As you are using your Twitch for your daily programs and habits, you may see a weird error message on your screen, as we call it “Twitch 2000 error”. This message sometimes is too sticky and makes you even frustrated.

This post will tell what is precisely the “Twitch 2000 error”, the causes of this error happening and how to resolve the bug efficiently.

What Causes the 2000 Network Error?

This issue is more client-oriented rather than server-oriented; it means that there is a problem with your application setup or device’s settings. The main reason for this problem is the massive number of cookies (some of them are broken) on your computer. You need to delete them all.

Another common issue has an antivirus that blocks all Twitch links for some reason. This issue often occurs with free antivirus tools. You can add exceptions for Twitch.

How to fix the problem?

In this section, we have collected some possible solutions to fix the “Twitch 2000” error. Let’s see what we have here;

Number one: Refresh your browser.

If you see the “Twitch 2000” error, you can refresh your browser several times to see if it is fixed. You can do this process by pressing the F5 key or clicking the refresh button located to the left of your browser’s address bar.

 Number two: Delete your browser’s cookies.

This option is somehow the easiest and most efficient method to fix your problem on Twitch. Note that too many cookies in your browser can only cause problems, and it is better to clear them out once in a while and get rid of them. Here are the solutions;

One: If you are using Google Chrome

To fix the problem on Google Chrome, follow these steps;

To fix the problem on Mozilla Firefox, follow these steps;

Step one: Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of its screen.

Step two: Next, click on the “More tools” option and then “Clear browsing data.”

Step three: To get rid of all cookies, again click on the three dots and select “Settings.” Scroll down to the bottom and expand the Advanced settings.

Step four: Open Content settings and scroll down to the list of all cookies that remained after you have deleted them.

Now, restart your computer again and check if the 2000 Network Error still appears again.

Two: If you are using Mozilla Firefox

Step one: Open your Mozilla Firefox

Step two: Click on the library-like button located at the upper right part of the browser’s screen to go to “History.”

Step three: Now, there are a few options for you to use on this page. Under the Time range to clear setting, choose “Everything” by clicking the arrow to open the dropdown menu.

Step four: Next, click on the arrow next to Details, where you can see just what will be deleted when you select the Clear history option. We recommend you choose Cookies before you click on the “Clear Now” button.

Restart your browser to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Number three: Make an Exception for Twitch in Your Antivirus.

In some cases, your antivirus tool might be blocking Twitch from streaming correctly. Since the problem can occur on any antivirus, there is a general method for all of them;

Step one: To open the antivirus user interface, double click on its icon at the system tray or by searching for it in the Start menu.

Step two; Now, find the Exception setting on your antivirus. This setting can be located in different places.

Number four: Lower your Bitrate.

If you are a streamer and your viewers report the error, you can potentially fix Twitch Error 2000 by lowering your bitrate to 6,000 or below. While you can unofficially get away with as high as 8500 bitrates, they do enforce that bitrate limit to expand the reach to potential viewers and lower the impact on their redistribution servers. If you can watch other streamers, and the error repeatedly occurs on one specific streamer, this reason could be a candidate for your problem.

Number five: Cancel your Adblocker.

Recently, Twitch has been ramping up the presence of ads on the site, as they are a way for them to continue operating the site as a free-to-use platform. Now it seems Twitch is trying to prevent users from blocking ads by throwing them an obscure error with no official way to resolve it.

To make sure, you can temporarily disable your ad blocker and try watching a stream. If it works without issue, then the problem should be resolved.

Number six: Use a VPN

There are always some regions that can make a few difficulties for local users to watch the stream. This problem can be caused by weaknesses in the internet network or several bugs for Twitch servers on that specific location. Thus, using a VPN will end up routing you to around that weakness in the network.

On the other hand, sometimes the VPN route takes you through that network weakness, and you will actually need to do the opposite – disabling or choosing a different server to route through.

Number seven: Change your DNS

The DNS, or Domain Name System, is the technology that allows us to navigate the internet by unique URLs. In sporadic cases, your DNS may be experiencing some issues resolving addresses. An additional benefit of using a new DNS over your ISP assigned DNS is that they promise not to log your activity. This solution is an excellent way to start for those of you who want to take more control over your privacy.


Thank you for reading this post. In most cases, we recommend you to start executing simple solutions from above – you can start using a new VPN or even refresh your browser. If it doesn’t make any change, you can refer to more challenging methods such as antivirus exceptions or changing your DNS. If none of the listed solutions don’t work for you, it seems your problem is more profound than you thought, and almost nothing we can do about it.

Author Elma