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Almost everyone is familiar enough with the Instagram story feature. Thousands of different stories from users are posted on this social network every day, and this shows the high popularity of this feature on Instagram. Failure to upload video to the story is one of the problems reported by many. It must have occurred to you that sometimes when uploading a video for your story on Instagram, you encounter an error. You try to upload several times by selecting the retry option, but the result does not change. In this article, we want to teach you how to solve this problem and upload a video to the story without any hassle. So be with us. To solve the problem of not uploading the video in the Instagram story, follow the steps described below.


Why does Instagram have a problem not uploading the “Discard Post” video?

For several months now, a strange problem has been facing some Iranian and foreign Instagram pages in relation to uploading videos. The problem with not uploading videos is that sometimes after selecting the video and touching the Share option, the video starts uploading; But as soon as it reaches halfway, the loading stops, and the error message “Video Wasn’t Posted” is displayed. This error means the end of the task at that moment and it does not matter how many times you enter the Try Again option, in any case, your video will not be uploaded and the upload chart is constantly filled and empty and the only solution is to cancel the upload or try again. The next few hours.

Unfortunately, the cause of this problem has not been determined to date, and the Instagram support team does not usually give the slightest response to users. In fact, the support team of this application has not even mentioned this problem; Let alone offer a solution. Therefore, the users of this network took action to find a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, their efforts to date have not resulted in any permanent solution; but with the help of one of the methods suggested by XDA users, you can solve the upload problem at least instantly and send the video that was encountered with the Wasn’t Posted error at the same time. Among the available solutions, there are inefficiencies such as deleting and, resetting the phone, resetting the Internet settings, changing the video codec. But you do not need to do them, because none of them will solve your problem. In the meantime, the only way that was tested by the Sultan and was successful in each case was to clear the cache. It was forced to stop and use the IP change app. Of course, in many sites, clearing Instagram is also part of the announced steps, which results in nothing but wasting the user’s time (for re-logging in after each data is clear) and it is not necessary. All you need is an app to change IP, Clear Cache and Force Close Instagram, which will be explained in more detail below.

1. Investigate the various reasons why the “Discard Post” video was not uploaded on Instagram

First, let’s look at the reasons why the video may not be uploaded to Instagram. By reading these reasons, you can easily prevent the video from being uploaded to Instagram and rest assured that you will never encounter any problems in this regard. If your Instagram account is currently experiencing a problem with the video not uploading, try to find the reason from the list below, and then go to the next section of the article to fix this problem.Instagram

2- Make sure you are connected to the Internet

Before doing anything, first, check if the device is connected to the Internet. You may have connected your device to the Internet, but for whatever reason, when uploading a video to Instagram, you suddenly lost your Internet connection and encountered the Video Wasn’t Posted error. So always make sure that the device is connected to the Wi-Fi or mobile data network and is active in the first step.

3- Check the quality and speed of your phone or Wi-Fi Internet network

Instagram is an application that directly engages the user with quality photos and videos. Naturally, to use such a program, you need a high-speed Internet network. In many cases, the slow speed of the Internet network to which you are connected can lead to the problem of not uploading videos to Instagram. So try to use a better and stronger internet network.

4- Update the app

You may not believe it, but many of Instagram’s problems can be fixed by installing the latest version. If you have trouble uploading a video in your story section and you constantly encounter an upload error message, make sure your Instagram is up to date. If you are using an older version, be sure to update the program. Although Instagram has not yet provided any information about the problem of sending video in this application, we anticipate that soon, with the release of an update.

5- Clear the app cache

Too many Instagram cache files usually cause a lot of problems for you, and one of them can be a problem in uploading story videos. Note that after you encounter an upload error message, click Delete to stop the app trying to upload. Then close the app completely and enter Apps from the settings menu. Find Instagram on this page and select Clear Cache from the Storage menu.


6- Check your video format

Instagram has problems with almost all video formats mp4; so make sure the format of the movie you want to upload is one of two. Also, other factors such as high bitrate, higher resolutions than full HD, and so on, may be the reasons why your video is not uploaded to Instagram. If your video has any of these issues, you can use video conversion programs to put them in a regular format for upload to the story.


7- Check the quality of your internet

The last factor that could possibly be a reason for you to have trouble uploading your video is the quality of your internet connection. You may be using a slow internet connection and this may prevent the video file from being uploaded. If you are sure of your speed, turn your modem or internet data on and off once, and then proceed to upload your video. Finally, if the above methods do not solve your problem, it is better to know that sometimes the problem of not uploading the video in the story Instagram is one of its services or servers, which is usually solved very quickly by Instagram. In this case, you can not do anything special.


8- Solve the problem of not sending the video on Instagram by selecting the codec, the appropriate video format

Another reason why the video was not uploaded on Instagram was inappropriate. The frame rate, codec, etc. of the video you are considering, try to make the resolution and other settings of the video suitable for sharing on Instagram using the KineMaster app. Try to make your video have the following settings:

Image codec

– Video codec: H.264 codec / MP4

Audio codec

– Audio codec: AAC audio codec at 44.1 kHz mono

Maximum video width

– Size: maximum width 1080 pixels any height

Video frame rate

– Frame rate: 29.96 frames per second

Bit rate video

– Video bit rate: 3,500 kbps video bit rate

Video length in terms of time

– Video length: 3 to 60 seconds

Image ratio

–Aspect ratio: 16: 9 or 1: 1


9- Ensuring that the space of the phone is empty for sending photos, videos, videos on Instagram

Make sure that the internal memory of your phone is empty and put the location of video, photos and videos on the internal memory of the device. If your phone is full, delete unnecessary programs, or transfer your files to the system or SD memory, or upgrade your phone memory. You can use the cleaner app to delete unused files on your phone with the push of a button and optimize your phone.


10- Why aren’t videos and photos uploaded here? Your account is blocked!

Users sometimes have problems such as not uploading videos on Instagram, not uploading photos on Instagram or not opening Instagram with theand Wi-Fi internet, in most cases, your public account may be blocked and you should use programs that change the IP for Use to open and upload photos and videos. Note that if Instagram itself has blocked your account, an email based on blocking and not logging in to your account will be sent to you, which you must resolve through the support section.

Solve the problem of not uploading photos to Instagram through the browser

Upload a video or photo through a computer browser to make sure it is not a problem with your account.

Try uploading from another phone

You can use another phone to upload your own video or photo. This is to make sure that your phone does not have a problem and in most cases these defects are software and can be fixed.

Use another account

Another solution is to use another account on your phone. To do this, create a temporary account through your phone browser so that you do not have the problem of “sign up block” on Instagram.