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At the same time, Instagram is becoming more popular, but it’s also becoming more complicated for users; they encounter a lot of problems while using the Instagram app; sometimes they receive error messages when logging in or when uploading pictures, and in some instances, the app just stops working. Recently, some users have reported that they are logged out of their Instagram accounts frequently.

Other Instagram users may have difficulty logging out, especially if they are using multiple accounts; these issues can occur to anyone. The good news is that there is always a way to resolve these issues in a short period without going through a lengthy process. Anyone can do it with a few minutes to spare.

The purpose of this article is to show Instagram users how to fix the problem of “Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out“, which occurs when users do not log out themselves. In addition, we will also show you what the common causes are so you can prevent the issue from occurring again when you are logged into your account.

What causes Instagram to keep logging you out

The problem with Instagram logging you out consistently is caused by some technical aspects, either within the Instagram app or in your Instagram settings. Let’s discuss some of these major causes so that you can avoid them;

Changing your password


If you use other people’s phones to log into your Instagram account, then you might be one of the people who are logged out of their accounts without having any reason. When someone changes your password, you will be immediately signed out of the current phone you’re using or even if you’re using a web browser.

Secondly, sometimes you sign in to your Instagram account using a different phone and you haven’t signed out. Once you log in with another phone, Instagram will detect that your account is signed in to more than one device, and you’ll be signed out of the current account you’re using, though you might even receive a notification that someone is accessing your account through another device.Instagram

Always log out or use a browser to access your Instagram account whenever you’re using someone else’s phone. When using a browser, you should use incognito mode when you close the browser so that you won’t have any data saved on that phone or computer.


In the Instagram app, bugs can cause a variety of errors. The bugs in your Instagram app are corrupted files, which can cause a lot of things to happen. They might force you to sign out of your account when you sign in or they might interfere with the app’s functions so that you can’t stay logged in for very long.

In some cases, you might have problems with your Instagram app that are even greater than signing out with too many bugs in the app. When there are too many bugs in the app, the app may crash at some point.

The best way to solve the problem of “Instagram keeps logging you out” fast is to either update your Instagram or reinstall it to remove bugs. Start by updating the app; if that doesn’t work, then move on to reinstalling the app. In most cases, users can resolve the issue by reinstalling the app. It is recommended that you do the same to resolve the issue.

Verification is needed

Sometimes all is well with your app, but some verification is required for your account, and most of the time Instagram will notify you to verify your account via phone if necessary, but sometimes you will not receive this notice. If you have trouble logging in, you should verify your phone.

Users can also open accounts without phone verification by using some tricks, but at some point, their accounts are restricted, and they must verify their accounts to access them. If you have not verified your phone number, you might want to do so as soon as possible to avoid being restricted in the future. Such accounts are often logged out without any reason if you haven’t verified your number.


You can be logged out of your account for this reason as well. The Instagram app does show a notice when accounts are disabled, but some restrictions might not be shown, so if you start performing any actions in your account you’ll be logged out, especially if you use some tricks.

In case you receive such error messages after performing unusual actions, such as following many people in a short time, mass liking, or commenting, then you know that your account has been restricted.

Adding multiple accounts

The majority of people who reported this problem had added many Instagram accounts to their app. If you want to add more than 3-5 accounts, it’s best to remove some first before adding more. Multiple accounts are supported, but you shouldn’t add more than 3-5 accounts. The addition or removal of accounts is not restricted; you may do either at any time. When you have a lot of accounts added and there are bugs, you will have trouble staying logged into your Instagram account. Perhaps you can fix the problem by minimizing the accounts added.

How Do You Deal with Instagram Logging You Out Constantly?

It shouldn’t be hard to implement the steps we’re going to outline, so follow them and you’ll be able to fix the issue quickly;

Create a new password

When Instagram keeps logging you out, what should you do?

You should do this first when Instagram keeps logging you out since we mentioned earlier that it’s possible for someone to access your account on another device and that you shouldn’t be shocked if you use other people’s phones to access Instagram. Your account can only be accessed by you only if you change your password. Make sure you don’t use predictable password characters. Password cracking tools can’t predict your password if you use a combination of multiple numbers and other characters.

After you have changed your password, try logging in to see if you can now stay logged in for a while. Resetting your password is as simple as opening the app, tapping or clicking “Get help signing in”, and then type your username and your phone or email address. If you received the link and followed the steps, you can now change your password. Check your account to see if the changes are working with the new password.

Make sure your Instagram app does not have any restrictions

Some restrictions in the app settings can result in you being logged out frequently when you attempt to perform some actions, such as commenting and liking. Regardless of whether you have changed your settings or not, chances are someone else has done it for you. This is especially true when other people have access to your phone. You can access security verification settings through your phone settings, depending on which version of Android or iPhone you have. Simply go to settings and under general settings, you can disable Instagram if it’s enabled.

Use another device to log in

Instagram keeps logging you out and you need to try logging in from another device to see if the problem is resolved. If you receive the error message “Instagram Keeps Logging You Out,” it may be due to a login issue. If you’re using the app, you can try using the browser. You can also use your computer to log in. You can also change the device to see if that works for you. Some users have solved the problem by changing the device. You’ll have realized by now that it has to do with either your phone or Instagram app, so try the steps we’ll outline to fix the problem as soon as you log in on a different device and no longer experience the “Instagram Keeps Logging You Out” issue.

Update the application


What to do if Instagram keeps logging you out?

We mentioned earlier that one of the major causes of this problem is not updating the app. When you fail to update your Instagram app, you may see an error message saying “Instagram Keeps Logging you Out”. This is one of such error messages you may see. If you have missed most of the previous updates, head to your app store and download the updates. It only takes a couple of minutes to install all the updates you haven’t added to your app.

Install the Instagram app again


You will need to uninstall the Instagram app and then download it again to fix the problem if it persists. Updating the Instagram app won’t fix such issues. You can uninstall Instagram from your phone by navigating to settings > apps and games > finding the Instagram app and selecting the uninstall option. After you’ve finished, visit the Play store and download Instagram again. Once it has been installed, launch the app.

Most of the time, when the problem is caused by your app, you should be able to log into your Instagram account successfully because you have solved the problem and there is no harmful file that is interfering with the app. Even if you delete an app, your data won’t be removed when you install a new one. Back up your Instagram data from the app before uninstalling.

After reinstalling the app, if you still can’t log out, you should consider clearing all your Instagram data. Instagram data can also affect the performance of the app, so clear all your Instagram data and cache. You can also delete Instagram data and cache by tapping the settings icon on your phone and selecting your apps.

All Instagram accounts should be signed out


When you use multiple Instagram accounts and are experiencing “Instagram Keeps Logging You Out,” you need to sign out of each account, then log in to each account individually. If you have more than six accounts in your Instagram app, you will have login issues. You can resolve this by removing some of those accounts.

Instagram allows you to sign out of all your accounts simultaneously from its app. Just tap on Settings in the app to access this option. You can then sign in to the desired account after you’ve signed out.

Make sure your antivirus settings are correct

If you’ve installed security or antivirus applications on your phone, they may be responsible for the problem. Most of these apps change your security and privacy settings, which can cause your apps not to function. Ensure that your phone cleaner and antivirus apps have not blocked Instagram from performing any action.

Thus far, these are some of the fixes that have worked for most people when there is a problem with “Instagram Keeps Logging You Out” and this will help you as well get rid of the problem. Most of the time it’s privacy settings or the app malfunction.

You must check if Instagram has been restricted from certain activities because of your restricted privacy settings and hence you are receiving error messages. Before doing anything else, you must check that first. Furthermore, you should link your Facebook account to your Instagram account. If you’re having problems logging in, sign in with Facebook usually solves the problem. You can settle a lot of login problems with Facebook.

Here is the end of this article. Let us know if you have been able to fix your problem with the steps outlined here or if not, tell us what has worked for you.