Diana is active in the singing industry. Diana is best known as the ex-wife of comedian Wayne Brady, and that is why she is best known. She was born in Colombia and later immigrated to the United States. It should be noted that accurate information about Diana’s date of birth, early life, parents, or education is not available.

In 1993, Diana married Brady on New Year’s Eve. But their marriage was short-lived and transient, and Diana and Brady separated in 1995. The news says that the reason for the separation of these two lifestyles was very busy and the couple separated because they did not spend much time together. After Diana broke up with Brady, she returned to Colombia and resumed her musical activities with more effort. No exact information is available about Diana’s life after her divorce from her husband. It should be noted that Diana is very active on social media and all her accounts are private.

Diana’s career:

Most people know Diana as a musician. She was singing even before she got married. But Diana’s singing and her music became very popular after her separation from Brady. After the divorce, she started producing music. Diana’s music is very popular in Colombia. Her most famous song is Eata Noche No. One of the most influential fields in the music audience.

If the comedian can play her role well, he can attract the attention of all the audience and blow up the hall. One of the most famous comedians is Mr. Bardi. She has achieved worldwide fame in this role. Diana is a Colombian singer and musician. She has been talented in music since she was a child. But the issue of divorce made him world-famous.

Diana physical information:

Diana is 45 years old. She weighs 50 kg. She is 35 inches tall while standing. This female singer is close to the age of 50, but she has done her best to maintain her good appearance. Diana is very slim and fits with daily exercise and regular physical programs. This skinny lady has a pair of bright brown eyes with dark brown hair.

Diana education and youth:

Lasso Diana was born as a Colombian singer into a middle-class family. Because her past life is private and confidential, not everything can be said in detail. But the only thing we are very sure of is that this rock star spent her childhood in Colombia. But due to very little and limited information, we cannot have much information available about the years of childhood and adolescence.

Diana has kept her level of education and all related information away from anyone. It can be said that the main source of her fame was her marriage to Brady. Therefore; Many other data are difficult to find.

The profession:

Diana was very popular in singing, but her fame was national. Things changed for Diana when she married Brady. Before her marriage, she was a great singer, and this musician was respected and admired all over Colombia. The factor that made her famous in the world was her marriage to Brady, who became very famous for her wonderful work in Whose Is It Anyway.

The same film caused Brady to appear regularly in American theatrical versions. Gradually, as her fame grew, she received her The Wayne Brady Show, which doubled her fame.

Who is Diana Lasso’s husband?

One of the big names in American comedy scripts is Mr. Brady. This artist and comedian is very talented and has gained a lot of skills in this field. There is no exact information about how Brady and Diana met. But these two were quite clever in their relationship before marriage. On December 31, 1993, Brady and Diana walked out of the hallway on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, it can easily be said that the reason for this celebration was doubled.

What were Diana Lasso’s net worth and income?

Diana Lasso, an American singer whose fame was only nationally, gained worldwide fame after marrying Brady and divorcing her. She did not have much net worth before marrying Brady, and this wealth was very small. But now her net worth is one million dollars. Of course, this amount is also due to her busy schedule and previous musical works. This talented musician in Colombia is widely acclaimed and revered for her many songs, and she is widely regarded as a talented and hard-working woman in the field of music.

Summary of this article:

Everything was going great but the two couples could not live a stable life together. So on September 21, 1995, they found a way, but unfortunately, it was a way of separation and divorce, which was due to the lack of commitment of the comedian, Brady. Brady’s clinical depression, which is common in many comedians, is said to be hidden from public view, including Diana, and this factor is very influential in their separation.

News agencies also claim that they have a daughter who was born on February 3, 2003. After the separation, Diana lived a single life.

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