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Often, many users of desktops and laptops have an inconvenient problem when connected to a wireless Wi-Fi network when it does not provide Internet access, but instead of recognizing the display of a gateway message, default is not available. How do I solve this situation? First we need to find out what factors may all be associated with this failure, and only then decide. However, you can find some general methods that can help in any situation.

Is there a “Gateway, by default, not available” error?

So, why is there a problem with accessing a wireless network on a laptop or desktop computer, while accessing the mobile Internet, you can implement? At the same time on a device running Windows, systems, the diagnostic tool reports that the gateway is installed by default, which is not available.


Default gate specified is not available

The main reasons for installation are called incorrect power scheme when the adapter system is disconnected in order to save energy. Improper installation, network adapter driver obsolete or lost, incorrect settings in network protocol settings and so on. For each of these cases there is a suitable solution, to use it can be easily used by any user. But first things first.

Impact of third party applications

Note that the above are affected only by the main causes of the appearance of failure, when the gate, by default, is not available. How to fix Windows 7 in such a situation? To get started you need to pay attention to some programs that are actively using the internet connection.

In the simplest case, you have the standard answer “task management” and in the currently active processes, which use the network in the corresponding tab, perhaps completing them will help to eliminate this problem.


The default gateway specified is not available

At the very least, the same antivirus can be disabled for 5-10 minutes and thus look. Better yet, go to the setup section and disable all unnecessary ones. In the tenth version of the system, this section is in the “Management Task”, for all other reasons can be the msconfig command, which is entered in the “Execute” menu.

Gateway is not available by default. How to fix (Windows 8, 7 and 10). Installation of power supply circuit

But, in practice, it is usually not the cause of the failure of software components that use the network. Often information detection such as “gateway, by default, not available. Not fixed” and after shutting down or forced. In this situation, you have to pay attention to the set of power system and its settings (often it is related to the laptop).

To resolve this issue via the PCM menu, click on the battery icon in the system tray and go to settings and go to parameters that are not currently available. In addition, under the wireless network card settings for power saving mode, maximum efficiency is needed.

After you complete these steps in “Device Manager”, called via “Control Panel”, or the command section of the command devmgmt.msc in the “Run” console, find the wireless adapter and through the properties to the power supply tab. Here you need to remove the check mark from the line to allow it to save power. At the end of this method, change the settings they need to save, and then it is desirable to restart the device.

Reversing driver

Another way to solve the problem is that the gateway, by default, is available on Windows systems, you can roll the network adapter driver calls.

This is done from the same “Device Manager”, where the network card is selected, and then makes the transition to the properties and tab of the driver. Here, simply click the button and wait for the full rollback operation. In some cases, the button may be disabled, indicating that it is impossible to perform such actions, so you have to move to the next step.

Remove and reinstall the driver

Because undoing is not possible, and updates often do not work (the system also writes the most suitable driver currently installed, or reports that it can find a suitable driver), you only need to remove the driver or existing devices completely by pressing the button in the section.

Default gateway

After this the system restart is done. Maybe, the system installs the driver automatically, but it is better that you have Internet access to download the latest driver from the network equipment manufacturer, and then either it manually or the system save the installation, when to start installing (in ” Device Manager ‘Equipment to be marked yellow or as an unknown device).

Even easier to use specialized programs and packages such as driver booster, which includes a large database of drivers and can do updates, download new versions of software from equipment manufacturer sites with user participation.

Manual gate configuration

If the above methods do not help, and the system again notifies you that the default gateway is not available, you can try to change the network protocol settings. Typically, this is a version of IPv4

Another way to fix the “Default not available” error

When the network load (loading a large file) the Internet was turned off. The diagnosis of the disease reported a problem – the default gateway is not available. 

This is solved by restarting the adapter. But the vacations are repeated.

In fact, the method: 

  1. right-click on “Network”
  2. “Network and Sharing Center”
  3. “Change adapter settings” 
  4. Right-click on the adapter “Internet”
  5. “Configuration”
  6. “Driver”
  7. “Update”
  8. ” Search for drivers on this computer “
  9. ” Select the driver from the pre-installed list “(in Windows, there are a number of necessary and unnecessary drivers by default, so it should be us)
  10. ” Only compatible devices “checkbox (check box) 
  11. Take a short search
  12.  And select Broadcom Corporation (on the left, exactly what we choose depends on your adapter, in this case (for example, Broadcom adapter) 
  13. Broadcom NetLink (TM) Fast Ethernet (true) 
  14.    Eating will be compatible, we do not pay attention and install more information about Wi-Fi problems in Windows 10 
  15. Wi-Fi connection in Windows 10 is limited or does not work.