As time passes, we are inching closer and closer to a world without physical discs. We will be able to purchase the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S without disk drives at launch for the first time, which has raised concerns among online gaming lovers, such as PlayStation or Bada99, who like to share their games. PlayStation 5 includes a feature that allows users to do just that, like PlayStation 4. There are, however, many new interfaces and systems to learn with every new console. Let’s take a look at how you can share games on the PS5.

The PS5’s version of this feature is called “Console Sharing and Offline Play,” and it allows anyone using a certain console to open up your entire gaming library – even if the PS5 itself is offline.

By enabling Console Sharing on your friend’s PlayStation 5, you would then be able to log out of your PlayStation Network account, so that your friend could play any games you had downloaded onto their system. While this was going on, you would still be able to log into your PSN account on your home console and play the games you own, but no one else would be able to do so. Console sharing is only available for one PS5 at a time, but it seems that you can switch this console as often as you like.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to activate Console Sharing:

What is the process for setting up game share on the PS5?

It may be easier to enable game share on your best PS5 games than on your PS4 games. However, you’ll need to be familiar with the new terminology. It’s called “Console Sharing & Offline Play” on the newer consoles. Here’s a quick guide to setting it up.

Step 1: Sign in to your PlayStation Network account on your PS5.

Step 2: In the main menu, click the Gear icon between the magnifying glass and your avatar to open the Settings page.

Step 3: Choose users and accounts.

Step 4: Select Other from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Choose Offline Play from the Console Sharing menu. This means that if the text says the option is enabled on your PS5, you can’t use the game share feature and need to disable it.

Step 6: Log out of your PlayStation 5 account.

Step 7: Log into your PSN account on the console you wish to game share with.

Step 8: From the same menu, pick the Don’t Disable option under the Console Sharing and Offline Play option.

Step 9: Log out of your PSN account on this console.

The person you are sharing your PS5 with will immediately have access to any of your compatible games once they log back into their PSN account. Take advantage of this function. According to our knowledge, you can only game share with one other person, so choose wisely. It shouldn’t be a problem to shut down the sharing feature and then set it up again from scratch to share with someone else in the worst case scenario.

The game share feature may have you wondering if it works both ways. I think the answer is a resounding yes – whoever you share with will have access to your library and any games on their console. Gone are the days of sharing discs. Modern sharing methods are far more convenient and more convenient than discs.

Share your console and play offline

You’re almost finished! Select settings, Users and Accounts, and then Offline Play and Console Sharing from the secondary account. It should say “You don’t have a PlayStation 5 with [Console Sharing and Offline Play] enabled” this time when you press it. You have successfully enabled game sharing by selecting Enable.

For anyone wishing to share their games on their main account to another PS5 console, have the other person go through the steps on their own console and enable it on your account instead of theirs.

Game sharing on PS5: pros and cons

You will need to download the games on the secondary account while you are signed into it so you can play them. If you do that, you can switch back to your main account and play them freely. However, there is one major caveat: you need to be connected to the internet in order to play your main account’s games. You can only access the PS5’s games if your main account is online because we tied it to a secondary account. Moreover, you will receive the benefits of PlayStation Plus, including access to its collection of free games, even if you have only one account.

Once you understand where and how the option works, the PS5’s game share feature is pretty straightforward. As soon as it’s enabled, you don’t have to worry about it again.