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When you play Monopoly for the first time, one of the first things you’ll want to know is how much cash each player will get at the beginning.

You can find out how much money you start with on the Monopoly rule sheet that comes with the game. You don’t need to worry if you haven’t got a copy of the Monopoly rules or can’t see the section about money.

How much money does Monopoly give you?

Classic Rules

Monopoly’s Classic Rules stipulate that each player begins with $1,500. The notes consist of the following: 2 x $500 notes, 2 x $100 notes, 2 x $50 notes, 6 x $20 notes, 5 x $10 notes, 5 x $5 notes and 5 x $1 notes.

Speed Die Rules

Monopoly’s Standard Edition was introduced with the Speed Die in 2007 to speed up the game. Speed Die Monopoly has several different rules – one of which is how much money each player starts with.

Monopoly Speed Die Rules stipulate that each player gets an additional $1,000 at the start. If you’re using the Speed Die, you’ll need to give each player four $500 notes, two $100 notes, two $50 notes, six $20 notes, five $10 notes, five $5 notes, and five $1 notes. 

How much money do you start with in a monopoly?

The Monopoly game is played the same way in each country, with the same amount of money and the same denomination. Only the name of Monopoly money will be different depending on what currency is used by the country concerned. Monopoly’s older versions had currencies such as the French Franc and the Spanish Peseta.

In the game of monopoly, each player will start with $1,500. The money is divided into different denominations; there are two 500-dollar bills, four $100-dollar bills, a $50 bill, and five $1 bills.

Just like chess and scrabble, Monopoly is an engaging board game. You will learn how to play Monopoly and all the rules guiding the game with this post if you are a newbie or an intermediate player.

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Empire?

Each player starts with $1,000,000 in Monopoly Empire. The amounts are as follows:

  • 1 x $500k note
  • 4 x $100k notes
  • 2 x $50k notes

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Junior?

Depending on how many people are playing Monopoly Junior, you start with different amounts of money:

  • 2-player game: Each player receives $20
  • 3-player game: Each player receives $18
  • 4-player game: Each player receives $16

In Monopoly Junior, the money is all in one-dollar bills to make it easy for young children to understand. Monopoly Junior versions that were published before 2013 have $1, $2, $3, $4, and $5 notes.

What is the starting amount of money in electronic Monopoly?

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition does not use cash. Each player receives a banking unit, which looks similar to the chip-and-pin machines you see in stores.

Each player starts with $15 million in electronic Monopoly. The game begins when you remove all cards from the device and hold the ‘C’ button until it beeps. All players will have $15 million in their balance at the start.

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Millionaire?

The starting balance for each player in Monopoly Millionaire is $372,000. Here’s how it’s split:

  • 2 x $100,000
  • 2 x $50,000
  • 2 x $20,000
  • 2 x $10,000
  • 2 x $5,000
  • 2 x $1,000

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Here and Now?

Each player starts with $15 million in Monopoly Here & Now. The money is divided as follows:

  • 2 x $5,000,000
  • 2 x $1,000,000
  • 2 x $500,000
  • 6 x $200,000
  • 5 x $100,000
  • 5 x $50,000
  • 5 x $10,000

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Cheaters Edition?

Each player in Monopoly Cheaters Edition starts with $1,500. Here’s how it’s divided: 

  • 2 x $500 notes
  • 4 x $100 notes
  • 1 x $50 notes
  • 1 x $20 notes
  • 3 x $10 notes

In Monopoly Cheaters Edition, the lowest denomination banknote is $10, unlike classic Monopoly, where there is a $5 note and a $1 note.

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Deluxe Edition?

Similarly, to Classic Monopoly, Monopoly Deluxe Edition gives out the same amount of money at the beginning of the game. The players each receive $1,500 split as follows:

  • 2 x $500 notes
  • 2 x $100 notes
  • 2 x $50 notes
  • 6 x $20 notes
  • 5 x $10 notes
  • 1 x $5 notes
  • 5 x $1 notes

What is the starting amount of money in Monopoly Star Wars?

Each player starts with $1,500 in Monopoly Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition. This is split as follows: 

  • 2 x $500 notes
  • 4 x $100 notes
  • 1 x $50 notes
  • 1 x $20 notes
  • 2 x $10 notes
  • 1 x $5
  • 5 x $1

Different ways to play Monopoly with different amounts of money

If you wish, you can start with more or less money than usual when playing Monopoly, although I would not recommend it.

Monopoly will likely last longer if everyone starts with more than $1,500, as it will be more difficult to make anyone bankrupt if everyone starts with more money than usual. It is also interesting to note that starting with less than $1,500 can also make the game last longer because several trips beyond Go are required to make progress.

What is the amount of money that comes in Monopoly?

Perhaps you are wondering how much Monopoly money is in a box. Depending on which version of Monopoly you own and when it was produced, the answer will differ.

Monopoly classic board games currently include 30 of each banknote for a total of $20,580. Monopoly versions that were manufactured before 2008 have however only a total value of $15,140.

Monopoly sets don’t actually contain a lot of money. According to Monopoly rules, the bank can never go bankrupt. The game can be continued by writing on pieces of paper if the bank runs out of cash.

What is the best way to hold your Monopoly money?

It may be better to assemble your money into a stack or to separate the notes into piles after receiving it. Every method has advantages and disadvantages.

You can easily track how much Monopoly money you have by dividing it into piles. On the other hand, it makes it easier for other players to see just how much money you have, which may work against you!

You’re not allowed to hide your money according to the official Monopoly rules, but it’s generally frowned upon.

All the remaining cash is taken to the bank once the cash has been dealt with. Monopoly versions often come with a plastic banker’s tray with compartments for vertically stacking the money.

Money in Monopoly: Managing It

Monopoly is a game of money. The central bank is responsible for the flow of money in and out. Banks and players are required to have certain amounts of money at the beginning of the game. If, for instance, the bank does not have enough funds, there are rules that guide what to do.

1. Money in Monopoly

The Monopoly money includes 20 beige $100 bills, 20 orange $500 bills, 50 green $20 bills, 30 blue $50 bills, 40 yellow $10 bills, 40 white $1 bills, and 40 pink $5 bills.

2. The Central Bank’s money

In the monopoly game, the bank starts with $15,140 in cash before 2008. The games that were made after September 2008 however, brought in $20,580 to the bank. (Accounting for inflation). The bills came in different colors: The $20 bill was a bright green, the $10 bill was blue, and the $50 bill was purple. Each denomination is also divided into 30 pieces rather than a different number.

3. Each player starts with a certain amount of money

At the beginning of the game, each player has 1,500 dollars. A total of two $500 bills, four $100 bills, a $50 bill, and five $1 bills are included in the settlement. All 12 motels and 32 houses are held by the central bank at the beginning of the game.

4. The Central Bank has extra money

It is possible for the bank to run out of money repeatedly, especially if you are playing with several people. You can always add more money to the bank. It is possible to make money from papers. Poker chips and checkers can also be used to indicate the amount.

You can purchase real monopoly money online, at a hobby store, or at a toy store if you want real monopoly money.

Rules and strategies for playing Monopoly

The monopoly rules you’ll find below correspond to the official instructions that came with the US versions of Monopoly in 2008. You can play the game differently than these instructions if that’s how your family plays.

In order to win, players must buy and sell properties, trade them, and collect rent from them.

When all players, except one, have gone bankrupt, the game can be ended. There is also the option of setting a time limit. The winner is the player who has the most money when you reach the limit. How long you decide to play depends on how much money you have.

Monopoly: Number of players needed

To play the game, 2-8 players are required.

The game’s components

  • 1 board
  • 2 dice
  • 32 houses
  • 12 Hotels
  • Tokens for every player
  • 28 Title Deed cards for all properties
  • 16 Chance and 16 Community Chest cards
  • Money

The Game Setup

The board must be set up. The community chest cards and the chance should be stacked on the board in the right places.

To move around the board, each player will choose a token. This token will start at the GO square.

Each player will receive $1,500 to begin playing the game. At least one player must be designated as the banker. He or she is responsible for collecting and sharing the money. Additionally, a banker manages properties such as hotels and houses.

Play the game

The dice are rolled twice by each player before the game starts. Whoever rolls the highest total will be the first player to play. (Play continues clockwise to the left thereafter)

A player rolls two dice on his or her turn, and the token moves according to the value rolled. The player will be given an action based on the space he lands in.

Spaces and Activities On the Board

Almost every space on the board represents a property. If a player lands on a space, the central bank can be used to purchase the property. At the bottom of the space is the price of the property.

The player who is landing on a chance space and draws the chance card will complete the action outlined on the card and return the card to the bottom of the pile.

The player will pay the tax as soon as they land on a tax space.

It is possible for a player to end up in jail. This doesn’t mean that the player will go to jail. The jail is where the player needs to go.

The parking space may be occupied by a player. There is no need to take any action.

It is possible for a player to go to jail. In this case, the player will be locked up.

If a player lands on or passes the GO space, the bank will provide them with $200.

It is possible for a player to land on another player’s property space. Rent is paid to the space owner. This amount can be found on a property card.

Playing Monopoly and winning

Unless he has properties that can be sold to make up the debt, if a player owes more money than he can pay, he is declared bankrupt and unable to play.

The winner of the game is the player who remains standing after all the others have gone bankrupt.

The Rules of the Game

The property is put up for auction if a player doesn’t want to buy it from the bank for the actual price; all players bid for the property and the highest bidder gets it.

You will collect the rent before the next player rolls the dice when they land on your space.

Players who roll two dice with the same number will move the amount, take the action, and roll the dice again if they have the same number on both dice. A double is a result from this action. Rolling three doubles in a row will send you directly to jail without collecting 200 dollars or passing GO.

There are three ways for a player to get out of jail. Rolling the same number on both dice can get him out of the game. He can play the get out of jail free card to get out. Cards drawn from the chance or community chest piles can be purchased from another player for a set price.

Before rolling the dice, the player can also pay the bank $50. Then, no matter how many spaces he rolls, he moves that many spaces.

Rent doubles if you own properties that have the same color. In the example above, if someone lands on Tennessee Ave and you own all orange properties, the rent becomes $28.

The houses you can buy for your properties can be the same color as your properties. A property card can tell you how much the house costs, and the bank will take care of the rest.

According to the property card, the rent of the house increases. All houses are shared equally among properties. Thus, each property must already contain a house before adding another one.

As soon as four houses have been built in a color, a hotel can be bought. Landing players will have a higher rent when they purchase the hotel. They will receive money for their hotel expenditures.

The player who wants to buy a hotel or house but the bank runs out of them will have to wait for the bank to sell one back to him before he can buy one of his own.

In case of need, a player can sell back houses or hotels to the bank. A player will receive half of the price they paid for the house or hotel. An unoccupied property can be sold to another player at an agreed rate if it does not contain a house or hotel.

Banks will lend money to you even if you do not own a house or a hotel. Your mortgaged amount can be found on the back of the card. When another player lands on a mortgaged property, no rent is collected.