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What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is one of the most popular applications among people. If you have just started working on social networks, you have seen videos of different people dancing or smiling and so on. All of these short video files, which are between 3 and 15 seconds long, are uploaded to the Tiktok social network.

If you remember the significant growth of six-second videos in Vine, you can remember that this program was able to popularize this style among cyberspace users by releasing short-term video files.

After this application, which was released in 2012, was also released in 2014. This application also became popular with videos centered on short films, especially lip-singing videos.

In 2017, when the program had hundreds of millions of users, it became a space where people could produce more creative videos with a longer duration (15 to 60) seconds.

Then it was Tiktok’s turn to introduce. Tick ​​is the same as the Douyin service. It is interesting to know that only Chinese users can access Douyin, but Tiktok is an application for all countries of the world. ByteDance developed the Douyin app in 2016, and Tiktok continued to expand to other parts of the world in 2017. Due to its attractiveness, this application was able to attract millions of users in a short period. merged with ByteDance in 2018, and as a result, we saw an increase in the number of users on Tiktok.

Since then, the popularity of Tiktok has been increasing day by day and today it is known as one of the top social networks.

The growth rate of this application was very great. Tiktok users’ videos spread and spread in cyberspace in a very short time.

How Tiktok works

Tiktok users can use this application to create attractive 15-second videos and send them to their audience. It is also possible for users to link video clips in the story, which lasts 60 seconds. In either case, you have a time limit for producing the video you want, but fortunately, this time limit is not 6 seconds like Vine.

Also in Tiktok, unlike Vine, you can upload your videos directly from your mobile phone.

There are two types of TikTok accounts, normal and special. There are advantages to a special account. For example, in this account, users can use analytical tools that are useful for better measuring the performance of their audience. This application also has an age limit that the minimum age of its users must be 13 years.

The great thing about TickTook is that parents can use special settings to control their children’s usage time and set intervals of 40-60-90-120 minutes.

What does it mean to duet?

Before we get into how duetting is done in Tiktok, let me say what duetting means!

Dieting in Tiktok means that you can visually react to other videos with one video. You can respond to videos of friends or other Tiktok users this way. The answer you know will be attached to the main video and you can post it in its entirety as a video. This attractive feature of Tiktok has caused many famous challenges in Tiktok. You can also easily try the duet in Tiktok with the video of various accounts such as big brands, celebrities, etc. Of course, for this, the video owner must have enabled the possibility of dueting for his videos.

Duetting is not at all as hard as you think. Just do the steps I am telling you here and add creativity to it so that your Tiktok friends will be surprised by your work.

First, you have to go to the Tiktok Brin app and find the video you want. Then, in the right corner, click the share button, which is an arrow to the right.

Now at the bottom of the page, you can see the sharing menu. In this menu, you must select a duet. If this option is not enabled, the video owner will not allow you to duet.


After clicking on the duet option, the page is formed into a square box that is divided into 2 parts.

The original video is on the right side of the image and your phone’s camera is on the left frame. Now you can press the red button to record the duet.


After you have recorded the video you want, click the Next button. In this case, if the video you took needs to be edited, such as adjusting the light, color, etc., at this stage you can do the editing.

Now you can post a video of your duet.

There is no limit to duet and you can duet with any video from any account, such as work accounts, influencers, actors, and even your friends, but this is only if the owner of the video has activated the duet option. We emphasize this issue because otherwise, the duet is not possible.

If you want to disable the ability to duet with your videos, you need to do the following.

Go to Settings> Privacy and Settings> Privacy and Safety> and Who Can Duet Me. In this section, select OFF between “Everyone”, “Friends” and “OFF”. In this case, no one can duet with your videos. But if you select the Friends option, those who follow you can duet with your videos.Tiktok

You can even duet with your video. Just post the original video first.Tiktok

It is not possible to duet with someone when they are live in Tiktok. The duet is only possible with pre-recorded videos.

You can even select a video to duet from your mobile gallery.

I hope you find this content useful. I hope you enjoy your time in the Tiktok app to the fullest.