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The increase in Covid-19 cases has led people to spend more time at home. For entertainment, more people are subscribing to Netflix. The increase in Netflix subscribers has been quite dramatic in recent times. But there is such a thing called Error code: m7111-5059 which needs to be considered.

How to Fix Netflix m7111-5059 Error Code?

  • Disable VPN:
  • Better VPN usage:
  • Disable proxy:
  • Contact your ISP:

The increase in Covid-19 cases has led people to spend more time at home. For entertainment, more people are subscribing to Netflix. The increase in the number of Netflix subscribers in recent times is quite significant. But Netflix has its own rules for its subscribers. It does not allow you to sign in and broadcast your services using an invalid connection. And when you connect to Netflix through an unreliable network connection, you get the Netflix m7111-5059 error code.

According to the Netflix website, error code m7111-5059 occurs when you try to connect to Netflix using a VPN, proxy, or unblock service. Now, there are several reasons why the Netflix system recognizes your connection as a prohibited connection. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned each of these scenarios along with ways to solve them. Since the error is at its limit, a few adjustments should work for you.

How to Fix Netflix m7111-5059 Error Code?

We will now discuss the best solutions to help you resolve this error.

Disable VPN:

As mentioned above, Netflix does not allow VPN services on its connections. They like to track all the devices connected to your system and if you use a VPN they can’t. So just turn off your VPN service and let Netflix seamlessly identify your original geolocation. The Netflix m7111-5059 error code will no longer appear until the connection has been verified.

Better VPN usage:

This is certainly a contradiction in terms with the solution now, but there is a reason why people typically use VPNs for Netflix. People enjoy streaming from different geographical locations that are not available in their real countries. In that scenario, VPN is the only option. Netflix is ​​now blocking most VPN service connections, so what you can do to watch content from other countries is do extensive research on the Internet and see which Netflix is ​​not blocking VPN services yet. Once you find one, you can use it. However, there may come a time in the future, even if that VPN service is blacklisted by Netflix. In this scenario, you have to find another service and continue the process. If you want to distribute proprietary content from specific countries, there is no other way.

Disable proxy:

Educational institutions and other organizations use proxy servers to store information for each networked system, but Netflix simply does not allow such connections on its system. Therefore, you need to go to the IP settings of your connection and change the proxy to automatic. Again, here you will find the IPv4 or IPv6 tunnel option. Netflix does not support IPv6, so please set this option to IPv4 as well. After making these changes to the proxy, try running Netflix again. Most likely, Netflix is ​​running error-free now. If for any reason none of these solutions work for you, try the final solution listed below.

Contact your ISP:

Sometimes people even get the Netflix m7111-5059 error code even if they are not using a proxy and the VPN service is not enabled. Everything is exactly as it should be, but still, Netflix is ​​blocking your connection. Well then you can be sure that it is not your fault here, it is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is to blame. So, in such a scenario, just call your ISP customer service and use your connection to tell them about the problem you are having on Netflix.

Ask them to fix any problems that cause Netflix to visit one of the banned services. If they can not offer any solution, just go to a completely different ISP. This can be a hassle, but if your ISP is to blame, there is nothing you can do to fix the Netflix m7111-5059 error code.

I hope you find one of these solutions useful and that you can enjoy Netflix streaming as much as you would like. If you have any questions or comments, please comment on your name and email below. Likewise, check out the iPhone Tips and Tricks, PC Tips and Tricks, Android Games, and our Tips and Tricks for more tips and tricks.

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