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When Instagram was released in 2010 as a photo and video sharing app, few thought the app would grow significantly. By March 2019, more than 95 million daily posts will be published on Instagram, and more than 500 million people around the world will share new stories every day.

Instagram is not only a superior platform for sharing photos and videos, but this program has added more features in recent years. One of these features is sending users a direct message to each other, which is called direct, the ability to be direct at the end 2013 was posted on Instagram. So chatting on Instagram Direct can be fun, but sometimes it can make you curious and even upset. You do not know if he really does not intend to reply or if the message has not been read by him at all. Direct is a feature in which you can notice that the message is read, we will discuss it in full in the rest of this article.



How to use Instagram Direct

If you haven’t used Instagram Direct before, let’s take a look at how to use it first. Direct is very simple and easy, unlike some Instagram features that require training. Direct does not offer anything more than chat, but having a chat service on a social network is very useful.


Is the message sent directly read directly?

Instagram immediately notifies the sender of the immediate feedback of the message being read, if the message is private (one by one) when the recipient sees it, you will see the Seen text below the message.


Read the message directly, without being  Seen

Occurs when you want to read a message without the sender being notified that you have read the text, ie Seen text does not appear in the message. You do not have to work hard only when you notice the message (via notification or login to the direct page) without entering the chat, disconnect your internet and read the message. In this case, the sending user will not be notified. If for some reason you do not want anyone to notice that you read the messages, follow these steps:

  • When opening a direct download, do not open it immediately.
  • Internet data, disconnect Wi-Fi or put the phone in flight mode.
  • You can now read the message, in fact a read confirmation will be sent to the sender user but will not reach that person due to the internet disconnection.
  • Return to your account profile.
  • Log out of your Instagram account.
  • Turn on your internet or turn off flight mode.
  • If necessary, you can return to Instagram, but do not go to the chat page, because if you open the chat, the confirmation will be read to that person.

And if your message is seen by the recipient, the word Seen or a small eye icon will appear below your message. But is there a way to see the story without specifying or removing the eye mark on Instagram Direct?


Remove the eye mark on Instagram Direct

We have already explained 3 ways to find out if a person is online in the Last seen recently Telegram mode and the spirit of Mobogram on Anzel Web, and this time it is Instagram’s turn. Instagram, like Facebook, has no specific settings for private messages and ticks. That’s why you can use special tricks to read the Instagram direct message without being seen. Follow Anzel Web’s suggested methods for removing eye marks on Instagram Direct.


The first method: create the spirit of Instagram and remove the eye mark of the private message on Instagram Direct

  1. As soon as you receive a private message on Instagram, do not immediately mention its notification and do not open it.


  1. Select and open your Instagram from the list of your applications, then select the direct message icon to remove the eye mark on Instagram Direct.


  1. If you open the desired message, the eye mark will be hit on Instagram Direct, so do not open the message and disconnect your internet or Wi-Fi connection on the same page.


  1. Now log in to Instagram again and see the direct private message without the party realizing it. After reading the message, you must either turn off your internet or log out of the Instagram application and log out. To log out of Instagram, just click on the Profile icon in the right corner.


  1. Then, in the profile section, enter the menu, three dots at the top right, and select Log Out from the options to log out of your Instagram account.


  1. Now you can turn on your internet again and you will continue to see the direct private message without being seen until you log in to the Instagram application again. But how to view and download Instagram stories without knowing the other person? Your answer is in the previous content of Anzel Web.



The second method: See the private message of Instagram Direct without specifying the eye mark through the preview. Before reading the second method of the series, read the instruction to send temporary and disappearing messages, understand the screenshot on Instagram. Another easy way, which may be basic, but to read the Instagram direct message without being identified and seen, is through notifications and previews. To do this, just install the latest version of Instagram, and give the software access to create notifications or alerts to activate the spirit of Instagram.


Instagram spirit mode

And when you receive a private message, you can ignore it on Instagram and read a summary of the message. Of course, this method may not be practical for all devices, it makes it possible to see the private Instagram message without breaking the screen on many devices. Also, if you want to know what is the best way to find out about unfollow on Instagram, we suggest you read this article on Anzel Web.


Eye mark on Instagram Direct

In various sources, various Iranian software such as Instagram, etc. have been introduced to read the Instagram direct message without being seen, but in terms of security and privacy, we do not recommend installing them, however you can use this software. Find and install the software by searching on Google.


What do you think about reading private Instagram direct messages without understanding the other person and removing the eye mark? Do you think the possibility of ignorance on Instagram should be added to it? Share your experience of Anzel Web’s suggested tricks for Instagram spirit mode with us.