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Apple has announced that the iMessage app will support playing games with iOS 10. Additionally, iMessage has its own App Store within the app itself, so if you want to install any app related to iMessage, you can do it from within the app itself. For those interested in uninstalling GamePigeon on iPhones, here’s a quick guide.

There is too much conjunctive in iMessage, and you are looking for getting a room only for helpful apps. You can delete unused apps or games from the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad.

We have answered the question of how to remove GamePigeon from the iPhone because there’s a problem removing GamePigeon from the iPhone. You will learn how to uninstall GamePigeon from your iPhone if you’re a frustrated user who wants to remove GamePigeon from iMessage completely.

Playing GamePigeon is a lot of fun, but if you get sick of it, then follow this trick to delete it from your iPhone. The offer is valid for the New iPhone 12 series models, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPad Pro, iPad Mini.

What is the GamePigeon app?

Through the Messages app on iPhones, you can play multiple mini-games with others using GamePigeon, an iOS app. The app was developed in 2016 following the iOS 10 update, which allowed users to access more apps from within Messages. You can therefore download iMessage-specific apps from the App Store directly from the Messages app. 

You can play a number of mini-games with anyone you’re talking to on Messages with GamePigeon. Among them are 8 Ball, Archery, Basketball, Checkers, Chess, Cup Pong, Darts, Dots & Boxes, Mini Golf, Paintball, Shuffleboard, Word Hunt, and others. 

How to Install Game Pigeon?

Installing Game Pigeon is quite straightforward. You will need an iPhone or iPad with an iOS version higher than 10. The app does not support devices with OS versions lower than 10. Click on the app store icon and search for game pigeon. You will be asked to confirm the installation by clicking GET. The app will be installed in your iMessage app after confirmation.

How to Play Game Pigeon?

IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad are the only devices that work with Games Pigeon’s multiplayer games. Play the game with the contact you have chosen in the iMessage app. From the bottom of the screen, select the game pigeon icon. Click the send button after choosing the game of your choice. Click the send button after choosing the game of your choice.

What to do to remove GamePigeon from the Apps section of Messages?

You can hide the app from within the apps section of Messages after you’ve finished playing games via GamePigeon on the Messages app and want to prevent yourself from getting distracted. If you do this, you will not have to install it every time you want to play games with your friends or family. 

By removing GamePigeon from the Apps section of Messages, you can hide the app and prevent it from appearing in the Messages App. Simply open the Messages app on your iPhone and select any conversation (it doesn’t matter which thread you select because the removing process relies on the Apps section that appears below the text box on all of your conversations).

A row of apps will be displayed below the text box at the bottom of the screen when you open a conversation. Within the Messages app, you will find all the apps that you can use, including GamePigeon.

The Apps row can be slid to the left until you reach the More button (the three dots icon) on the extreme right.

GamePigeon will likely appear under ‘More apps’, if not under ‘Favorites’, on the next screen. You can hide the app from showing inside Messages by selecting the ‘Edit’ option at the top left corner.

By switching the ‘GamePigeon’ toggle to OFF, you can prevent GamePigeon from appearing in Messages.

GamePigeon will no longer be visible from the Messages app and you won’t be able to see it when interacting with someone.

Messages can be hidden from any app using the same steps as mentioned above. 

How to Uninstall GamePigeon from Messages?

You can uninstall GamePigeon from Messages if you want to get rid of it permanently. The easiest way to do that is to launch Messages and chat with anyone. 

Left-click on the apps row that’s available beneath the text box. When you reach the end of this row, tap on ‘More’ on the right.

Find the GamePigeon app in the list of apps available for you on the next screen.

You can remove GamePigeon completely by selecting the ‘Delete’ option by swiping left on the app. 

The moment you swipe it to the left, GamePigeon will disappear from your iPhone. As with this method, you can uninstall other apps from the Messages app by following these steps. 

What is the best way to hide GamePigeon on iMessage?

As an alternative, you can hide the GamePigeon app from iMessage if you don’t want to delete it. GamePigeon will no longer appear on the Chat Screen’s App panel after you hide the app. Start the “iMessage” application. Find the person you want to message. Tap “More” when the app is at the end. Then tap “Edit”. Look for “GamePigeon“. Tap to hide the GamePigeon app. Then tap “Done”.

What do you need to do to reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone?

Installing the GamePigeon app from the App Store is similar to installing any other app on iOS. Nevertheless, we will be installing the app from within the Messages app itself to make it easier to access.  Simply open the Messages app and select the contact you wish to chat with.  Tap on the App Store icon in the app row at the bottom (the one below the text box).  IMessage will now be available in the App Store.

To install the GamePigeon app, scroll down to the Top Free section, tap on the Download icon (the one with the down arrow pointing away from a cloud), and then follow the instructions. You must choose the ‘Get’ option instead if you are installing GamePigeon for the first time. 

Additionally, you can search for the app within the App Store and then tap on the Download icon to reinstall it on your iPhone.