Flip a Coin - Wepicker

The FlipSimu application is used as a simulator for the coin flip. You can use this program as a simulator so that you can flip a real coin properly. The program is generally based on your decision-making power. Before flipping a coin, you can decide exactly where to flip the coin to get the right result. you can even change the top and tail of a coin and change its text and color. Coin simulation is so good that you can use it for real-time testing.

Coin Flipper

  1. You must first click on the coin or select the flip option to make a random flip.
  2. Everything is simulated based on reality. You can increase the rotation force by holding more and then releasing the flip button. In any case, the probability of a coin coming to the bottom is 50%. It does not matter how strong or simple you toss the coin.
  3. The result is displayed after the coin flips.
  4. Also, these results are processed exactly on the basis of probabilities in the real world.

How Intuition testing works

Intuition testing has ten steps. For each flip, you have to guess the result. The more accurate your guess, the better your intuitive score. Before each flip coin, you have to record the guess so that you can get the result with intuitive points.

How the luck test works

In the luck test, you must be able to flip a coin several times in a row. Of course, you have five chances to take the exam. The higher the number of coins, the higher your chances of winning.

Flipsimu usages

  1. If it came up, select a specific task and if it came up, select another specific task.
  2. Buy if it comes and if not, do not buy
  3. Decide on the chance today.
  4. Understand intuitive accuracy in the day.

Flipsimu address

flipsimu is a browser-based emulator and web application. You can use it with your address, whether on mobile phones or on laptops and computers. The web address of the application is flipsimu.com.