How to delete games on a PS4? - Wepicker

You may already have encountered a PlayStation 4 storage issue if you enjoy variety when it comes to your gaming. You might not be able to keep more than a few games installed simultaneously because some games can take up to 100GB each. We explain how to use your storage space wisely by removing games you have completed or abandoned so that you can make room for new ones.

Games can be deleted from a PS4 to free up valuable storage space.  PS4 users can remove games from their game library, or system storage, where they can also view how much space is taken up by each game. When you’re not likely to download that game in the future, you should also delete your game files. The hard drive of your PlayStation 4 tends to fill up quickly with games. To make room for new games on your PS4, you might need to remove older games that you are no longer interested in playing. Below are the instructions. 

How to delete games from the PS4 library?

1. Navigate to the game you want to delete in the game library. 

2. Press the Options button on the controller while the game is selected.

Press the Options button after selecting the game you want to delete. 

3. Click “Delete.” Confirm your selection by clicking “OK.” 

How to delete games from the system storage on a PS4 

In addition to finding your games in the library, you can view the amount of space each of your games takes up on the hard drive from the System Storage page. If you want to delete a really large game to reclaim a lot of space, this is how you do it. 

1. Go to your home screen and select “Settings.”

2. Click on “Storage.”

On the Storage page of Settings, you can find a list of all your installed games. 

3. Delete games located on the PS4’s internal hard drive by selecting “System Storage.” You can also delete games on the PS4’s external hard drive by selecting “Extended Storage.”

4. Click on “Applications.”

5. Now you should see the list of installed games and the amount of space they take up on your hard drive. Select the game you’d like to remove from the list using the controller.

Make sure to highlight the game you wish to remove, but do not press the Select button. 

6. Select “Delete” from the Options menu on the controller.

You can delete the highlighted game by clicking the Options button. 

7. Choose the games you want to delete, then select “Delete.” Confirm your decision by clicking “OK.”

What is the best way to delete game files on a PS4?

It is common for deleted games to leave saved game files and other settings on the PS4 in case it is later reinstalled. Your game files can also be deleted if you are sure you do not want them.

1. Press the “Settings” button on the home screen.

2. Click on “Application Saved Data Management.” 

In Settings, look for Application Saved Data Management. 

3. Select the “Saved Data in System Storage” option.

4. Click on “Delete.”

5. Select the game you wish to delete.

6. Choose the game files you wish to delete from the Saved Game Data page (or select “Select all”). 

Each saved game slot can be deleted individually or all game files can be deleted at once. 

7. Click “Delete,” then click “OK” to confirm your choice.

Downloading and reinstalling digital games

It is also quite easy to reinstall games you purchased digitally.

Step 1: On the home screen, select Library and pan down until you find Purchased. Click the yellow plus sign under the Purchased icon to search for specific PlayStation Plus games.

Step 2: After your console has finished booting up, you’ll see a small icon next to games that weren’t previously downloaded. There is usually an icon on the bottom right corner of the game display.

Step 3: Tap on the download icon on any of these games, and it will begin reinstalling on your console.

Disk-based games can be deleted and reinstalled

The data can be manually removed if you’re playing a disc-based game.

Step 1: To delete a game, you need to start by searching for it in your library, clicking on it, and then scrolling down until you see the Delete icon on the right.

Step 2: Click on it to delete the game.

Step 3: Always remove the game disc from your console before deleting it.

Step 4: In this step, you will need to reinsert the game disc and reinstall the game on your console if you ever wish to play it again.