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What is Twitch?

Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon. This platform is the best choice for computer game enthusiasts and gamers. You can watch live games on this platform. Twitch is a kind of competitor to sites such as Mixer, YouTube Gaming, etc. On this site, the activity is divided into different categories and is not limited to the live broadcast of the game. Statistics may show that people are not very interested in watching other people’s games, but Twitch is a popular site with 15 million users. On this site, gamers can share their skills and even have foreign exchange earnings. The Twitch platform has been operating since 2011 apart from the parent company.

Although the main focus of this platform is on video games, you can enjoy live music or chat with other users and get acquainted.

What is the purpose of Twitch?

The best way to understand a platform is to know its purpose. As we all know, video games are very popular among young people and even teenagers. On this platform, these people can get new news from the game world or tips on how to play. In this platform, people can follow professional gamers or gamers can communicate with each other. Just like in a situation where football fans follow the games of their favorite players with interest, other people can follow their favorite gamers with the help of this platform.

Services provided on the Twitch site

There is a variety of content on the Twitch site, but the most widely used and popular are the recorded video games that have many fans. But that’s not all you see on Twitch. On Twitch, you will see competitions between famous gamers that will be broadcast live. In addition, you can use the live report of the game and multiply the pleasure of watching the game.

Pay at Twitch

Registration and viewing of videos and other site content are free. But Twitch offers several features and capabilities in exchange for money that supports gamers.

Twitch uses a virtual currency called bits that users can use to buy their credit cards and use this virtual money to support their favorite gamers.Twitch

Make Money From Twitch

Twitch started working with professional gamers in 2011 and 4 years, in 2015, the number of Twitch partners reached more than 11,000. Ways to make money through Twitch are simple. Gamers make money on the site by placing promotional videos on their videos. According to reports, the most famous member of this site earns more than $ 500,000 a month.


How to donate on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular platforms with over 4 million players daily. For many people, Twitch is not only a way to have fun and play, it can also make money. This is in a situation where one way to earn money is through premium subscribers and the other way is through financial aid. There are several ways to set up a Twitch platform. These methods can be directly through Twitch or use other ways.

One way is this: Bits are known as the main medium for viewers to help people’s favorite players on Twitch.

The point is, you have to rely on Twitch to get these bits.

Anyone can indeed send bits, but only those in the Twitch Affiliate program can receive those bits. To be eligible for this program and be eligible for membership, you must have broadcast at least 500 minutes, is more than 8 hours in the past month. In addition, during a month you should have 7 unique broadcasts with at least 3 simultaneous viewers at the time of broadcast. Your followers must be 50 or more.

To be eligible for this program, you must take the time to qualify.

An e-mail will be sent to you by Twitch when you qualify. In this case, you will earn one cent for each bit used to encourage you. This means that if 100 bits are donated, you will earn $ 1.Twitch

third way:

If you are looking for an easier way and find the previous method difficult, you can use services like Streamlabs to launch Twitch donations through systems like PayPal, Skrill, and Unity. Setting up these services is simple and you just need to link it to your account so that the donations have a destination to go.

If you verify your Streamlabs account, you can receive donations directly from your credit card. In this method, at least some qualifications are required, but it is less troublesome than the previous case. Streamlabs acts as a cover tool for Twitch streaming. However, you can also use it to sync settings on other streaming systems, such as YouTube and Mixer. If you customize your Streamlabs help page, more viewers will be encouraged to donate.

The last option is to add a link for donation. Although broadcasts generally ignore it, this is also a method.Twitch

If you show your viewers and fans a way to support yourself, they will most likely do so, this is a situation that means pursuing a distant link. Although you can not add a link directly to your biography on Twitch, you can add a panel via the Twitch channel. This can be a link that links users to another site.Twitch

You can use PayPal.Me address to set up donations on Twitch. This address is almost like this and when someone wants to follow the link, he goes to your PayPal page and donates as much as he wants.

The more custom you set up your donation page, the more likely it is that everyone will donate a few dollars. Be sure to include a profile photo of yourself or the Twitch logo. Instead of just putting a link on the page, it’s a good idea to put a donation button to encourage viewers to donate.Twitch

Now that you have learned several ways to donate to Twitch, it is best to focus on entertaining your viewers. Play the game well and make sure everyone who spends time watching you enjoys their time. No one can find a lot of fans at night, but by allocating the right time and having an attractive and regular broadcast program, you can get good to donate.