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Apple Air pods are popular gadgets whose first generation was released in 2016. About three years later, Apple introduced the second-generation Air pod and Air pod Pro in September 2020. If you’ve just got this lovely handsfree, you’ve probably had questions about how to connect your Apple Air pod. Read on to find out more about Apple Bluetooth handsfree features in addition to connecting your Air pod to different devices. If you have connected your Air pods to your iPhone and now you want to connect your Air pods to another iPhone, follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove your Air pod case and open it.
  2. Select the Connect option.
  3. Hold the Pairing button on the back of your Air pod case or connect the Air pod.

Whenever you connect an Apple Watch with watchOS 3.0 to an iPhone connected to an AirPod, the two will connect quickly and easily.

How to connect Apple Air pod; The Air pod is easily paired with various devices

Apple is always looking for the easiest way to connect Apple ecosystem products. For this reason, how to connect the Apple Air pod is very simple. All you have to do is hold the Air pod case in front of your phone and open it. If iPhone’s Bluetooth is on, a message will be displayed on the screen. Selecting the Connect option will establish an Air pod connection to your phone. In addition, the Apple Air pod easily connects to Android phones and other Apple devices. For this reason, the AirPod is one of the most popular and widely used mobile accessories.

Connect Air pods to other Apple devices

In addition to the iPhone, Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or higher, along with Macs with macOS Sierra or later, can be easily connected to the Air Pod. Once the Apple Air pod is connected to the iPhone, it will automatically connect to your Apple Watch or Mac via iCloud.

Connect Apple Air pod to Android phone

AirPod easily connects to phones with other operating systems. To connect the Air pod to other phones, first hold the button on the back of the Air pod case to put the case in standby mode and see the white light on the back of the device. Now go to Setup your phone and enter the Bluetooth settings. You should see the name of your Air pod here. To connect the Air Pod, just touch the Air Pod name. This way, connecting to the Apple Air pod does not have much in common with other Bluetooth hands-free devices.

In general, Bluetooth and wireless handsfree are very popular these days and have been noticed due to more features than ordinary handsfree. You too can benefit from their great features by purchasing Apple Wireless Handsfree or other brands.


Use the Apple Air pod to control music playback

Using Apple Air pods is as simple as connecting them to a phone. The touch area on the Air pod has many uses and allows you to do different things. In the following, we will learn more about how to control the Air pod.


Play music; Music control with Air Pod

When you put the Air pod in your ear, it starts playing music automatically, and when you remove the Air pod from your ear, the music stops playing. You can change the playing song by double-tapping the Air pod touch. Touch three times to play the song again. If you hold your finger a third time, the playing song will roll back quickly and you can play back. To skip a few songs, just hold your finger after touching it a second time to reach the desired song.

Make calls, easily manage your calls with Air Pod

The powerful Air Pod microphone can deliver high-quality sound to the audience behind the line by removing noise. To answer incoming calls, just touch the Air pod touch once. If you have a back-to-back call, hold your finger on the touch for a second to move to the new call and hold the previous call behind the line. Of course, note that if you hold your finger for more than 2 seconds, the backline call will be cut off. Finally, a quick tap interrupts the current conversation.

Problem disconnecting and reconnecting the Air pod

Although Air pods are high quality and you are less likely to have problems using them. However, there are some common problems that you may have encountered while using the Air Pod. In general, Bluetooth handsfree has problems such as the handsfree not connecting or getting lost. For this reason, some people prefer to buy wired handsfree. Here are some of these problems that can be seen in the Air Pod.


Apple Air pod does not connect to iPhone

If the Air pods do not connect to the iPhone in the usual way, first put them in the case and wait for about 15 to 30 seconds. Now try the automatic connection method again. If the problem persists, turning the phone on or off or turning on or off Bluetooth can also be a good option. If these methods do not work, you must reset the Air pod.

To reset the Apple Air pod, you need to insert them into the case and then hold the button on the case for 15 seconds until the case LED starts flashing. After resetting, your connection problem will probably be resolved.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the Air pod, the Ear Detection problem

As mentioned, one of the features of the Air pod is the automatic playback of music after placing the Air pod in the ear. This feature is called Automatic Ear Detection and works with sensors inside the Air pod. Sometimes the sensors may malfunction and cause interruptions

How to connect AirPod to your iPhone?

Probably a lot of users who buy Apple Air pods have chosen this product to use with their iPhone. Here’s how to connect the Air pod to the iPhone:

  1. Open your Air pod case right in front of your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Connect button that appears on your iPhone screen.
  3. Easily, the Air pod is connected to your iPhone!


Apple Air pod handsfree

How to connect AirPod to another iPhone?

If you have connected your Air pods to your iPhone and now you want to connect your Air pods to another iPhone, follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove your Air pod case and open it.
  2. Select the Connect option.
  3. Hold the Pairing button on the back of your Air pod case or connect the Air pod.

How to connect Air pod to iPad?

Once you connect your iPhone to the AirPod, iCloud will easily connect to your iOS 10-enabled iPad.

How to disconnect between Air pod and iPhone or iPad?

If you do not want to use your Air pods in products such as iPhone and iPad, follow this tutorial:

  • Run the settings app from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Enter the Bluetooth section.
  • Select i option next to your Air pod name.
  • Select the Forget This Device option.

Once again, select the Forget Device option to confirm the command. On iPhone, select Forget Device again to delete Air pod data from iCloud.

How to disconnect the Air pod from the Apple Watch?

By removing the connection between the Air pod and the iPhone, this connection with the Apple Watch will also be severed.