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Learn how to change the model and font size on the iPhone

Today, many people around the world use iPhones that may want to change the font of the phone. To change the font and use this program, do the following:

  • First, install BytaFont from Cydia.
  • After installing the program, you need to install your desired fonts. For this job:
  • Run Cydia.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and find the option (Fonts (BytaFont 2) and enter it.
  • Find the font you want and then select it and then install it. Some Persian and Arabic fonts:
  • Al Hor Font, Aljazeera Font, Alladden ont, Ferdaos Font, Bkoodak Font, Hayah Font, Yekan Font
  • Now it’s time to change the font through BytaFont.
  • Run it from the screen.


Go to the more section and select the Arabic option, in this step you will see the name of the fonts you have installed, tab on the name of the font you want.


– Then go to the Basic section.


– Select the font you installed.


– Then click Yes to restring the device.


After these steps, you will see that the font of your iPhone will change


Install English fonts

How to set up English fonts in Bytafont is different. For English fonts, you can select the font you want in the Basic section and select yes in the window that appears. You can also specify in the advanced section which part of your iPhone will change the font. .


Change the font size on the iPhone

Fortunately, it is possible to increase the font size on the iPhone, knowing which part of the phone you should go to, you can change the fonts according to the ability of your eyes to see.


To do this, do this:


  • First: From the Settings section, enter the Accessibility section.


  • Second: Select the Large Text option.


  • Third: Choose one of the available sizes.


IPhones are unique devices that are a lot of fun to work with. This phone, which uses the iOS operating system, has interesting features and capabilities that make it easy to live in today’s smart and modern world. As you read in this trick, you can change the size and fonts or install Persian or English fonts for your phone. If you have not been able to apply the desired settings by doing the above methods, there may be a problem with your iPhone. Do not worry and count on the help of trained mobile technicians. Our iPhone repair experts are able to repair all kinds of hardware and software defects that provide immediate and cost-effective services to your loved ones. For free guidance and consultation, call 02167319.


Frequently Asked Questions Font on iPhone

1- Can you change the font on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the font of the iPhone system from within the settings or by downloading an application. If you want to change the font used on your iPhone to a different font, you need to jailbreak your iPhone.


2- How can you change the font on your iPhone?

There is no way to change the system font unless you jailbreak your iPhone. But there are apps that can install fonts on your iPhone / iPad and use different fonts in supported apps. You can use the Any Font app to change the default font on iPhone X / 8/7 / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5 / 4s without jailbreaking.


3- What is Apple’s default font?

After two difficult years and deciding on Apple typography, Helvetica Neue has replaced the San Francisco font as the default font in OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. San Francisco is the first type of interior font that Cupertino has designed in more than 20 years.


4- How can I use different fonts on iPhone?

Install your desired fonts on iOS.


In Any Font, tap your font file.

  • Tap the AA symbol.
  • Tap Install in the upper right corner.
  • Tap next in the upper right corner.
  • You will then receive a “Satisfaction” message telling you this configuration profile and install this font. Tap Next.
  • Tap Install again.
  • Tap done and done.


  1. Can you add fonts to your iPhone?

Install fonts

Log in to using Safari on your iPad or iPhone, and select “Font Library” from your account menu. For each font package you want to install, tap the download button: iOS asks you if you want to allow to download a configuration profile. Tap “Allow” to continue.


6- How can I change the font size on my iPhone?

Change system font on iPhone or iPad

As we said, AnyFont or similar programs can not change system fonts, and to do this you must jailbreak the device. Then you can use programs like BytaFont to get the job done. You need to consider whether it is worth jailbreaking your device just to change the font, or whether your device is jailbroken at all and you have no problem with that.


In iOS 11 or later, go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Text Size and increase or decrease your font size by swiping back and forth. In iOS 10 or earlier, go to Settings> General> Text Size. If you want your font to be much larger (usually for visually impaired users), go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Larger Text.

How to have custom fonts in iOS and iPhone?

Font or font change feature on iPhones

There are many apps that offer different ways to use and change the font on the iPhone and learn how to use specific apps. But with iOS, Apple officially announced how to install and change the font on the iPhone. Which supports this change in iPhone and iPad, which works systematically (currently limited). In the above article, we will explain how to download, install and use fonts in iOS to get acquainted with changing fonts on iPhone. However, custom typing on iOS and iPadOS is only supported when typing on pages, keystrokes, letters, and restricted apps.

This means that you can not use any font in any program you want. You can download apps like Messages, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. to use custom fonts, keyboards, or other apps. You should know that the ability to change the font on the iPhone and use fonts compatible with this operating system is different. Even if this support is limited, compatibility increases over time.

Be aware that Adobe Creative Cloud now works with extensive custom fonts on iOS and iPadOS. You can download this app and follow the instructions below to download new fonts directly to your iPhone or iPad. Join us to learn how to change the font on the iPhone and its details.


How to install Persian font for iPhone

  • The first option is custom fonts on iPhone and iPad
  • If you do not already have those fonts, search and download the Adobe Creative Cloud app for iOS / iPadOS.
  • You need to create an account, but you can use free, unsubscribed fonts to change the font on your iPhone.
  • Tap the font icon in the bottom bar.
  • Tap Install fonts below the one you like, then tap Install again.
  • You can see the new fonts you have installed by going to Settings> General> Fonts.
  • Now open an application compatible with custom fonts such as Pages, Keynote or Mail.
  • Type new text or select existing text, go to the editor, look for your favorite new fonts.


Custom fonts on iPhone and iPad

The second option is custom fonts on iPhone and iPad

  • The Font Diner app was one of the first free apps to change fonts on the iPhone that officially worked with various personal system fonts on iOS. This app easily helps you to find out how to change the font on your iPhone.
  • After downloading the app, open it and tap Activation in the upper right corner (activate the gray button).
  • Tap Agree, then Install.
  • You can see all the custom fonts installed by going to Settings> General> Fonts.
  • Now open an application compatible with custom fonts such as Pages, Keynote or Mail.
  • Type new text or select existing text, go to the editor section, look for your favorite new fonts.


Custom fonts on iPhone and iPad

Now that the fonts are installed, they can be viewed in Settings> General> Fonts and used by compatible applications such as Pages, Keynote and Mail. Here seems to be the use of new fonts in pages:

There are apps that for a while now allow you to download custom fonts, including your own collection from iCloud Drive and Dropbox, to work with iPhone and iPad. Here’s an important tip for changing the font on your iPhone: You’re boosting the confidence of the app’s developers and font makers. Because through this they provide an index that is not signed but must be installed and worked to determine its quality. However, there are benefits even if the process is difficult. To change the font on your iPhone, you can use the fonts installed this way in most apps only when authorized with the official iOS and iPadOS feature, as well as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and more.


Apple has used special fonts in various versions of the iPhone and iPad that have changed over the years. In the early iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS models, it used the Helvetica font in the user interface, and in the iPhone 4, it switched to Helvetica Neue. Finally, the same font was used with minor changes in later versions of iOS up to 9. In later versions of iOS, Apple used a font called San Francisco, which of course was very similar to the previous font, and now uses the same font with very few changes and the nickname SF Pro.


Customize font style in iOS apps

There is no way to change the default iPhone font without jailbreak, but you can change the font properties using apps. One of these programs is AnyFont, which provides users with various fonts to use. Of course, this program does not allow the user to change system fonts, but you can use it to change the font of various programs. AnyFont is priced at $ 1.99 and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.


Restrict access to photos on iOS

AnyFont is very easy to use and it supports various font formats including TTF, OTF or TCC. With a simple internet search you can access a large number of free fonts. One convenient way to add a custom font to AnyFont is to email it to yourself and open it in your iPhone email. When you open it, open it with AnyFont and the program will start downloading it. After accepting the different sections, finally install the font and use it in different programs.


How to change the font size on iPhone?

To change the font size on the iPhone, follow the path below:


Settings> General> Accessibility> Larger Text

Then enable the Larger Accessibility Sizes option and change your font size at the bottom of the screen by dragging the bar left and right. Doing so will change the font size of all parts of the iPhone. If you used the above method to enlarge your telegram messages, it is better to do the next method, which we will discuss below, so that the font size can be changed only in the telegram section. Also, changing the font size on the iPhone may disrupt the preview of your emails. So before changing the font size, pay attention to these points.


 Change the font size in Telegram iPhone

  • To change the font size in Telegram, follow the steps below:


  • Launch Telegram and enter its main menu.


  • Select the Settings option.


In the Settings section, select the Appearance option.


In the window that opens, select your font size. If you want to enlarge the Telegram font, use larger numbers, and if you want to reduce the font, do the opposite. After resizing Telegram on iPhone, these changes will only affect the messages exchanged in your Telegram and the rest of the phone will not change.


Introducing the great keyboard for iPhone

Prior to the release of iOS8, users could only use the iPhone’s default keyboard. But with the iOS8 update onwards, iPhone users can use the free keyboards available for the iPhone. In addition to different looks, these free keyboards provide users with more features. Here are some of Apple’s best free keyboards:


 Microsoft Word Flow


One of the most popular iPhone keyboards is the Microsoft Word Flow keyboard, the word arrangement of which is not found on any other keyboard. In this keyboard, as you can see in the picture, the words are placed next to each other in the shape of a quarter of a circle, which makes one-handed typing very easy. Unfortunately, this keyboard is not yet equipped with Persian language.




The most distinctive feature of this keyboard does not go back to its appearance because it is made of a simple appearance similar to the original iPhone keyboard. The distinguishing feature of this keyboard is its features that the user can communicate with the Google search engine by typing a word and typing in a row without removing a finger from the phone. You can also choose a background for this keyboard.




By referring to the settings section of this keyboard, you can make changes to differentiate the keyboard words to one side so that you can do one-handed typing. Also on top of this keyboard are some practical words and emojis.



It is one of the most popular Android keyboards, and its iOS version has been released recently. This keyboard can provide you with suggested words by considering your words and sentences. You can also change the theme of this keyboard. But only a limited number of these themes are free and you have to pay to use the rest. We mentioned above some of the keyboards available for iPhone that are available for free. With more search you can select more keyboards for your iPhone.