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Computers such as Chromebooks have a great deal of versatility. In recent years, Chromebooks have become increasingly popular due to the lightweight operating system Chrome OS, which has fewer features than MacOS, Windows, or Linux.  The majority of Chromebooks’ files are stored in the cloud, so they don’t consume much storage space. 

Windows and Mac computers can be replaced by Chromebooks. There are, however, some hotkeys and commands different than the ones most people use when using Windows or Mac. The ability to move information between places quickly and easily is one of the crucial functions of an operating system. You will learn how to use the copy and paste function on Chromebook.

Let’s take a look.

On a Chromebook, you can copy and paste data using three methods. You can choose either one based on your comfort level. They all offer the same functionality.


You can use hotkeys to perform any actions on your computer through keyboard combinations. Chromebooks feature these keyboard combinations for copying and pasting:

Ctrl + C You can copy the highlighted text on the trackpad using this keyboard hotkey combination.


The hotkeys Ctrl + V on your keyboard will allow you to paste the text you’ve copied.

Use the Chrome Browser

You can copy text by highlighting it with your trackpad. 

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser with your trackpad next. Select Copy after you have brought your cursor down. It copies the highlighted text.  

Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser again when you’re ready to paste the text. With your trackpad, click the three dots, then click Paste. 

You’ll be able to paste in your copied text there. Using Ctrl+X, you can delete accidentally pasted content and paste it where it belongs again.

Use the Trackpad

You can also copy and paste using the trackpad on your Chromebook. Highlight the text you want to be copied first. Next, right-click the Chromebook to open a drop-down menu. Two options are available when you right-click on a Chromebook if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. The first step is to hold your Alt key down while clicking the trackpad. The second thing you can do is use two fingers to press the trackpad.

Following this, a pop-up box displays a menu of command options. Your highlighted text will be copied when you click the Copy command on your Chromebook’s trackpad.  

If you want to insert text, use your preferred method to right-click in the appropriate location. Select Paste, and the text will be transferred to your page.

Copying and pasting text on a Chromebook is easy with these options. Choose one of three ways to use your Chromebook keyboard: using hotkeys, accessing the browser menu, or using the trackpad in conjunction with the Alt key.

Copy and Paste an Image

There might be a need for a picture instead of text. Chromebooks can also be used for that. Press the Alt key on your keyboard when you have your pointer over the image, then copy and paste it. While holding down the Alt key, click the trackpad on your Chromebook

On your Chromebook screen, a box will appear with several options. Click on the Copy Image button with your trackpad after moving your pointer there.  

Place the image on the page or document where you’d like it to appear. Click on Paste to place your image after holding down the Alt key and pressing down on the Chromebook trackpad.

That’s it. You have now copied and pasted an image as well.

Copy & Paste Functions Stopped Working

It has been reported that some users are having trouble copying and pasting. Updates to settings may be the cause of this, but there are other possibilities as well.

Try another method of copying and pasting as a first step. Try the trackpad method if your hotkeys don’t work, and so on.

The next step is to reset your system’s settings to their defaults. Some settings can go awry, so by doing this you will reset them all back to their default values.

  1. Tap on the three vertical dots in the Chrome browser, select Settings, and choose Advanced.
  2. Select the option to Restore or Reset Settings.
  3. Choose the option to Restore settings to their original defaults.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I right-click on a Chromebook?

When you’ve used a Mac or PC before, it can be difficult to adjust to Chromebooks’ functionality. Having no ‘right-click’ button on the trackpad may make right-clicking difficult for some users. Fortunately, right-clicking a Chromebook can be done in two ways.

The Alt key + Trackpad option allows you to click the trackpad while holding the Alt key.

Or, the trackpad can be clicked with two fingers. It’s similar to how you scroll on your Chromebook, but you’re now pressing the trackpad instead.

Does Chromebook have a Snipping Tool?

Yes. The Chromebook makes it very easy to cut out images and paste them elsewhere. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Window switch key. Once you change your cursor to a cross, you can copy the image of the content you wish to save to the cloud or paste it somewhere else.

How do I access the Clipboard on a Chromebook?

In other operating systems, a clipboard is available. The system stores everything you copy in the clipboard for some time until you can get it back.

But a Chromebook does not have a clipboard so, you can copy and paste only one thing at a time. Chrome OS is a very lightweight and basic operating system, so features like these make the system stand out.

Final Words

With three different ways to copy and paste on your Chromebook, you will now know how to do it.  Hotkeys, the Chrome Browser, and your Chromebook’s trackpad can be used to accomplish this. Another thing you’ve learned is that your Chromebook is just as easy to copy and paste images, too. You now have all the info you need to copy and paste on your Chromebook.