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Where is the trash in Android?

How to find the trash in Android ??

The Android operating system does not have a trash can. Unlike your personal computer, which has a trash can and deleted files are transferred there, but in the Android operating system, there is no such option. But depending on the design they have, they can have different bins. Generally, most file management programs such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and File Manager all have similar trash, can models.

How can we find deleted apps from the phone?

The android operating system does not have a trash can program, but it has various programs that are considered as a kind of trash. One of the most common places you can view or restore your deleted files is Google Photos.

Google Photos provides users with free and unlimited photo storage space. Generally, people can restore their files up to 30 days after they are deleted.

  1. On your Android phone, click Photos.

It may also be called Google Photos.

  1. Click on Library.Android
  2. Click on Trash or Bin.

Deleted photos are in this section. To retrieve them, select all or one of them.

How to find the trash in File Manager?

Android phones usually have a program called File Manager. If your phone does not have this app, you can download it from Google Play. Now you can find your trash in File Manager.

In your Android phone, enter File Manager and tap Recently Deleted. Tap Delete All to delete all items in the Recycle Bin. Or if you want to recover them, you can click on any file.


Where is the trash folder on your Samsung phone?

On Samsung phones, like other smartphones, you can recover files and photos up to 30 days after deletion. To do this, just do the following:

Enter your phone’s gallery and tap Recycle Bin.

Finding deleted files on Samsung

For other files except for photos, the situation can be different. To find deleted places; You can follow these steps:

Tap My Files.

  1. Tap on the trash.

3- To recover any file, click on the file and Restore to return it to its original location.

Is it possible to return files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin?

In general, the answer to this question is no. Some programs claim to be able to recover deleted files, but this is rarely done. It is best not to rely on these methods for any important files, and most importantly do not permanently delete any files that you think you may need one day.

Finding deleted files on Samsung

For other files, the location of the files may be slightly different.

Just follow the steps below to find the location of the deleted files:

  1. Tap My Files.
  2. Click on the trash.
  3. 3- To recover any file, click on the file and Restore to return it to its original location.
  4. Can I recover files that have been permanently deleted from my Android phone?
  5. In general, we can say no. Some third-party applications claim that they can recover deleted files, but these rarely work. No vital file should be trusted in such ways and you risk deleting the file permanently. Only remove files from your phone or trash can if you do not need a file to avoid this risk.

Clear Trash in File Manager

In your file manager, there is an option called Recycle Bin, and if it is active, after deleting photos and files on your phone, you will somehow move them here. It can even fill up your phone’s memory and stay in your phone’s memory. If you do not want to have a trash can in your phone, you can enter the file manager and disable the Recycle Bin option and also delete the files inside.

  1. Enter the file manager program and select the Recycle Bin option from the settings menu.
  2. In the Trash, select the Clear All option.
  3. Turn off the Recycle Bin option so that the deleted files are no longer in the trash.

Activate the trash in the gallery application

With the help of the gallery, you can activate the trash option when you want to delete an image. You can also do this from the gallery settings. You can also remove all items from your phone trash. If you want, you can disable the trash option, but before that, it is better to make sure that the files that may be important to you are recovered. If you use MicroSD as a backup to store your pictures and videos, it’s a good idea to manually clear the Recycle Bin before removing it from your mobile phone so that other people can not access it.