The Xbox Game Pass subscription service provides a rotating library of games for a flat monthly fee and has continued to be successful for Microsoft. A membership that began with an Xbox One console membership has expanded to include the Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as separate PC and mobile offerings. With its ever-growing list of benefits, Xbox Game Pass is one of the most valuable subscriptions in gaming, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Find out how to cancel Xbox Game Pass.

How to cancel an Xbox Game Pass subscription?

No matter whether you’re signing up for an Xbox Game Pass trial or canceling your paid subscription, it’s easy to back out. Over the years, Microsoft has changed the process by eliminating the ability to cancel directly through the Xbox console interface. The only requirement is a device that can connect to the Internet.

It is important to note that canceling an Xbox Game Pass subscription revokes all the subscription’s benefits. For former Xbox Game Pass subscribers, all titles currently installed on their devices are removed from the Xbox Game Pass games list. You must renew your subscription to play games on your Xbox or PC again unless you’re buying them permanently from the Microsoft Store or as physical discs.

You also lose access to supplementary benefits such as Xbox Live Gold, the online membership necessary for multiplayer across multiple consoles, when you cancel your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Furthermore, you lose access to Xbox Game Pass through Android devices, exclusive discounts, and unredeemed benefits. After canceling Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live Gold can still be purchased separately.

Below are the steps for canceling Xbox Game Pass via the web. Even though it’s usually easier to cancel Xbox Game Pass through a PC or mobile device, the Microsoft Edge browser integrated into the Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles can also be used.

1. Sign in to your account at

2. Activate your Microsoft account by logging in.

3. Select the Xbox Game Pass subsection on the page.

4. Click on Manage.

5. Click the Cancel subscription button.

6. You can turn off recurring billing by selecting Turn off recurring billing.

7. Select the Confirm cancellation option.

In the event of cancellation, your subscription will terminate at the end of the current paid period. If you decide to purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription again, go to the Microsoft Store and search for “Xbox Game Pass”. As a result of Xbox One’s automatic cloud saves, your game save data will also be recovered when you rejoin the program.

Is it a good idea to cancel Xbox Game Pass in 2021?

The Xbox Game Pass is increasingly positioned as the future of Xbox, but its current offerings aren’t for everyone. Playing a broad range of games without a huge upfront investment is easier than ever thanks to the service’s constantly rotating library.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription continues to grow, with a variety of in-house classics, such as Halo and Forza, to Bethesda classics, such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, thanks to the acquisition of ZeniMax Media. In addition to third-party heavyweights, Xbox Game Pass also has an expansive backlog of games, including Outriders now about to launch. With ties to EA Play, Spotify, Disney+, and more, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate multiplies that value.

Xbox Game Pass, however, may not provide the same long-term value as other services for those who only play a few games each month. A standalone Xbox Live Gold subscription is a much cheaper alternative to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if you only play games like Call of Duty or Fortnite regularly.

Recently, Microsoft outlined plans to raise Xbox Live Gold prices, a move perceived as a way to drive Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, but those proposed changes have since been reversed. Xbox Live Gold 12-month memberships are available for $60 or less, which is a significant saving over the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate annual price of $180.

How to save on Xbox Game Pass?

Are you considering canceling your Xbox Game Pass subscription due to the monthly cost? Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PCs comes with a fixed $10 monthly fee, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 per month. There are some storefronts that offer subscription discounts if you decide to stay. In many cases, third-party outlets offer consumers discounts on redeemable codes when they purchase upfront a monthly or yearly subscription.

Many Xbox Game Pass deals offer small discounts over the usual rates, an ideal option for those looking to cut their monthly costs. The biggest savings can be found in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s all-inclusive subscription, especially for those looking to maximize their Game Pass savings.


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