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Are you aware of the possibility of anonymously spying on someone’s Instagram direct messages? It may sound crazy, but what’s even crazier is that it’s actually possible. Here I will explain how you can track Instagram messages and other service communications using the best methods.

Throughout the years, there have been countless articles and publications stating that it is possible to ‘track someone’s Instagram DMs without letting them know’ or just that they can be hacked.

These communication avenues are more popular than ever because social media applications are addictive, complex, and entertaining.

Because of its ease of use, marketing, and wide availability, there are real dangers and risks.

Parental concerns about what their child might be doing on the app have evolved into more proactive measures to keep them safe.

There is no escaping the possibility of predators and other hazards. You want to keep an eye on as many activities and conversations as possible as a parent.

Even without predatory threats, parents would likely flip through Instagram messages sent and received.

If you track someone’s Instagram DM without telling them, you might have several well-meaning reasons. They include:

  • Keeping an eye on your child’s actions and conversations
  • Make sure your partner or spouse isn’t cheating on you
  • While employees are working, check their online activities
  • Find the name of a person (such as a spouse’s lover) by using a reverse image search engine

Please be aware that I do not support the acquisition or use of this information for criminal purposes.

Hackers have a number of ways to access other people’s Instagram accounts. Here’s how to get the Instagram account of your dreams with only a few simple steps.

Applications for spying

A spy app is an easy way to gain access to someone’s Instagram account or other social media account. It is possible to track all messages entering and leaving the target’s device, including messages sent via a variety of apps. Even better, they will not be aware they are being watched!

Through a spy app, you can also track the location of the device, so you don’t need to worry about someone deleting posts or changing their profile picture when you’re not looking. Their account will be accessible to you 24/7, allowing you to access whatever you like, whenever you like.

You can monitor any social media or other mobile apps your target is using, including Instagram, with spy apps. Besides knowing who they’re talking to, you also find out what they’re saying about you behind your back! Here is some information about spy apps if you wish to learn more about them.

Social Engineering

Another method for hacking someone’s Instagram is social engineering (also referred to as social hacking). Social engineering is a way to manipulate people so they give up their personal information without being aware of it. An easy way to hack Instagram is to contact someone, pretend they have forgotten their password, and ask the person to send it to you in a Direct Message.

The easiest way to protect yourself from this tactic is to not send your passwords through messages on any social media platform. Creating a temporary password and logging back in only to change it is the safest option, even though it can be annoying. You should change your Instagram password immediately if you suspect someone is trying to social engineer you.

Email Phishing

Sending someone a phishing email is another method of hacking their Instagram. You need to know your target’s email address as well as all of their personal information, such as their full name, user name on any social media platform, and other relevant information. Send them an email asking for their password using a fake email address from an Instagram account that looks similar to the one you are hacking. By clicking on the ‘reveal password’ link, they will be redirected to your own login page, from which you will collect their personal information, including username and password. You will then be able to hack their accounts using this information.


Keyloggers are programs that record every keystroke made by a user. You would use the target’s phone to download and install the keylogger. Instagram will automatically send you an email when someone enters their username and password on the app.

Trojan Horse

This method requires sending an email with the Trojan attachment to the target to hack their Instagram account. When a person opens it, they think it is legitimate; however, once the file is opened, malicious files are placed on their device that may allow hackers access to Instagram.

A Trojan virus, however, wouldn’t allow you to hack someone’s Instagram without physical access to their device. The user is unlikely to open a malicious email from an unknown source if you do not have this type of access.

Tools for cracking passwords

Free password cracking tools can be found on several websites. Password Recovery is one of them. It claims to recover over 6 million passwords in less than 15 minutes.

This tool would be extremely useful regardless of the purpose of hacking Instagram Someone has likely because many social media accounts require passwords instead of usernames. Having a password makes accessing an account much easier than having a username.

Here is how to determine if your Instagram account has been hacked

Interested in knowing if you should be concerned about Instagram security?

Many of us use Instagram as a social media platform to see how our friends live or to share how we live. But it is also an income source for many people. Social media influencers aren’t something I would have ever thought of!

There is a risk of your Instagram account being hacked when you do that. Several ways can be used to do so.

It is possible for Instagram itself to be hacked, which is known as a data breach. An Instagram user’s data was leaked in 2019 when up to 49 million accounts were compromised.

Celebrities and influencers were primarily affected and much of their personal information, such as their phone number and email address, was revealed.

You learn about it from someone

You might become aware of unexpected changes in your activity on Instagram if you have followers on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram may send you an email stating that suspicious activity has been detected on your account.

Posts with no explanation

While scrolling, you see images from people you do not follow, which shouldn’t be showing up. This could be a sign of hacking.

Password Authentication

Whenever you change your password, you are continuously notified that the password is incorrect.

There can be some signs that your Instagram account may have been hacked, but you know your account better than anyone else and need to pay attention to any changes in your account activity.

What should you do if your Instagram account has been hacked?

For businesses that rely on social media for marketing and rely on Instagram for traffic, this is particularly scary.

If your Instagram account is not secured properly, hackers may be able to access it within 10 minutes.

Hackers commonly use one of three methods to accomplish this:

  • Access your login information.
  • Scams. Hackers will send you an email with a link to a fake Instagram login page through which they will trick you. By clicking on it and logging in with your username and password, they get your information. Never click a link you receive in an email.
  • Apps from third parties. Always block suspicious apps from third parties. Permitting apps access to your personal information that you do not trust is never a good idea.

If that you believe your Instagram account has been hacked, it’s crucial to act immediately.

You can recover your account by following these steps.

If your Instagram account has been hacked, these are the steps you should take

Here are some steps you can take if you suspect your Instagram account has been hacked.

1. Using Instagram account recovery

You can use the Forgot password button to request a login link directly from Instagram.

Your phone number or email address will then be entered and you will be prompted to click Send Login Link. You will receive an email from Instagram to assist you in recovering your account.

Hackers may change their username and password so rapidly that this method will not work.

Continue to step 2 if your username is deemed invalid.

2. Inform Instagram about the account hack

The next step is to report it directly to Instagram if you are unable to retrieve your password due to the hacker changing it too fast.

Upon visiting the website, you will fill out a form with all your account details, select My account was hacked, and then click the Request Support button.

For an extra measure of security, Instagram will ask you to verify your identity when you hear back. The steps are as follows:

A code will be sent directly to you from the site.

It is common for them to prefer that you take a selfie with the paper that has the code on it.

Additionally, you’ll have to provide the original email address or phone number that you used to open the account.

In the end, Instagram compares the photo with your own Instagram photos to verify that you are the actual user of the account.

In essence, there is no way to hack the system Instagram has in place to do this, so it is regarded as a surefire way for them to recover your account.

3. Check your log-in history

The same step can also be found in your Instagram settings. If you check your login activity, you will see every time someone has accessed your account using your username and password combination.

If you do this, you will be able to recognize suspicious login attempts.

Whenever you check your login activity, you’ll see the time and date of each login. It can be hard to remember whether you did it or someone else.

It’s very likely someone has hacked your account if you notice you’ve suddenly gained followers you didn’t approve or photos being posted you didn’t take.

A Pro Tip: How to Avoid Future Hacking


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

The importance of this step cannot be overstated since it minimizes the possibility of future hacking. Setting up two-factor authentication is a simple process.

Each time you (or someone else) try to log onto Instagram from a device the platform does not recognize, go to your Instagram settings and enter a specific login code to confirm your attempt.

There are various types of two-factor authentication you can use on your Instagram account, according to Instagram.

Choose either of the following options to get started with two-factor authentication:

Using your mobile phone, send SMS codes.

Authentication codes are provided by third-party apps (like Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator).

Make sure your phone number and email address are correct in the account settings

Once hackers have logged in successfully, this will be one of the first things they’ll change. Your phone number and email address will be changed so that they can access them and you won’t.

It is important to first change your personal account information, including your phone number and/or email address, and then check for any suspicious activity that has occurred on your page.

To secure your account, you must follow the instructions in this guide.

Change your Instagram password (and your email)

Select a strong password that is different from other passwords you use regularly on the internet. 

A hacker may also have your email credentials if they have your Instagram login credentials. Also, make sure your email password is kept secure by changing it regularly.

Instagram Notifications Are Important


You should change your password if you receive an email or notification from Instagram recommending that you do so.

You should not click on a link in any email asking you to change your password to avoid phishing scams.

Change your password on Instagram by going directly there.


Sometimes, Instagram recovers login information that was stolen from another site during automated security checks. Instagram will inform you if your password has been stolen, and you can change your password on Instagram and other websites to keep your account secure.

What to remember

If your Instagram account is hacked, there are measures in place that can help you recover access.

Instagram is aware that their social media platform is subject to hackers and those creating fake accounts, so they’ve implemented new systems to prevent these types of accounts from appearing. Find out more about the systems implemented here.

There is a good chance that you will be able to recover your account if you follow this guide soon after you notice a failed log-in, suspicious posts, or changed information.

You can learn how to recover deleted Instagram posts here if posts on your page have been wrongfully deleted.

This information is useful to prevent future hacks that may, unfortunately, occur even if your system has not been hacked.


Those who are looking for a way to hack someone’s Instagram account without them knowing should find this article helpful. As you have read, there are many options available. It doesn’t matter what your reason may be, there is at least one option that you can choose from! In this day and age, Instagram and other social media seem to be the key to most people’s lives, so knowing how to access these accounts without their knowledge is important.