Now a day everything is done discussed and processed through out social media applications. You DM your friend, ask about your family on WhatsApp and in the hour need you will entertain yourself with tiktok for hours straight.

As lucky as we are, we have gotten to live in a most both dramatic and fantastic times, which lets you prosper or knocks you down as hard as it could, with a little bit of luck you will understand that you can use these medias in your advantage.

In case of communicating, you can use these “filters” which alters your face, puts up a nice make up for you, makes it funny and overall you get to choose how you look and how you like it to be shown.

This article will pose as a light to make a clear way to get one the famous ones called” ANIME” filter or better known as “ANIME STYLE” for Instagram, tiktok and snap chat.

What is an anime filter?

First of all, how does it work? We will give you a small tour through the function.

To be plainly said, an anime filter is a filter that uses artificial intelligence to first map your face and its traits, skin tone and placement of your eyes which are pretty important for face recognition.

The filter also will alter the results based on your hair shape, tone and length and even does the same for the facial hair as well.

But what is the anime style filter? Have you ever seen pictures and videos of people that look like cartoon characters in your tiktok or Instagram reel? That the thing.

It will shape your face as a teenage girl to a 100 years old Japanese teacher in matter of seconds, and marvelous as it is, the filter is a real time filter so this will give you instant image of yourself in cartoon.

Where does it come from? Well this filter was originally invented and put out by snap chat and it was absolutely ruling in its own time and everyone loved it and used it in every snap they took.

Soon after every major company was using it by creating their own anime filters and it still is a thing.

How to get anime filter for snapchat?

As said, this filter was originally created by snap chat, so it would be a lot easier to use it on this platform.

The following would work for both android and IOS operating systems so no need to worry for that, although be advised to update your snap chat application so you may not experience difficulties trying to find the filter.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open snapchat on your phone.
  2. Log in to your account if you have not already logged in.
  3. You will find a smile shaped button (filter button) just right next to the main button, click on it.
  4. Tap on the “explore” button right at the low-right corner of the screen and filter options in order to open it.
  5. In the presented area, you will see a search box; you will have to click on it and type in the words “anime style” in order to find it.
  6. In the presented results you can see the desired filter at the top of the list, click on it and use it.

Note: please be advised that there are many anime filters out there since this filter was a major thing in its time and a lot of creators did the same filter.

Make sure you find the right filter by looking out for the creator, in this case the creator will be  

Snap chat itself.

  1. Tap on the filter and click on unlock.
  2. Now you will be able to record videos and take pictures with this filter.

Be advised that the filter is on a timer, as it is known to snap chat users, and will be available for 48 hours or two days straight and after that will be unavailable.

So make sure to fill it with use as it only lasts for a brief period of time.

How to get anime filter in Instagram 

As discussed before the filter was originally invented by snapchat app, but other apps such as Instagram followed the way as it was lighted and liked by everyone.

There are 2 ways in order to use it on Instagram: you can take your pictures and videos in snap chat and then share them in Instagram, or you can use similar filters on the Instagram app.

Here is the first way and how to do it:

  1. Lunch the snapchat app and login if you must.
  2. Click on the smiley button or filter button next to the main button.
  3. Search for the anime style button in the presented screen and search bar.
  4. Find the filter and tap on it and open it up.
  5. Tap on yes and unlock it for 48 hours.
  6. Take pics or videos or whatever you intend to do with the filter.
  7. Now you must save them in the camera roll in order to keep them at the ready.
  8. Now go to Instagram app and lunch it and log in to your account if you must.
  9. If you want to post it, tap on the plus button at the low-center of the screen.
  10. Choose the video or the picture that was recorded with the filter and process the rest and post.
  11. If you want to put on the story, go to your home page, click on your picture to open up story section or simply slide right in order to do so.
  12. Choose the video or picture and process the rest of the way, even you can do filter changes in story section with a lot more of options.

Now if you want to use it directly with Instagram and not by the snapchat app, you should first know that the represented filter will not be as the same as snap chat filter, but it will be much similar in many ways.

In order to use the anime style filter on Instagram, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open up Instagram and login if you must.
  2. Go to your story section by swiping right in the home page or tapping on your picture alone.
  3. At the bottom you will find a box saying “browse effects”, click on it and enter.
  4. You will see some effects and filter that are already there, find the magnifying glass in order to search the filter
  5. Type the word “ANIME” and you will see a bunch of filter shown, choose one you like.
  6. Start recording the story with filters you have chosen.

You will find it a hard time noticing the differences between these filters and the original one by the snapchat, but nothing beats the original.

How to get anime filter in tiktok

Once again, you can use it on the app by going through the snapchat app or you can search it in the tiktok itself and use it there.

In the following there will a short reminder for the snapchat and the rest will be for tiktok:

  1. Open up the snapchat app and log in if you must.
  2.  Go to the search area for filters by the filter button.
  3. Search the “ANIME STYLE” filter and unlock it for 48 hours.
  4. Use it and start recording videos and taking pictures, then save it to your camera roll.
  5. Open up tiktok and login if you must.
  6. Click on the plus button at the below-center of the screen.
  7. Choose the recorded video or taken picture via the filter.
  8. Post it and wait for it to be confirmed and put to your page.

But again, you can search it up in the app itself and find likes of it and use them but it will not be as the same as snapchat filters.

In order to do so you will have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Lunch the tiktok app.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. At the center you can find a plus button, press on it in order to record a video.
  4. In the presented page, you will find the filters button at the right of the screen, click on it.
  5. Find the magnifying glass or the search button in order to search the word” ANIME” , do so and choose between the given choices.

Tip: the top items that will be shown are the most famous ones, but that does not mean they are the best ones, see through them and choose the one you like the most.

  1. Tap on the chosen filter and start recording and then tap on the check mark in order to post it.

Enjoy friends; the filter will have a monstrous effect on your videos.

Written by A.M.S