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What is the status of your TikTok issue? Are you looking to regain access to your TikTok account after it was banned? Perhaps you’re facing a shadowban and would like to remove it. Your issue may be resolved by contacting TikTok. Before you do so, make sure you explore the TikTok help center. FAQs can be found in the help center. The search bar allows you to enter your question and navigate to a related article. Your best bet if this article doesn’t help is to contact TikTok via the methods listed below.

Here are 3 ways to contact TikTok.

How to contact TikTok?

You can contact TikTok via the app, the TikTok feedback form, or by email at and You can report an issue directly from the app if you’re experiencing problems. Some of the issues you might encounter on the app are account issues, sound issues, and crashing issues.

To report any of these problems on the app, please contact TikTok. Then, if you want to share feedback or recover a banned account, you can use TikTok’s feedback form. Your email address, a description, and an optional attachment are required in the feedback form. Take a screenshot and attach it if you have a specific problem. The creator marketplace provides email addresses for contacting TikTok.

You can contact TikTok in the following ways:

Use the app to report a problem

Fill out the TikTok feedback form

Send TikTok an email

1. Use the app to report a problem

The first step is to report a problem with the app. Sign in to your account on TikTok if you haven’t already. Afterward, you’ll need to log into your TikTok account. You can access your TikTok profile by tapping on the “Me” button in the bottom navigation bar. Tap on the three dots once you’re on your TikTok profile.

The settings and privacy page will appear after you tap on the three dots. Among the settings and privacy pages, you’ll find headers such as “Account”, “Content & Activity,” etc. Find the “Support” header at the bottom of the page. You’ll find a “Report a problem” option under the “Support” header. You can report a problem on TikTok by tapping the “Report a problem” button. When you click “Report a problem”, you’ll land on the “Feedback and help” page. There are a number of frequently asked questions and topics available on the “Feedback and help” page.

A problem must be reported by selecting a topic related to the problem. On TikTok, for example, you must select the “Account and Profile” option if you wish to change your birthday. You will be taken to a screen with some information after selecting a related topic. Below the information, you’ll see a “Yes” or “No” button. Select “No” if the problem still exists. Please do not tap on “Yes” as you will not be able to contact TikTok.

You will then see the option “Still have problem” after you’ve selected “No”. You can report your problem and explain it on TikTok using the “Still have problems” option. In the previous step, if you tapped on “No”, this option would not appear. You can report your problem by tapping “Still have a problem”. Finally, you’ll see the “Report a problem” page. Please be as specific as possible under the “Tell us your feedback” heading. If you want to change your birthday, explain that you set your birthday incorrectly and would like to change it. If you have a problem, tap on “Report” to let TikTok know. By tapping on the “Edit” icon on the “Feedback and help” page, you will be taken to the support tickets page where you can submit your feedback. There you will be able to see the status of your report.

2. Fill out the TikTok feedback form

Using the feedback form is the second way to contact TikTok. This form will allow you to describe the problem you are experiencing. Additionally, you can share your thoughts on TikTok. You can access it by searching on Google for “TikTok feedback” and selecting the first result.

As an alternative, you can use this link: Please provide your email address on the form. TikTok usernames are optional, but should be included. Please fill out the “What would you like to tell us?” field, describe the problem you’re experiencing on TikTok. Lastly, you can attach up to 10 files. To submit the form, select “Submit” after you have filled it out.

You will receive an email response from TikTok regarding your report.

3. Send TikTok an email

TikTok can be contacted via email as a third method. TikTok has several email addresses that you can use to get in touch with them. TikTok’s Creator Marketplace is the primary use for these email addresses. The following list contains TikTok email addresses:


It’s highly recommended that you use the other two methods if you’re reporting a problem on TikTok. They usually only use email addresses for business inquiries.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with TikTok?

You can report a problem on TikTok by visiting your profile, tapping the three dots, and then selecting “Report a problem”. Once you’ve chosen a topic, select “No”, describe your issue, then tap “Report”. Your TikTok report can be found on the “Your support tickets” page once you have reported a problem. You can find it on the “Feedback and help” page by tapping the “Edit” icon.

Is it possible to call TikTok?

TikTok does not have a phone number you can call to report a problem as they do not have one. You’ll have to report a problem on the app’s “Settings and privacy” page by tapping “Report a problem.”. TikTok also has a number of email addresses that you can use to get in touch.

You can contact TikTok via email at and, or report a problem via the app.


Getting in touch with support on social media platforms like Instagram is difficult. Due to the sheer number of users, the support team finds it difficult to keep up. The Instagram app does not allow users to report problems, whereas TikTok does. If there’s a problem with TikTok, you can easily report it. It will take TikTok some time to respond to your report due to the sheer number of reports it receives.

If you don’t receive a response to your report, you can submit a TikTok feedback form or contact them via email instead.