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 What is HBO Max?

HBO Max has movies and series for everyone in the family. By subscribing to this service, which offers over 13,000 hours of entertainment content, you will always find something to watch. Eligible customers can enjoy the version with HBO Max ads that offers the following:


  • All the fascinating series and top and up-to-date HBO movies
  • This service contains all the stories of DC Comics heroes
  • The best TV series like The Big Bang Theory and Friends
  • Exclusive HBO and Max Originals programs
  • A collection of top movies – classic movies, top comedies and action and adventure movies
  • A child-friendly service and a network where parents can find the right content for their children


What devices can be used to watch content on HBO Max?

You can watch HBO Max on most devices like Amazon Fire, Android phones and tablets, iPhone, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Samsung TVs. On December 17, seven months after the unveiling of HBO Max, the service became available on Roku, one of the most important platforms that did not initially support the service. The event seemed to have little to do with the 1984 Wonder Woman release on HBO Max and theaters.


What happened to HBO now and next?

These services initially operated alongside HBO Max, but were later renamed and phased out. HBO Now changed its name to the HBO app, and its users still have access to HBO. As mentioned earlier, most users of this service can watch HBO Max programs for free. If you are hesitant to buy accounts on these two networks, you should note that HBO Max contains all the content available on HBO, along with many other content.


How much does an HBO Max subscription cost?

The monthly HBO Max subscription fee is $ 14.99, which is the same as the HBO Now subscription fee. Of course, you, dear compatriot, do not have to pay a large amount of $ 14.99 per month. You can get an HBO Max account not for a dollar, but for a much smaller amount.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can watch HBO Max at the same time?


You can watch HBO Max programs simultaneously with 3 devices.


Does this service offer 4K quality?

Some movies play in 4K quality, but most programs are in SD or HD quality.


Does HBO Max also offer free service?

No there is currently no free service.


Is this service enabled with VPN?

Yes; Many VPNs are compatible with this service.


Will Friends Reunion air on HBO Max?

Yes; the special episode of Friends, in which all six actors and creators of the series are brought together, is currently available on HBO Max.


Is HBO Max worth buying?

Definitely yes; This service covers many movies and TV series of the day. In addition, the price is very low. Just compare its price with internal services (such as Filimo and Nemava) and external (such as Apple TV and Netflix). Another advantage of this service over internal services is that you can watch the original version of movies and series; In addition, it can help strengthen your English.


– How do I get a HBO Max subscription?

There are generally 3 ways to get a HBO Max subscription.

  • If you have a credit card, American Express or Discover account, you can register your order directly through this website.
  • 2- If you do not have the mentioned accounts, you can apply through foreign exchange payment companies.
  • 3- You can buy a subscription to this service at a very low price through Jack Black Company.



Up to three people can watch HBO Max at the same time, each running on a different device from the same account.

Compared to previous HBO Go and HBO Now services, the new premium service allows viewing the same or more. HBO Max is still behind its rival Disney Plus, which allows the use of four devices, but with Amazon Prime and par. With superficial pricing systems on both Netflix and Hulu. For more stories, visit the Business Insider Technology Reference Library. Get the latest technology trends and innovations – delivered to your inbox daily. By clicking on “Register”, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider as well as other partner offers and accept our terms of service and privacy policy. When dealing with a shared streaming service, you are likely to ask a key question: How many people can watch at a time? Knowing how many people can watch at the same time is important, especially if you share the account with family members or roommates.



HBO’s newest and most comprehensive broadcast service – offers thousands of popular and original movies and movies for $ 14.99 a month. Compared to other streaming services, the number of devices that can stream simultaneously from one account on HBO Max is twice that of superficial pricing systems. In addition, it is tied to Amazon Prime but short compared to Disney Plus. Up to three people can watch HBO Max at the same time. It does not matter if the users are watching from the same user profile or from different profiles. Additionally, users can access HBO Max using their mobile app, online web browser or smart TV.


HBO Max program on mobile and PC

You can play HBO Max on three different screens at the same time. Compared to previous HBO services, HBO Max offers the highest concurrent streams. Previous HBO Go users recall up to two people using the account at the same time, although three devices can be registered. In addition, HBO Now – the equivalent of a cable provider – technically allowed three, although you can log in from any number of devices.

How to compare HBO Max with competitors, including Disney Plus and Netflix

Unlike rival streaming services, HBO Max is in a good position, although it does not beat Disney Plus. Amazon Prime also allows up to three viewers, while the lower layers Hulu and Netflix allow two viewers. Recent options offer upgrades to increase your viewership to four people, but at an additional cost. It is worth noting that the four-person stream for Netflix costs about the same as HBO Max at $ 15.99 per month, while the Disney Plus price is only $ 6.99.



HBO Max is a world-renowned service used by many people around the world. With the help of this service, you can access a huge volume of movies and series. If you need to subscribe to this stream, you can proceed through Jack Block.