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Have you tried to tag someone on Instagram but it didn’t work?

There have been many complaints that when users tag someone, it disappears. After posting the photo, some people have reported that the tags don’t appear. Finally, some people mentioned that they couldn’t tag themselves in their friends’ pictures. This is frustrating because tagging someone on Instagram is crucial since people want to know who’s in your photos. Additionally, it provides recognition for those in your picture.

Why can’t I tag people on Instagram?

There are several reasons why you can’t tag people on Instagram, including that the person has disabled tagging, that your account is new, or that you have tagged too many people in your photo.

Instagram’s tagging feature isn’t working because it’s disabled, you have a new account, or you have too many people tagged. When tagging does not work for you, you need to identify the main cause of the issue. Once you identify the main issue, you can take the necessary steps to resolve it.

It’s no secret that Instagram’s app has many glitches/bugs, and one of them is tagging. What’s worse is that Instagram doesn’t provide any information on what is causing the error. We have therefore compiled a list of the most common causes for the error, and how to resolve them. Here are the details on each of these causes.

Tagging is disabled

It is possible that the user you are trying to tag has disabled tagging, which is the first reason why tagging is not working on Instagram.

In their privacy settings, the user you’re trying to tag may have enabled “manual approval of tags” so their tag won’t appear on your post until they approve it. There is an Instagram feature that allows users to control who can tag them in posts.

If you ensure that you enable the feature called “manually approve tags” in your privacy settings, you will be able to do this. Unless the person you’re trying to tag has enabled that feature, the tag won’t show up on your post until they approve it. There are times when the tag is forgotten or not yet approved by the person. Another possibility is that the person missed the notification, which would explain the absence of the tag. You must wait until someone approves their tag if they have enabled “manually approve tags”. Otherwise, only the tags of people who have disabled the setting will be visible.

 You have a new account

Next, you might have a new account.

A new account’s actions are restricted, such as how many people it can follow/unfollow, how many posts it can like, and how many tags it can use. It may not be possible for you to tag people in your posts if you have a new account. The problem with tagging people in posts has been reported by many people with a new account. By reducing spam, bots, and automation in their platform, Instagram hopes to reduce spam. In addition, Instagram has many temporary blocks that prevent users from repeating actions. These blocks can be characterized by limited tagging, for example.

As a new account, you can follow/unfollow a limited number of people, like a limited number of posts, etc. In a sense, it’s a “sandbox”, where a new account’s actions are restricted to prevent platform misuse. Instagram is trying to mitigate the effects of new accounts that are bots that tag in bulk to their advantage. Therefore, if you have a brand new account, it might be impossible for you to tag people yet.

Your tagging was excessive

Last but not least, you might have tagged too many people in your Instagram post.

Your Instagram post can only be tagged with up to 20 people. There can be no more than 20 people tagged in a single post. It may not be possible to post a photo on Instagram if you add more than 20 tags. Additionally, you are not permitted to include more than five mentions in the same comment.

You won’t be able to make a comment if you do this. Instagram wants to reduce spam on its platform, so there is a limit to how many people you can tag in an Instagram post. You can either mention the people in the caption of your post or in the comments if you wish to tag more than 20 people. Carousels are not an exception either. No matter how many pictures you have on your carousel, you can only tag up to 20 people at a time.

How to Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working?


When tagging doesn’t work on Instagram, you can ask the person to approve your tag, wait 1 to 3 weeks, or don’t tag too many people. It may also be helpful to follow the person before tagging them in your post.

You can ask the person to approve your tag, wait one to three weeks, don’t tag too many people, or follow the person before tagging them. The number of actions you can perform on a newly created account is limited.

Tagging is limited when others cannot be tagged. In the case of a dated account, tagging might not work because too many people have been tagged. In other words, the person might have enabled “manual approval of tags” in their privacy settings. In that case, you’ll need to get their approval. Unless you do this, their tag will not appear/disappear on your post.

1. Get the person’s approval before tagging them

If you fail to tag someone on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is ask or wait for the person to approve your tag. For your tag to appear on your post, you must ask the person to approve it if their settings allow them to manually approve tags. If a person has enabled the “manually approve tags” feature in their privacy settings, they can use this method.

You might have accidentally enabled the “manually approve tags” feature if someone’s tag disappeared on your post. The first thing you need to do in that case is to ask them if they have that enabled. Whenever they have it enabled, you should ask them to approve your tag through that same setting. Otherwise, you just need to wait for their approval. You will see the tag on your post once they have approved it. Unless they approve it, their tag will not appear on your post.

2. It takes between 1 and 3 weeks

The process of enabling tagging on your account may take from 1 to 3 weeks for newer accounts. You may have to wait one to three weeks before you can tag others on Instagram if you are a new user. You might be restricted from tagging if your account is new. A new Instagram account is limited in the number of actions it can carry out, including the ability to tag. You can avoid this problem by following the person (if you don’t already) before tagging them.

If you have a new account, you may not be able to tag people you don’t follow. As a result, you can try following them before tagging them in your post, which may resolve the problem.

You have to wait between 1 and 3 weeks for Instagram to “trust” your account otherwise. Within one to three weeks, your account limitations will be increased (such as tagging) and you will be able to perform actions like a regular account.

3. Avoid tagging too many people



The last thing you should do on Instagram is refrain from tagging too many people. Instagram shouldn’t have more than 20 tags. You should be able to post the picture if you removed the extra tags if you tagged more than 20 people. Using too many hashtags on Instagram can cause your tags to disappear and not appear on your post.

A post can be tagged with up to 20 people. You can only tag 20 people in a carousel as well. You are only able to tag as many people as 20 in a carousel if there are 5 pictures. Instagram does not limit your tagging per post, but is limited to all of your posts if you post a carousel. For it to post, you’ll have to remove the excess tags if you’ve tagged over 20 people. If you wish to include more people in your post, you can either mention them in the caption or the comments.


It is important to tag people on Instagram since you are introducing them. Other words, tagging is part of Instagram etiquette. The people who appear in your post(s) may feel rude if you do not tag them. The person should be tagged on your post(s) unless they specifically requested not to be tagged.

On Instagram, you may occasionally encounter issues with tagging. In that case, you should follow the methods described in this article to fix the problem.