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Do you know how to hide Instagram-tagged images? Most people who work with Instagram are familiar with the concept of tags and mentions but do not know how to tag secretly. These two features are the most useful features in this social network. And many users use them. Users who work on Instagram can tag other users in posts, stories, etc. The only time people can not tag you is when they have blocked you. Otherwise, you can be tagged and mentioned by other people. Finally, all the photos and posts in which you are tagged will be placed in a part of your screw. Not only do you have access to it, but your audience can also see it. Fortunately, there is a way to hide tags on Instagram. First, we will explain how to tag, then we will tell you how to hide a tag on Instagram. Users who use Instagram can tag other users in their posts, stories, etc. The only way people can tag you, in general, is to block someone. But there are ways in which users can add your name to their posts, but it will not be displayed for you in the Photos of You unless you confirm it. Tagged in a photo or video, will be automatically added to your Instagram profile in the Photos of your section unless you manually set the option to add photos. To see the posts where you are tagged, go to your profile and click on the person icon at the bottom of the bio.

How to hide tags on Instagram and how to hide tags?

It will be automatically saved on your page when a user tags you in their post. It will show you the photos of your section. This can be useful. Because like the Instagram story archive, you can easily see all the posts you have been tagged in. If you tag inside a post, people can see your account username. But if your page is private, they will not be able to see the uploaded images. So do not worry about this.


Hide tags on Instagram

You can hide tagged images from your personal page if necessary. There are two visible and invisible features for each photo. You can manage your tags by hitting any of them. You can even disable this feature altogether. And save the tags manually. Hide tagged posts on Instagram and answer the question How to hide tags on Instagram. First, we want to explain how to hide tags, then tell how to hide tags on Instagram?

  • For a secret tag, go to your Instagram account profile.
  • Now click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select Photo Options
  • Then tap Hide from my profile.
  • Your job is done and you can now hide any tagged image.

Like many Instagram users, you may want to know about the best hashtags. If you want to prevent the display of tagged images in general, you should follow the steps below. To disable storage operations.

A solution to not save Instagram tagged images

  • First, touch the three-line settings above your profile.
  • Tap Setting.
  • Go to the Privacy section.
  • Now click on the Tags option.
  • Now, in order not to save tagged images on Instagram, you should go to the Tagged Posts section.

There are two options in this section, which are on the automatic option by default. Now you can specify whether the settings are done manually or automatically! If you select the manual mode, other images will not be displayed in the photos of your section.

  • Click Manually Approve Tags to do this.
  • Now on the Tagged Posts page, enable the Manually Approve Tags option.

From now on, if someone tags you in their posts, you will receive a message. Follow the instructions given to confirm it and display it on your . The steps of hiding the tags on Instagram are simply completed. In the new Instagram updates, there is also the option to delete the tag and you can completely remove the tag. Delete from your page. If the image is important to you, do not delete it. But if you do not want your username to be displayed on the photo, deleting the tag is the best option. Because you may not want others to find and follow you through Page.Instagram

How to tag people on pictures

To tag someone, you have to upload your photo and go to the last step. In the last step, touch the tag people option. Tap on the photo and search for the person you want. Then select her from the list, then you can publish the photo. This will place your tag in the photos of your section of the selected person’s profile.


How to tag a secret on Instagram

Many users ask us if it is possible to keep people secret. We have to say no. Because when you tag someone, a message will be sent to them and the person will see the tag. So we can not tag a person without realizing it.


How to tag a hidden Instagram story

You can also tag people in stories by putting an @ sign or even a @ MENTION sticker. But even in this case, you can not secretly tag someone. So in response to the question of how to tag a hidden Instagram story, you came across that this is possible.


How to delete the tagged photos on Instagram?

Sometimes a family member or friend tags you in a photo, which is displayed in the Photos of You section. Photos of You is the part that is on your profile page and by selecting it, you can see all the photos in which you are tagged. In addition to yourself, your followers can also see your tagged photos. Sometimes, for some reason, you do not want the photo you are tagged in to be shown in the Photos of You section, for which you can also have a photo. Hide and delete it. To hide a photo, go to the Photos of You section and touch the three-dot icon at the top left of the screen. Then touch the hide photos option and select the desired photo or photos to hide them. To delete the photo Touch it and then select the three-dot icon at the top of the page, then select the post options option. After selecting the remove tag option, the desired image will be deleted and your tag will be removed.