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Due to the pandemic outbreak in 2019, the number of Phone calls worldwide has dramatically expanded. In this case, there are many problems for people, one of which is annoying calls from other people. On the other hand, you may not want your contact number to be displayed to other people, and you may wish to contact them anonymously. What do you need to do to block your contact number? We show below.

Use command code * 67 for block your number

The easiest way is to use the command code * 67. This command code on most Carrier networks causes your number to be displayed anonymously when calling others.

For example, if you dial the command code * 67 before your friend’s number, your number will be displayed as either Private or Blocked when the other person’s phone rings.

Use call settings on Android and iOS

By default, Android and iOS operating systems can hide or block your number in call settings. In order to be able to do this option on iPhones, you must go through the following steps:

  1. First, go to Settings and touch Phone.
  2. Then through this section, find the SHow my Caller ID option and select it.
  3. There is a toggle button that you can activate to hide your number.

Verizon does not allow you to cancel the Caller ID option on your iPhone. But there is another way to bypass this issue, which we will show after teaching the Android part.

Follow the steps below to block the contact number on Android phones:

  1. Open the Phone app from the menu, where you can call other people’s numbers.
  2. From this section, click on Settings and Call Settings.
  3. Then open Additional settings and select the Caller ID option.
  4. From this section, select Hide Number, and then your number should be blocked for the person you are calling.
  5. To restore this option to its original state, simply select the Show Number or Network default option.

Sometimes some Carriers networks or smartphones have a way to block such calls. You can also use the code * 82 before each call to pass this type of blocking filter.

Request from the Carrier network

Some phones do not offer this type of service to block contact numbers on other people’s phones. But you can ask your network to do this for you.

You can call 611 and access technical support to ask them to block your contact number.

Note that if the network does this for you, you can still bypass and block hidden numbers by using the command code * 82 before each call.

Use burner applications

Some Burner programs can also easily block calls on other people’s phones. In this way, your calls are connected via the Internet, and you are assigned a secondary number. Of course, there are many applications that we will introduce the best of them in the following.

  1. Burner. One of the best apps for hiding contact numbers on Android and iPhone phones. You can use this program to redirect your calls to another number. So that you no longer need to hide it. This program is at your disposal for seven free days, and you can benefit from its full service by paying $ 5 per month.
  2. Hushed. Of course, this program is not free, but it has many capabilities. For $ 2 a week, you can create 60 messages and 20 calls per minute. There is also a $ 5 monthly payment, but in any case, you can make a free call through this program and take advantage of its features.
  3. Google voice. You may not know it yet, but google voice gives you a dedicated number that you can call, text, or text. All you need to do is create a Google Account.Of course, unlike other applications, this program does not charge you any fees. Your virtual number is created quickly, and you can easily call anyone you like.

Different command codes on the phone

Using different command codes on the phone, you can also activate some crucial features during the call, including tracking. To make you more familiar with this type of code, we have written a list of the best ones below:

  1. 1.     57*  Trace call feature allows you to check all calls sent to your line.
  2. 60*  blocking incoming calls. By doing this, you can block a specific number until a message is sent to that person when he or she can’t calls you.
  3. 67*  Caller ID Block is to hide your contact number when contacting others.
  4. 69*  Call Return calls the last number that called your number.
  5. 70*  Call Waiting, with this option, you can put active calls in Hold mode so that you can answer other calls as well.
  6. 72*  Call forwarding. All calls made to you are transferred to another number, and that line rings.
  7. 77*  Anonymous Call Rejection. All calls made to you from anonymous numbers will be rejected.
  8. 80*  Cancel call block
  9. 82*  Cancel Caller ID block deactivation
  10. 87*  Cancel Anonymous Call Rejection