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As the latest estimate, nearly one billion users visit Instagram each month, which means a large amount of data is circulating on this platform. Many people send images to their contact or post their content with new and chic photos.

The bad news is although Instagram is a huge platform, it doesn’t allow image search. Thus, you cannot find your desired person on Instagram immediately after seeing them outdoors. But as humans always have a solution for each problem, you can reach your purpose with reverse image search.

This post will show you how to do a reverse image search on Instagram briefly.

Before anything, we need to know the definition of this method; Reverse Image Search refers to submitting a visual search query to a search engine such as Google, and then the search engine analyzes the graphic patterns, colors, pixels, detailed shape, and geometry to return the exact same or visually similar images published on various websites online.

You can use Extension to do any image reverse search. For running efficient and pleasant image research, you might need powerful image search engines with an extensive database in order to find your goal. Here, we have listed some of them for you.

Use Firefox Reverse Image Search Add-on

  1. Open the Firefox on your computer or laptop
  2. On the right menu, click on the three-lined icon
  3. Click Add-on and themes
  4. In the search bar on top right, search for Search by Image
  5. Install the Add-on (If you don’t see it on the main menu, then back to this section and turn it on).

Now, if you click on any image, you have option to search on anywhere

reveres image search Instagram

How to do reverse image search on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram on a browser
  2. Right-click on any image you want to search
  3. Click on the search engine (Google should be a better option, as it indexes better).
reverse image search Instagram

Number one: Google Pictures

The easiest way is to use the most common source, which is Google. To do image research, follow these steps;

Step one: First, upload a photo on your devices, such as PC, laptop, or phone

Step two: Next, go to Google Pictures

Step three: Now, click on “Search by image,” which is shown by a camera icon

Step four: Upload your photo or paste its URL

Step five: Finally, click on “Search.”

Google will search for similar pictures and provide you with the complete database. In that case, you only have to find a photo with a link to an Instagram profile. If you look for plagiarism, you will see all the resources where your image has been used.


Number two: TinEye

This environment is a secure service for reverse image search Instagram doesn’t allow. Furthermore, it is free and fast enough. Follow these steps to use TinEye for image researching;

Step one: Go to TinEye homepage

Step two: click the arrow up to upload a photo or paste a URL

The research results will appear immediately.


Number three: Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an excellent place for image research. Although you have to pay routinely to use it ($27 per month), this platform analyzes image resolution, size, location, etc., making the search precise. To use Social Catfish, follow these steps;

Step one: Go to the Social Catfish homepage.

Step two: Now, click on “Image” at the center of the screen.

Step three: Finally, upload the image and click on “Search”

social catfish

Number four: Yandex Images

Yandex is a Russian search engine. Because of its superior image search capability, it does an even better job than Google, where finding an exact or visually similar face in social media profiles is concerned. Follow these steps to use this fantastic platform;

Step one: First, visit the Yandex Images website

Step two: Now translate the web page and then click on the small camera icon next to the search bar

Step three: Finally, upload your Instagram image that you wish to search

Number five: Pixsy

An exclusive feature about Pixsy is that it performs a reverse image search and helps you take appropriate action against the offenders. You visit Puxsy’s website for more information.


How to protect your photos from plagiarism

The first thing is to get enough evidence that your photo was plagiarized. It would be best if you thought about copyrights. When you are sure your images are misused, you can write a complaint against that account or run a prosecution.

But as we all know, these methods are somehow time-spending and useless, so you have to “prevent” plagiarism to get a better outcome. The easiest way is to watermark your photos so other people cannot use them for their pages. The next plan is to make your account private so that only reliable people have access to your photos on Instagram. But if you promote your account actively, that is not an option at all.


Thank you for reading this post. Note that Instagram blocks all the search engines from indexing the photos and videos of its users. However, Google or Yandex can still find your desired results if you grant it access to Instagram API while using the web version of Instagram.