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Discord was first launched in 2015 and is a VoIP that allows gamers to better communicate with each other. This platform is very popular for gamers with 56 million gamers joining it.

Discord has a certain age limit for users willing to join the platform, similar to Facebook. Discord clearly states that anyone under the age of 13 cannot use their website or app. By doing so, the service keeps its users safe and ensures they aren’t exposed to inappropriate material. If you are underage or do not meet the minimum age requirement, then you will be banned from Discord. If the server owner finds someone who does not comply with the age limit, he or she can ban that user.

Users who wish to view adult content through NSFW channels must adhere to Discord’s strict policy regarding age restrictions and NSFW channels. NSFW content on Discord can only be accessed by those 18 and older.

More than ten million people use Discord for voice, video, and text chat to communicate with their friends and communities. 

Discord is used daily for a variety of discussions, from art projects and family trips to homework and mental health support. The platform is used by communities of all sizes, but it is primarily used by small and active groups.

It is common for servers to be used as private, invite-only spaces for friends and communities to stay in touch and spend time together. As well as smaller, more isolated communities, there are also larger, more open ones centered around specific topics such as popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite. People have complete control over who they interact with and how they interact on Discord because all conversations are opt-in.  

Those who use Discord like it because it’s a centralized place for communities and groups of friends. There’s no better place to spend time with people who have similar interests and hobbies than a place like this. There is no algorithm, no endless scrolling, and no news feed to decide what they should see. Discord conversations are based on shared interests.

Discord was created for gamers so that in the descriptions of the App Stores, the title (chat for gamers) was written, but over time, it expanded so that people could use it more. Last year Discord announced that it no longer targets just gamers and wants to create a platform for everyone. For this reason, they have made changes in their work process over time. For example: change their slogan from Chat for Gamers to Chat for Communities and Friends.

This program is completely free and you can access it and use its features from your mobile phone or personal computer. However, this program also has non-free features to be a source of income for Discord.

Discord is similar to programs like Skype. In this program, you can send text or audio to your friends or make a video call.

This platform can be used in various ways, such as large corporate platforms, adult content, etc.

Is your Discord account locked?

If you access an NSFW channel while under 18 but don’t tell Discord, your account will be locked. Someone can also report you for underage access if they notice you are under 18. Regardless of the situation, you can’t use Discord once your account is locked. If this is the case, you can verify your age and request that your account is unlocked.

From within the Discord account settings, users can modify their username, email address, and phone number. Due to legal reasons, changing your age or birthday on Discord is not so easy and straightforward. However, it gets simpler for those who haven’t faked their birthdates during registration. One caveat, however, is that a Discord user cannot change their age without an ID or verification.

Here are the steps you need to follow to change your Discord birthday to unlock your account.

Registration and terms of use of Discord

To use Discord legally, you must be over 13 years old. You can use this program on PC, Mac, mobile phones, and web versions.

The main parts of this program are available for free. However, you can also get a monthly subscription for $ 4.99, through which other features such as animated avatars, custom waves, etc. will be available to you.

First, you must download and install the Discord program from the relevant site (suitable for your mobile phone operating system). Of course, you can also use the web version. After downloading and installing the program, you need to create an account, for which you need a valid email address and phone number. You must also choose a username and password.

After registration, you will see a page like the one below. When you first enter, the program introduces you to the different parts and you can see the use of each part by clicking on the orange exclamation mark.

Age change in Discord

Well, I think all of you who are reading this article, would like to know as soon as possible how you can change the age in the discord. Only the date of birth is shown during registration and you can not edit it unless you get help from the support service.

This is because there is an age limit for users to use this program and people under 13 years (in some countries under 16 years) can not use this program. This is one of the rules of using the software. In some countries, the law only allows registration from the age of 13. In some states, there are exceptions. In the next step, we will talk about how you can recover your account if you entered your age incorrectly.

Determine the minimum age for your country

It is better to look at the method of determining the allowable age. If you do not live in countries like Russia and Ukraine that are at least 13 years old, go to the official Discord site. And there you can find out which country your country belongs to.

If you mistakenly enter your account during registration and your account is blocked, you can send an email to support and recover your account. You have to wait a few days for your email to be published. However, he could not be sure that the answer would be yes. It is often easier to create a new account. You need a photo to contact support.

Taking a photo to contact discord support


One reason your email support might confirm is that you take a photo with your ID next to your face. In addition to ID, you can also use a passport or certificate.


Why does Discord want a date of birth?

Discord service conditions are such that you must be at least old to access the program or website. To create conditions that make sure you have the minimum age.

Today we reviewed the Discord program. You can get acquainted with the whole program space over time. If you like to play in a small group of your friends or larger groups, you have chosen the right platform. Share your comments and suggestions about this article with us.

Is it possible to change your age on Discord without an ID?

You need to create a new Discord account without an ID if you want to change your age in Discord. Creating a new Discord account allows you to set your date of birth to 18 or older. Using a secondary email address, however, is required. You can access age-restricted servers and channels after creating a Discord account and setting your age to 18 or above.

Important Points:

One photo must include all of the required information (photo ID and paper tag).

In addition to verifying your age, Discord does not use your information to make any other decisions about you.

In conclusion

Discord does not allow users to change their birthdate on the app for safety reasons. To access NSFW servers or channels, you must reach the age of 18 before you can access them. It is possible to change your age on Discord if you have set an incorrect date of birth by mistake.

Alternately, you can bypass the age restriction by creating a new Discord account and setting your age to 18 or older. By doing so, you’ll have access to 18+ servers and channels.