself, but your Instagram account has been deleted; Why? Your account may have been hacked by a profiteer, and this may have deleted or disabled your account. In fact, in this situation, Instagram considers the reason for this problem is the user’s carelessness in choosing the password. So the hacked account will not be returned to you. So even if your Instagram account is hacked and deleted, you can not ask Instagram to reactivate it.

How to recover a deactivated Instagram account?

First of all, know that no method on Instagram can 100% restore your account. When you did not receive an email from Instagram after completing the steps. It means you have no way. You can restore your Instagram account by following the steps below, this is the only way you can restore your Instagram account. This method is only possible in the app, but it may not work 100% for all users, the estimated time to return your account depends on 3 to 20 days. In any case, to try your luck at restoring your inactive Instagram account, follow the steps below carefully:

  1. In the first step, update your Instagram software in one of the following ways.
  • Google Play
  • App Store
  • Windows
  1. 2. Now enter your Instagram login page and select the Forgot Password option.
  2. Here you will enter a new page that has a login for you via username or mobile, but you will enter at the bottom of the page Need more help? Become. You are faced with a form that was previously on the Instagram site, but now this form is only available to us in the Instagram software.
  3. 4. Now in this section you are sending a request for help to Instagram, this page has important sections that we will deal with one by one.

The email you signed up with: Here it is important for you to enter the blocked account email if you forgot to enter another account email and announce it in the last description section. But you should know that your email and mobile number are in the database Instagram stays for a year. So if you know the email and contact number you entered in your account, the percentage of your Instagram account bounce will be very high.

Contact Email: Instagram needs an email that communicates with you and sends a message to solve your problem. Enter here. You may no longer have access to the first email, so you can enter a new email here. Note: If, for example, the forgotten username page is “Jess”, you should also try to use the word “Jess ” in your email address that you create here. Because in some cases, if the name in the email does not match your Instagram Id, it says that this email has nothing to do with that account and does not check at all. In the next section, select one of the following three options according to the conditions of your page. Part 4 There are options to choose one according to your circumstances. Now you have to choose either other or the second option, then go to the next step. After selecting one of the above options, in the specified area, such as the image below, describe enough information about what happened; this will make the operation faster. Here are some examples:

  • Be sure to mention that your account is unbalanced or blocked and you intend to delete it, or your account has been blocked incorrectly.
  • Also, enter the mobile number registered on your account; Mention the number of posts, followers, and followers on your page.

For example my account has been hacked, I last logged in on this date. But now I can not log in with my former username and password, I guess my account has been hacked, I ask you to help me. Note: This text must be written in English. After performing the above steps, you can now click on the submit request section. When you click on this Request Support option, an email will be sent to you based on the selected option. They may ask you in the email that was sent to you. Like the image below, write the code in the email on a piece of paper facing you, then take a picture of yourself and send it; Wait for them to confirm you.

Hacked page recovery modes via Instagram support

As we explained above, according to each of the first three options, the emails sent will change. In the following, we will examine these three cases. Restore a shared Instagram account using the Instagram website. If the above methods do not solve your problem, you can fill out the desired form through this link to check the request to Instagram. After filling out the form, click on send.

  1. Full Name: Enter your full name.
  2. Your Instagram Username Id: Enter your blocked Instagram.
  3. Your Email: Enter the email that is registered on your Instagram account.
  4. Your Mobile Number: Enter your mobile number.
  5. Please let us know: Here you must write that your account disabled and you need their help.
  6. Now click on send. If necessary, Instagram will send you an email that you can recover your account.

Why has my Instagram page been deactivated?


Sometimes you may unknowingly do something that results in the spontaneous deactivation of the Instagram page. In these cases, Instagram will send you a warning or impose restrictions on you. If you do not heed these warnings, your Instagram page will be disabled and you should try to restore it. Here are some things that may cause your Insta account to be deactivated:

Creating Spam: Many Instagram users at the beginning of their page activity, to get more followers, do activities that Instagram considers as spam. A high number of followers on a daily basis (for example, 50 followers on a day) and sending a direct message to a large number of anonymous accounts will cause Instagram to identify you as a spammer and deactivate your Instagram account.

Using Fake Follower: Fake follower is another wrong way that many Instagram pages use. Using a follower fake will reduce the credibility of your page and make it more difficult to eat it.

Using a bot: Instagram bots are another option that makes it difficult to deactivate and restore the Instagram page. Never use an Instagram robot.

Non-compliance with copyright: Instagram is very sensitive to the content that is published on sales pages. If you use ready-made images, you must be careful that these images are not copyrighted, because Instagram deletes this content. Repeating this may deactivate your page and you may need to return the Instagram page. Publish content including nudity, violence, racism, etc. This model of content can also cause you a lot of trouble and disable the page. Turning off an Instagram page that has been disabled for this reason is usually a very time consuming process.