In many cases, we need to find the profile of the Facebook profile and the ID of the Facebook page for various reasons; Most Facebook applications, including WordPress plugins, Joomla, and, require the desired Facebook Id Page’s profile. This tutorial will help you find these features quickly. If you use a custom username for your profile or Facebook page, then the unique profile or Facebook ID will not appear. You can create a custom username on Facebook called your Facebook Profile or Page ID. The use of this AD is necessary in many cases. For example, some plugins require your Facebook ID. Using the tool below, you can find your profile ID or Facebook page online. First, click on the link below to enter the tool page – Find Facebook ID – Login. Then enter the profile or page link on the page and click the Find numeric ID button to display the ID for you.Facebook

Online tool to find Facebook ID

If you want to find the ID manually, you can use the following two methods:

Method one: How to find your Facebook profile ID?

Open your Facebook profile in your web browser, then look at the source of the “View Source” page (press Ctrl + U together to display the source of the page) and find the word profile_id = in the source of the page. (To find this word, press Ctrl + F at the same time until a search box appears, then type the word profile_id in it and press Enter to find it on the page.)

Method 2: How to find the ID of your Facebook page?

Log in to your Facebook page and then go to: About Page> Contact Information (own / admin> About> Page Info). Now at the bottom of the page, you can see the Facebook Page ID.


If you want to find the ID of another page, you can log in to that Facebook page and see the page source on that page (press Ctrl + U together to make the page source appear) then in the source Find the word page page_id =. (To find this word, press Ctrl + F at the same time until a search box appears, then type the word page_id in it and press Enter to find it on the page.). The ID of your Facebook page in the source of the page above is similar to “367948850243525”. If there is another way to find the source of the page, it will be introduced on this page.

Find my Facebook numeric ID

Do you know how to visit your Facebook profile? Be sure to visit your Facebook profile and check the browser’s address bar. This is the URL you need to find your Facebook ID. Copy the URL and click find Numeric ID.After doing this, you will receive the Facebook numeric ID for your profile. You can use the same steps to find the Facebook ID for other users.


How to find a Facebook profile/page/group ID number?

If you use FB search, there is no hard way to do it. Using this tool, you can find the Facebook numeric ID that is attached to each of the profiles, pages, and groups. When you get to a page on your Facebook account that requires a numeric ID, copy its URL.Use this URL to search for page IDs, indexes, and groups. Enter the URL in the search bar and click Find Numeric ID. In the same way that you search for your profile numeric ID, you can search for numeric IDs for other people’s profiles, pages, and groups.


How to find Facebook ID in easy steps?

What is the easiest way to find Facebook numeric ID other than searching it on FB search? Our website helps you get instant results with one click. This is a safe and hassle-free platform to use. You can check the numeric ID just by entering the URL of a specific profile or group. For example, if you are looking for your profile numeric ID, check your profile URL. You can find it by clicking on your photo in the upper right corner of your Facebook page, the URL will be: (your name). Copy this URL and paste it into the search bar above. And click on “Find Numeric Identifier”. You will see the result immediately on the screen. FB search is useful in many ways. We make sure that users feel comfortable navigating the website. The steps are easy to follow. We strive to make the Facebook search easier for our users. And will continue to implement the best tools for further improvement.



FB Search allows you to find your Facebook ID without having to go through difficult steps. What is a Facebook ID? Facebook id is a unique sequence of numbers that is assigned to every page, post, profile, image and anything on Facebook. This is like an address to access a specific post or profile. Your profile also has a Facebook ID attached to it. Would you like to know what is yours? If you want to do this, use our tool and the ID will appear in no time. Our tool is available in any web browser. You can use your mobile phone or computer to open our website and search for a specific Facebook ID. With the help of this tool, you can check your ID and that of others.



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