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Fake identity with one click!

I hope you are not afraid of the title of this article! You are not going to forge an identity card or a passport! The purpose of this article is to introduce a site that helps you create a fake internet identity. Fake Name Generator site gives you a random fake identity with one click. Of course, you can make sure everything is not random.

For example, on the main page you have three choices for gender, country, and type of name (ie what language the name belongs to). The country is important because it will create your address and credit profile based on real examples from that country. The type of name is to choose a name according to the culture of the same race. Unfortunately, Iran is not on the list of countries! Fortunately, Persian names are supported in the list of type names. I think the best thing to do is to show this site in the form of an example instead of further details.

Select the gender of the country as male and the type of name as Persian (Persian) and click on Generate. You can even click on click here to activate it below the email address that this site gives you to really own this fake email! But it is no longer free and you have to pay for it. I have not forgotten that if you register on this site, you will be able to save the created identities in your account, otherwise, when the window of this site is closed, everything will be deleted and you will have to create another random identity from the beginning.


The owners of this site have answered the question on their FAQ page with the theme that what this site does is just provide you with a series of random information (similar to what you create on paper in the family name game!) Do you think generating a series of random names and numbers can be illegal? But what makes it legal or illegal is how you use this information, not the activity of the site. But for example, if you create an email account with this random name, your work can not be illegal.

What is the use of this site?

This site can have many uses, for example, many sites have banned their free services for some countries. (In the case of Iran, which we have many of these sites) With this site, you can create a fake identity based on a hypothetical citizen in another country and It is easier to circumvent sanctions or if you want your identity to remain anonymous for the operators of a site, but at the same time you want to register on that site and use its facilities, this site will come in handy.

Of course, the administrators of this site have a much longer list of the benefits of creating a fake identity on the FAQ page, including creating an instant character for storytellers and novelists, etc. If you wish, you can see the full list on this page. But I think the main benefit for us Iranians is what I offered you.

Some of the information that is made Name and surname Address and postal code Contact number and home Email, fake information of age and date of birth Blood type Username and password with User-Agent Favorite color bank card information…. Note: Note that this information is fake and none of it really exists

Create fake information with the fauxID website

This website is similar to the site introduced earlier, but it creates a lot more information for the user that you may need in certain cases, for example, even this website creates versions 4 and 6 for example, which may be useful for you to discuss other features below. Get fake information from the fauxID website address: https://fauxid.com/ Some additional features in the fauxID fake wallet address Ripple, Monero , Ethereum, Bitcoin Displays, the favorite color code of the company information in the form of fake information from the education of eye color weight, Etc.

Is the manufacturer of a fake name illegal?

The simple answer is no, Fake Name Generator is not illegal. We do not endorse, support, or encourage any illegal activity. We will work with law enforcement agencies to prosecute anyone who misuses our information or asks us to provide illegal information such as fake credentials or genuine credit card numbers. All information we provide, including credit card numbers and national identification numbers, is fake. They can not be used for online shopping or hiring. We cannot and will not provide a real credit card number or national identification number.

Can I use your identity in books, websites, movies, video games, etc.?

Totally! Please check the license first. For any information you use on our website, you must give the manufacturer a fake name.

Why can I use Fake Name Generator IDs?

Thousands of individuals, companies, and government agencies have found useful and creative work with Fake Name Generator. Here are some examples. Quality test data is difficult to access, especially with rules (such as HIPAA) that prevent the use of real data. Read more about the dangers of experimenting with real data. Many websites, such as message boards, are poorly designed and make it difficult for foreign visitors to register. Using fake information, you can easily fill out registration forms and enter the site.

Use fake information when filling out forms to avoid providing personal information. Create a fake identity to use as your nickname on the Internet. This will allow you to keep your real-life and internet separate. Get ideas for names to use for the characters in a book or story. The generated credit cards can be used to test client/server-side authentication techniques without randomly processing a real card. The generated national identity numbers can be used to test client/server-side authentication without the risk of disclosing actual information.

Where do these identities come from?

Names: Names are created randomly by extracting first and last names from the database. The database is compiled from public sources. It is possible that one of the billions of people who have lived on this planet has a name similar to the one produced. However, we assure you that these names are generated randomly.

Street Address: A house number is a number that is generated randomly. The street name is extracted from a database of street letters acceptable to the state/country of manufacture. Chances are the generated street address is invalid.

City, State, ZIP Code: We have thousands of valid city, state, and zip code combinations. One of these combinations is randomly extracted from the database for each identity.

Email Address: The email address created in the format is Generated Name @ Anonymous Email Service.com. Anonymous email service is provided free of charge by Fake Mail Generator, our temporary email service.

Phone number: We have compiled a database of valid area codes and prefixes. One of these combinations is randomly extracted from the database and then a random number of appropriate lengths is added to the end to bring the phone number to the correct length.

Maiden name: A random name is extracted from our family name database and listed as “mother maiden name”.

Birth: The date of birth is a random date.

Credit Card: We use PHP Graham King Credit, Card Maker. This script creates a fake but valid syntax for a credit card number. The expiration date is created randomly so that the date is in the near future. We use passive prefixes to ensure that these cards are not used for fraud. This credit card number does not reflect anyone’s real credit card number.

National Identification Number: Social Security numbers are generated using a pattern specified by the Social Security Administration. Social security numbers are created using the template specified in Wikipedia. These numbers are completely random and are very unlikely to match the name produced.